The Housemates – Episode 27

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A story by Kennedy C Katongo




Bwalya and Max kept debating about what movie they would watch as they made coffee.

“I don’t like this…” Bwalya said as he followed Max with a bow of sugar in his hand.

“You need to lighten up. Don’t take everything personal. Its just coffee and tea after all.

When they got to the TV room Maluba wasn’t there, she had gone to her room to get some biscuits. Rose kept moving from channel to channel with the hope of finding a movie that everyone would agree to.

“Here is the coffee, and tea for me.” Max said as he put the tray on the table.

“Why did you make tea for yourself only?” Rose asked.

“I don’t take coffee except in the morning.” Max commented.

“Okay! and I have some biscuits to go with it.” Maluba said as she walked in with a plate-full.

It so happened that Bwalya and Maluba both sat on the carpet while Max and Rose were on the chair.

“I love Tennis biscuits.” Bwalya said as he got one.

“So have you decided on what we watching?” Max asked the ladies.

“Not really, we have more than 5 movies, so I will name them and will vote on which one to watch.” Rose said sharply.

“Who made her the leader?” Bwalya asked in his low voice.


“So on the list we have, Crazy Rich Asians, Acrimony, Friends With Benefits, Set It Up and Fifty Shades of Grey. So, the movie with the most votes wins.” Rose said.

Bwalya looked at Max who seemed as petrified as he was. But that wasn’t something to be surprised of as the ladies were definitely going to go for something like that in the first place.

“Why didn’t we have some adventure or action movies…”

“Yeah! Something like The Lord Of The Rings or James Bond… Did the category have to be that hard?” Bwalya seconded.

Rose just laughed, she got a piece of paper, made smaller pieces and gave everyone. The rules were to write two movies from the list and the one with the highest vote was to win. The funny part was that each persons vote was to be made in secret.

With his hand raised,Max smiled as he asked a question, “Huh! Next time can we include The Red Bag?”

This sent everyone laughing with Maluba almost chocking.




As the others were busy in the TV room, Peter and Chongolo were in each other’s arms as they watched Love Don’t Cost A Thing. It was one of Chongolo’s favorite movies and Peter had prepared it as part of his treat for her.

They had just finished eating a complex meal that she seemed to enjoy very much. In that moment, being around Peter made her feel secure and loved, it was a moment worth spending eternity in.

After all, Peter was never famous with the ladies during his High School days and that was one reason why he loved the movie as well. It reminded him of how lucky he was to get married to her.

“I think after this, we can play some.” Chongolo said to Peter.

“No problem baby.” He responded softly.

The flower petals were everywhere in the room, with open wrappers of chocolate everywhere. Chongolo knew no amount of words could describe how she felt. Nevertheless,that was the whole point that her husband aimed at, doing something that would leave her speechless and loved at the same time.

“Do you remember how we began talking?” Chongolo asked him.

“Of course I do!” He exclaimed with a big smile on his face.


It was on a Friday afternoon, Peter had remained to study after his classes where done. In the other class room, Chongolo and her friends were busy making noise despite the desire to study because on Monday there was a Test.

After she got enough of Nyambe and the others making noise, she packed her bag and left for the other class without saying a word. When she entered the class, Peter was seated in a corner, his desk facing the wall, while some soft music on the radio. Phones where not allowed at school and Chongolo just happened to be the Vice Head Girl. This meant Peter was in hot soup.

“Hey, excuse me!” She called out to him. But he didn’t respond, in fact, he wasn’t even aware of her presence in the class room.

Chongolo walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He removed the headsets as he turned around.

“You know that phones are not allowed in school right?” She asked him. Knowing clearly what happened once a phone was confiscated, he immediately switched it off and waited for her to say something but she just stood there looking at him.

“You not going to get it?” Peter asked her.

“Do you want me to get it?” She asked him.

“Well, No. But again that is subjective to your decision.” He responded.

