{ Melt into me... }

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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“Here’s your school uniform, your books and textbooks, sport wear. Your locker key will be given to you tomorrow” The principal smiled.

“Thanks a lot” Iris smiled and stood up, ready to leave.

“Welcome to Twilight High” The principal said.

He shook hands with Valentina and they both left the school.

“I can’t believe it was that easy!” Iris smiled checking out the things in the bag.

“Me too, at least one thing is done. Now, let’s go check out the different houses on rent. The more close it is to this school, the better” Valentina smiled as they left the school…

Ricardo stood up and wore his coat then arranged his tie. He packed his things in his suitcase and stood up then left his office.

Today, he was hoping to pick up Myles and Minnie. Maybe that will cheer up Myles who has been sad since last night.

He walked out of the company and entered his car then drove off. He stopped in front of their school and got down the car, waiting for them to come out.

As expected, the mothers who came to pick up their children couldn’t help but drool all over him. Ricardo on the other hand, was completely unfazed with their gazes on him.

“Daddy!!” Myles exclaimed and ran then hugged him.

Ricardo smiled and carried him up before kissing his cheek.

“Did you come to look for me?” Myles smiled.

“Dad also came for me” Minnie pouted.

“I came for my twin cupcakes.” Ricardo rubbed his nose on Myles’s own making him to smile.

“Greetings Mr Ricardo” A little girl greeted.

Ricardo looked at her and smiled, he knows her as Myles and Minnie friend. The famous Leslie, Myles’s crush.

“How are you doing Leslie?” Ricardo asked, putting Myles down.

“I’m fine sir, can I talk to Myles?” Leslie smiled.

Ricardo looked at Myles with a smile that says ‘your crush wants to talk to you’. Myles blushed and looked at him with a ‘she’s not my crush’ look.

“Of course, Myles we’ll be waiting for you in the car” Ricardo winked knowingly and entered the car with Minnie.

Myles looked at Leslie. She was shorter than him so he had to look down before looking at her.

“I just want to tell you to remember what I told you earlier. My dad use to say that you can never miss what you never had. Stop sulking because your mom abandoned you, instead be happy because you have a dad as awesome as yours okay?” Leslie held his hand and smiled.

“Okay, thanks Leslie” Myles smiled.

“Okay, my mom must be looking for me by now.” Leslie said and released his hand.

“Bye best friend!!!” Leslie waved and ran away.

“Bye” Myles muttered and smiled. She’s right, he should be happy for her has a dad as awesome and cool as Ricardo.

Myles turned back and entered the car then suddenly hugged Ricardo.

“What was that for” Ricardo smiled.

“Because I love you so much” Myles smiled cutely.

Ricardo smiled too and started the engine, driving off.

“Gosh!! I’m so tired and hungry!!” Valentina exclaimed walking in with Iris.

Looking for a new affordable house wasn’t easy. It’s almost 7PM now.

“Thanks for the phone sis. You don’t know how much I love you” Iris smiled, checking out her new purple colored phone.

They actually stopped to buy two set of phones for themselves

“Well you needed it right? Kids of your age use phone so why not you” Valentina replied.

“Wow, you two were gone for long” Peggy said, coming out of her room.

“Mom, guess what? I’m the new secretary of Thornton Investment” Valentina smiled.

“For real?! I’m so happy for you Tina” Peggy smiled.

“Thanks, not only that. I transferred Iris to a new school and I also rented us a new apartment” Valentina smiled..

“Like seriously?! This is the best news ever!!” Peggy smiled and began going upstairs.

“I’m going to pack my things,can’t wait to leave this house” Peggy said.

Valentina and Iris laughed while going to the kitchen. Valentina opened the pot and smiled. Noodles… Her favorite!

Iris began dressing the table while Valentina dished them the food…

Once they were done, Valentina and Iris went to their different room for their bath.

Iris was the first to come down. She was wearing a singlet with no bra and wire bum short. Thankfully the hickeys were all gone…

Valentina walked downstairs wearing an oversized shirt which ended at the middle of her thigh.

They all settled down to eat. Peggy lastly joined them. They immediately digged in with Valentina and iris eating like starved lions and Peggy watching them in amazement…

Vakentina opened her eyes to a bright morning. A bright morning for her first day of work, a bright morning for Iris’s first day to work, a bright morning to moving to their new house.

Valentina looked at the time and damn! It was 7AM.

“F*ck! I have to do quick, can’t afford to loose my job on my first day” Valentina thought.

She began brushing her teeth, while undressing at the same time, throwing her clothes literally everywhere.

Once she was done brushing, she walked under the shower and began scrubbing her body real fast.

She quickly wore her straight black skirt and her white top which she topped it in before wearing her usual flat shoes. Valentina than brushed her hair and tied it to a messy bun before rushing out of her room…

It’s been like three days since she last saw Ryan and since then he didn’t bother to check up on her…

“He’ll surely hear from me once I get back from work” Valentina thought.

She got downstairs and met Iris already in her new school uniform. She looked so cute and adorable in it.

“Morning mom!” Valentina greeted, arranging her things in her bag.

“Tina, aren’t you going to have breakfast?” Peggy asked.

“Nope, I have less than 15 minutes if I want to be early at my job” Valentina said and kissed Peggy on the forehead and also kissed Iris.

“Bye!!” Valentina said literally running out of the house.

“I’ll pack my things once I get back home!!” Her voice was heard.

Valentina hailed a cab and entered it.

“To Thornton Investment, please be fast” She said. The driver nodded and began driving to her destination.

Minutes later, she was there. She paid the cab and rushed in heading to the elevator.

Immediately she reached Ricardo’s office, there was Ricardo coming out of the other elevator.

“Good morning sir” Valentina greeted.

“I almost arrived before you. Your lucky, you were almost fired” Ricardo said and entered his office.

Immediately he entered, Valentina slumped on the chair while breathing heavily.

Iris got down the cab and stared at the school in front of her. She took a deep breath and then walked in the school.

All eyes were on her, some looking at her with amazed eyes, some with envious and jealous eyes…

? Look at those curves…

? Is she a new student? Have never seen thay pretty face before.

? Well obviously she is. I could have remembered that face if I saw it even in my dreams.

? I just hope she’s single.

Iris headed straight to the principal’s office. She knocked on it…

“Come in”

Iris turned the door knob and walked in.

“Oh it’s you Iris” The principal smiled.

“Good morning Sir” Iris greeted.

“Here’s the key to your locker room. Wait a sec” The principal said and pressed a button.

“Charlotte Baxter, your presence is needed at the principal’s office” He spoke and it sounded on the school’s speaker.

Not quite long after, a girl walked in the office with a cute smile on her face.

“Good morning Sir” Charlotte greeted.

“Morning, this is Iris your new classmate. I want you to be here guide…please show her around” The principal said.

Charlotte nodded and turned to Iris.

“Please follow me” Charlotte said and led the way.

Iris followed behind and they left the office.

“So your name is Iris? Nice name” Charlotte smiled.

“Thanks, I love your cheerful vibes” Iris said.

“Thanks. You’re cute, I’m sure Riley will be so jealous when she gets to see you” Charlotte said.

“Who’s Riley” Iris asked.

“A b*tch in our class. I hate her so fr�aking much, she acts like she owns the school…” Charlotte frowned.

“Oh…” Iris simply said.

“Here’s your locker and there is mine” Charlotte pointed at the one four lockers away.

Iris opened her locker and began packing her books and textbooks in it.

“We have biology this morning” Charlotte said

Iris took out her biology textbook and locked back her locker…

“Let’s go to class.” Charlotte said.



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