{ Melt into me... }

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{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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“Iris…” Valentina called, she was still too shocked to move…

“Tina” Iris cried and hugged Valentina tightly, trembling and crying in her shoulders.

“Shh!!! It’s okay” Valentina rubbed her back with one hand and wiped off her own tears with the other.

“Thank goodness you came. He… He…he was gonna r@pe me again” Iris cried.

“Again?” Valentina wondered and pulled Iris away from her.

“What did you say?” Valentina asked.

Iris looked down still crying.

“I know that man, his name is Xander a classmate of mine. He once asked me out but I turned him down then he… he r@ped me.” Iris cried.

Valentina just stared at Iris, he didn’t know what to feel. Whether to feel anger, pity, compassion…

“He threatened me. That if i opened my mouth he was gonna do something bad to me if I said something. I was scared, I felt dirty, useless… I’m simply useless…” Iris said while panicking.

“Sh.. It’s okay, he’s never going to harm you ever again” Valentina hugged her, hushing her…

“My head… What happened?” Xander groaned, slowly sitting up.

Valentina snapped her head to him. She released Iris and picked the wood up.

“Your bloody r@pist!!” Valentina growled and hit him on the back.

“I’m gonna make you regret putting your worthless d*ck in my sister” Valentina screamed, hitting him everywhere.

“Tina… Please,,,, stop. You’ll kill him” Iris held Valentina back.

She gave him few hit before throwing yhe stick away. By that time, Xander was bleeding by the nose and mouth with a bump formed on his head.

“Let’s go to the hospital” Valentina held iris’s hand and they left the scene.

Xander who was breathing lightly, manage to bring out his phone.

“Come and pick me…up by the hallway leading to iris’s house… Before i die” Xander said and passed out.

“Hello, Xander! Hello?” The voice said frok the phone.

“Are you sure she’s fine?” Peggy said from the phone, wearing her shoes with one hand.

“I don’t know, she’s currently under checkup. I just hope the r@pe didn’t kead to pregnancy if not I’ll go back and finish off with that Xander guy” Valentina folded her fists..

“Calm down Tina, I’ll be there in five minutes” Peggy said and hung up.

“I lost my job, my sister is a victim of r@pe, what else?” Valentina exclaimed.

“Miss Williams?” The doctor called and she stood up.

“How’s my sister?” Valentina asked.

“Well she’ll be fine, luckily she isn’t pregnant. She just need some time to recuperate from the trauma it caused her” The doctor said.

“Thank God” Valentina breathed out in relief.

“Tina!” Peggy ran to Valentina.

“Mom, the doctor said she’ll be fine. She just need to recuperate” Valentina said.

“Oh my God, my poor baby. I feel so guilty, never had an idea this is what she was going through” Peggy said sadly.

“Don’t feel guilty mom, it’s not your fault” Valentina hugged Peggy.

“Can we see her?” Valentina asked.

“Yeah, sure” The doctor smiled and went.

They entered the ward and met Iris sleeping soundly on the bed. Peggy sat down beside Iris and kissed her forehead.

“Mummy” Iris muttered, slowly opening her eyes.

“Baby…” Peggy smiled.

“I’m sorry mom. Please don’t hate me” Iris held her hand and sat up on the bed.

“No worries, I’m the one who is instead sorry” Peggy said and kissed her hair.

“I already filed a complain on that guy. His name is Xander Tyson right?” Valentina asked and iris nodded.

She suddenly hugged Peggy and began crying. The memories were still kicking really hard into her, the pain she felt, the beatings he gave her…

“Is it a sin to be poor?” Iris cried.

Peggy simply rubbed her back while she cried her eyes out. Valentina sighed from where she is.

“How will I tell you guys that i lost my job” She thought.

Emilia was sitting on her desk staring intently at a package in her hand, contemplating on whether to give it or not..

With a determined look on her face, she stood up and walked in

“Come in”

She opened the door and slowly walked in.

“Anything wrong Emilia?” Ricardo asked.

She looked towards him and a gasp escape her lips at his handsomeness. She doesn’t know why but it looks like he just gets more handsome as the day goes by…

“Emilia?” Ricardo called again.

Emilia was the only person in his company he was exercising patience with. Well particularly because she’s worked for him for more than two years and is kinda like a friend to him.

Of course, Ricardo isn’t oblivious of the fact that Emilia has developed feelings for him but well, it doesn’t bother him since almost all of his female workers do crush on him.

“Sir… I want to ask if you can grant me a temporary leave” Emilia asked.

“Why?” Ricardo frowned.

“My father is very sick and he’s the only family that I got. I was hoping that with the money I’ve saved up I can travel abroad to treat him. That’ll only take about a month.” Emilia said.

Ricardo looked at her for a brief while…

“Alright…” Ricardo said.

Emilia smiled widely…

“But if you take your leave I’ll have to demote you. I’ll be needing a Secretary for the time that you’re gone meaning I’ll hire someone to replace you. And once you come back, it will be quite difficult to settle things through between the new Secretary and you so I’ll have to put you in another post” Ricardo explained.

Emilia looked down sadly and began thinking for a while. If she leaves then she won’t be able to be close to Ricardo again but on the other hand, her father’s life was dangling.

“Guess i have no choice” Emilia thought sadly…

“Okay, i accept your proposal” She muttered.

“Alright” Ricardo said and brought out a paper then began writing on it. Once he was through, he signed and handed it to Emilia.

“Here’s your leave” Ricardo gave her.

“Thanks” Emilia said and collected it.

She looked at the bag she was holding and swallowed hard before stretching it to Ricardo.

“Here, a temporary goodbye gift” Emilia rushed her words…

Ricardo looked at her and then at her hand. He slowly collected it from her and placed it on the table.

“Thanks” He said.

“You’re welcome boss. Goodbye” She muttered and bowed then began walking to the exit.

She held unto the doorknob and looked back at Ricardo then sighed before leaving.

Ricardo looked at the package and then at the exit. Normally he doesn’t accept gift from anyone but he had to do for this one. Ricardo sighed and pinched his brows.

“A girl that purely loves you but you dumped her because you still love your ex wife who abandoned you” His subconscious mind said to him.

Xander was also admitted in the same hospital. A big collar was placed round his neck, bruises on his face and his arm was bandaged.

“What happened to you? Who did this to you?” Xander’s mom kept ranting over and over.

“I already told you. It’s no big deal…” Xander rolled his eyes.

Suddenly a knock came up on their door. She went and opened it then one of their bodyguards handes a letter to her.

She opened it and gasped…

“Xander!! Tell me what have you done again!! Why are they filing a complain against you. You’re been accused of r@pe!!!” Xander’s mom gasped.

Xander folded his fist. So Iris really went ahead and told on her. Using his free arm he picked up his phone and clicked on a video.

It was an edited video of Xander r@ping Iris. There, they made it look like Iris was enjoying herself…

“I told you, you’ll regret it right?” Xander smiled and published it on the school blog.

“I’m talking to you Xander!!!” His mom yelled. Xander rolled his eyes…

“Wait till your dad hears of it!!!”

In a room, a man was sitting with his legs crossed over the other. One would trip just by looking at his face. It’s normal since he’s so handsome…

“Boss… She was located” A man walked to him and handed a photo to him.

He looked at it and smiled then carressed the cheek of the person in the photo.

“Emery” He smiled.


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