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In the world where male gender is preferred as children above female, Anastasia have given birth to four daughters and is pregnant with another one. There is no way she was going to accept another daughter, for a war awaits her in her home if that happens. She beliefs a switch is the best option.

Julia was born with a silver spoon and is an old friend of Anastasia. They met after a long time at the hospital about to be delivered of their babies. Julia was happy indeed to see her old friend but Anastasia, of course she can only see an opportunity!

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She is going to switch their babies to give her unborn child a good life and get back at Julia for a long time offense through her own unborn Child.

It’s obvious she (Anastasia) at this point does not believe that It’s OK to cry and move on. No! She’s about to alter the fate of two innocent Souls…

Book by
Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)

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