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Personal Taste – Episode 17


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Written By Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 17


“So where’s her location?” Mr. Maxwell asked. “Paris” Mike replied.

“Paris?” Mr. Maxwell asked and Mike nod his head immediately.

“Are you sure, you aren’t lying to me?” Mr. Maxwell asked.

“That’s where she’s for now, I did my findings and I found out she’s there” Mike replied.

. “Alright, I’ll send you to pay to your account,” Mr. Maxwell said.

“Alright, I’ll be expecting that sir” Mike replied and stood up immediately.

“Goodbye sir,” Mike said and Mr. Maxwell nod his head at him.

“I’m very happy, we will soon find her,” Mrs. Maxwell said with a smile.

“Yeah, I’ll tell my searching teams to start searching for her,” Mr. Maxwell said.

“Thank you, darling!” Mrs. Maxwell said and hug Mr. Maxwell to herself.

“I love you,” Mr. Maxwell said and peck her on her forehead sbd Mrs. Maxwell blushed hard.

“Miss Maxwell get ready to face my wrath” Mr Maxwell said and his wife burst into laughter.

“Why did you love calling her Miss Maxwell?” Mrs Maxwell asked.

“Because she’s the true daughter of her father, she has made me proud, a very handwrorking, nice and wise lady” Mr Maxwell said.

“That’s true, but she hasn’t made me proud, I need her to get married to my friend son” Mrs Maxwell said.

“Don’t worry my love, she will soon do your wish” Mr Maxwell said.


Emma kept stroking Rowen dîck fast while laughing and giggling.

“Fûck!” Rowen groans out. She stroked his dîck good before she prepared to take him fully inside her mouth.

Taking it down into her throat. She soaked his dîck with her saliva, using her tongue to lick his pee hole and that drove him cràzy.

“Ahhhh!” He groaned and that gave Emma the morale to do more.

She keeps pumping his dîck in her mouth, keeping eye contact with him during the process, which makes Rowen loose his senses.

Emma stopped sucking on his dîck and walked to the bed.

She put off her clothes and sat flatly on the bed, showing him her pûssy.

Rowen walked closer to her on the bed and started sucking on her bóóbs.

He sucked her bóóbs and squeeze them roughly before he took one hand down into her honey pot and started fingering her honey pot. “Ahh, yeah, fûck” she moaned out as she got finger fingering her honey pot.

“Ahh, fûck!” She muttered as he keeps dipping his finger inside her honey pot.

Emma stopped Rowen and pushed him gently on the bed.

Rowen fell flatly on the bed and Emma climbed on his waist and seated on his dîck and started riding him.

She kept twisting and Rolling her waist as she ride him slowly and seductively.

Allowing his dîck to push further into her honey pot with her hand on his chest.

“Ahhh!” Rowen growl out in pleasure as his dîck was getting pleasure from her wet tight pûssy.

After riding him slowly and seductively for a while Emma changes her style, increasing the pace at which she rides his dîck.

She sat up straight and started bouncing on hard on his dîck.

“Ahh, ahh” Rowen keeps moaning hard.

Emma herself was busy moaning as Rowen dîck was big and long, that he touched all the corners of her wall.

She was bouncing and slamming hard at it. And at this point, Rowen left his mouth open because he has never felt this kind of enjoyment having sèx with someone.

Not just an ordinary person but his beautiful boss, which he was in love with. After a hard riding, Emma brought her face closer to his face, and they started fighting with their tongue, while she slowly fûck him moving her hips and waist at the process.

“Ahh” they kept moaning into each other face. Rowen later summons courage and took over, flipping Emma over, so he was the one on top, he has fully taken over, and Emma loves it.

He spread her leg and directed his dîck into her pûssy.

He was using his dîck the drill her hard and fast.

“Fûck!” Emma moaned out in pleasure. He kept slamming out into her like he wants to bore their whole and Emma kept pushing her àss to meet with his thrust.

With his hand on both sides of Emma’s hips and àss. Rowen dîck kept bouncing off Emma Àss creating sounds.

After fûcking for some hours, the surge of sweetness filled both of them to the brim as they both reached a climax, having one hell of an organism.

Rowen falls flatly near Emma and smiles at her. “You did well,” Rowen said caressing her body.

“I should be telling you that, you’re a machine and I don’t regret choosing you as my fûck mate, but that won’t stop me from going after another dîck, I wanna try another dîck, let me see which one is sweeter,” Emma said and Rowen mood changed immediately.

“I’m okay for you,” Rowen said with a smile. “You aren’t my boyfriend, so I can go after any dîck I like” Emma replied with a smirk.

“Please, don’t try another dîck” Rowen pledged in his eyes.

“I need to sleep man,” Emma said and covered her face with the duvet.

Rowen walked to the bathroom and take a cool bath, he came back some minutes later with a towel lying dangerously on his waist.

He picked his backpack from the floor and brought out his pajamas.

He smiled when he remember the sèx and moved closer to Emma on the bed. He pecked her on her forehead and lye beside her.

“She’s too sweet, this is the best sèx I’ve ever had, don’t worry, I’ll make you mine very soon,” Rowen said and also covered his body.