“You know very well phones are not allowed, what if it was a Teacher, What would you have done?” She asked.

“I didn’t mean to use it. Its just that I always study from this class and in the next room the celebrities of the school are busy making noise. So, I took the risk.” He explained.

“Celebrities! What makes you say something like that?” She asked him interestingly.

That’s when it dawned on him that she was also part of the team that was making noise.

“Are you going to confiscate it or i put it in my bag?” He aske.

“What are you studying?” She asked him… ignoring the question that he had asked.

“Oh, am just revising last year’s Math paper.” He responded.

She asked if he could revise with her and she wouldn’t get the phone from him. On Chongolo’s side, that was her first time noticing Peter. On his side however, that wasn’t the case. After all, she was the Head Girl.


“I can’t remember how you asked for my line?” Chongolo said as she kissed Peter on the neck.

“Oh! let’s see, I think you began dropping by every afternoon for Math revision and one weekend, I asked if I could have your line…” He blushed.

“Yes! I remember, you had a small white MTN phone. That was before the yellow bustele right?” She asked while laughing.

“Don’t laugh. that phone was my first.” Peter responded with a giggle.

“And I remember refusing to give you my line. Then I started avoiding you till I faired badly in my second Math Test. Then I began looking for you.” Chongolo laughed.

“Oh, so it was because of the revisions why you began liking me huh?” Peter asked her.

“Not really. We just began spending more time together and before I knew it i was fond of you.” She laughed.




“No cheating, Max!” Rose called out.

“Me? that’s not fair.” Max responded as he handed over his vote.

Rose went through the papers and prepared the results.

“So these are the two top movies. The first is Friends With Benefits followed by Crazy Rich Asians.” Rose said as she laughed.

“Why do you seem so happy?” Bwalya asked her.

“Its just that all the movies Max picked haven’t made it to the top two.” She giggled.

“Don’t tell me he picked Fifty Shades…” Bwalya commented.

“Thats just not fair. What makes you think I would pick that one?” Max asked him.

“Because from the list that’s the only movie am aware of that you haven’t watched yet.” Bwalya said.

“What! you haven’t watched Christian Grey? Where have you been?” Maluba exclaimed.

“Have read the books. Dah!” Max responded defensively.

“Ooh! I hear the books are something else compared to the movie…” Rose said passively.

“I’ve heard that as well. Max, is that true?” Maluba asked.

Bwalya was busy laughing as the ladies began asking him about the Fifity shades novels.

“How come you haven’t watched the greatest Valentine movie of all time?” Rose asked him.

“Can we start watching the movie please?” Max blushed.

“I didn’t take you for the type of person who reads such novels…” Maluba commented.

“At least you considered he reads… that’s a good start.” Bwalya said jokingly as they all laughed.

“We all have a private life, things that we love and wouldn’t tell the world.” Max said shyly.

“Have you read like all of them? or just one?” Rose asked.

“You making the man uncomfortable.” Maluba said jokingly.

Max however was forced to answer and that was when they moved on to now watch Friends With Benefits. It had created an awkward atmosphere in the TV room. The most weird parts being the kissing and sex scenes. Max was caught between looking at the screen or facing somewhere else to avoid watching the scenes.

The amount of silence that just flooded the room, one could hear the sound of ones breathe. It was like everyone was shy despite knowing what they were getting themselves into.

“This life… You can’t get married.” Bwalya suddenly commented to break the silence.

“Nah, you can’t substitute having a real relationship with someone for Sex.” Maluba commented in an objective manner.

Rose who had a rough day kept her mouth zipped and abstained from making any comment on the issue.

“So you are saying building a relationship is vital?” Bwalya asked.

“Its not just vital, it’s a must. Having such doesn’t make one fill fulfilled. In fact, it just increases ones emptiness and void. That’s why making out is for those who share a bond, a connection. That way you don’t feel used at the end of the sex.” Maluba commented.

“Guys, some of us are still watching the movie…” Max jumped in.


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