Brittany keeps stepping her feet on the ground angrily, the thought of what Emma and Rowen will be doing now fill her head, and he’s making her angry.

“Easy, girl” Nadia said with a smirk.

“Mind your fûcking business!” Brittany said with gritted teeth.

“Hypertension is real,” Nadia said with an evil smirk.

“Gosh!” Brittany said out loud. Nadia dialed her boyfriend’s number and waited for him to pick her up.

“Hey babe,” he said from the other end of the call.

“You didn’t later call me as promised,” Nadia said with a pout.

“I did, check your phone darling” the guy replied.

Brittany hissed out loud before walking to her room and Nadia burst into laughter.

“Babe, what’s that?” Her boyfriend asked. “Nothing darling, I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” Nadia said and stood up from the chair.

“Alright baby, goodnight,” he said and Nadia end the call immediately.

She placed a knock on Brittany’s door and Brittany shouted angrily from the room.

“sorry, I’m just checking on you, to be sure you’re alive” Nadia said and bite back a laugh.

“Fûck you, fûck Emma” Brittany said angrily and Nadia burst into laughter before rushing to her room.

The sounds of running water woke Emma up, she stood up from the bed and stretched her back tiredly.

“Where’s he?” Emma asked looking around. “F00LISH me, I’ve forgotten that the sounds of running water wake me up,” she said and stood up from the bed.

She checked the wall clock and gasped.

“What the hèll!” She shouted and Rowen run out of the bedroom fully dressed.

“Wait, you have dressed up, why don’t you wake me up?” Emma asked.

“I’m sorry pretty, I don’t wanna disturb your sleep good morning,” Rowen said with a smile showing off his dimples.

“What were you doing in the bathroom?” Emma asked.

“I was washing your clothes, but I’m done now, I order some clothes for you I hope you love them,” Rowen said smiling.

“Why did you do that?” Emma asked.


“Do what?” Rowen replied.

“Why did you waste your money to buy clothes for me?” I asked.

“Point of correction, I don’t waste my money, I bought them because you need it” he replied smiling.

Did he even get tired of smiling at all? “Alright I’ll check it out when I come out of the bathroom, I need to take my bath now,” I said and rushed to the bathroom. I have a business meeting at 10 and it’s very important, I still have two hours left.

There’s no need for unnecessary things.

I picked a brush from the numerous brushes in the bathroom, mind you they’re all new. I came out some minutes later and met Rowen waiting for me in the room.

“what are you still waiting for?” I asked because I thought he should be at work by this time.

“I feel like waiting for you” he replied with a smirk.

“What time did you resume work?” I asked. “8:00 am” he replied.

“But you’re late!” She replied. “This is the first time I’ll go late, so I’m very sure that îdîot will pardon me for today,” he said.

.”Who’s the idîot you’re talking about?” I asked. “The manager” he replied and stood up.

He walked to my side and sweep me off my feet.

He carried me and placed me on the dressing table.

He picked up a hairdryer and started drying my hair with it.

“I can do it myself,” I said. “I know, just relax and let me do my things,” she said and I hold my lips with my fingers.

He finished drying my hair and packed it up in punny tails.

“Where did you learn this from?” I asked.

“My ex,” He replied and walked feel bad immediately. I don’t know why I feel bad when he mentioned his ex.

“did you like your look?” He asked and I nod my head.

He picked a cream and started applying it to my body, thank goodness it’s my body cream type.

He applies it gently to my body and I love how I’m feeling now.

He rushed to the bed and bring the clothes he ordered and my mouth open wide on his own. “They’re beautiful,” I said with a smile.

Those clothes are dawn beautiful.

“I’m glad you love them,” he said and brought out pants and a bra. Goodness! “Are to gonna wear that for me?” I asked.

“Sure I’ll” he replied and removed the towel immediately.

He took his lips in and smile at me. I collected the pant from him and put them on immediately.

He burst into laughter before handing the bra to me. I put it on and he forced me the sir down”.

He wears the short gown that barely touches my knees for me anodsnoanand not reflection. “You look beautiful,” he said and I picked up my bag.

“I bought you a new bag and shoes,” he said. “Wait did you spend all your salary on me?” I asked.

“You deserve it,” he said and picked up one of the shoes he brought.

“Hold me tight, I wanna wear the shoe for you,” he said and I hold him immediately. He’s caring no doubt.

“Thanks,” I said and he nod his head with a smile. “Where’s your car key? Let me drive you home,” he said when we get out of the hotel. “Don’t drive me home!” I said and pushed him away from me, before opening my car door.

I get inside my car and stick out my tongue at him. He brought out a bubble gum from his pocket and throw it in his mouth.

Did he ever get tired of chewing gums? No, I doubt it.


“Hey baby, you’re back” Nadia shouted and rushed out of the house.

“Yes baby, good morning, please help me with the bags, in my car,” I said and walked inside. Brittany must tell me the reason why she lied to me.

“Welcome,” Brittany greet with an eye-roll. “Thanks, why are you rolling your eyes at me?” I asked and she scoffed loudly.

“Hope you enjoy yourself?” She asked eating from the bowl of Popcorn in her hand. I think she needs some brain reset.

I moved closer to her and slapped her hard on her face.

“What the hèck!” She asked and stood up angrily.


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