Married to the Overlord – Episode 24

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The ride to the company was awkwardly silent and Gabby didn’t know how to break it for Williams is In work mode and didn’t wanna be disturbed.

‘screw this.’ she mumbled under her breath making Williams turn to her with questioning eyes.

She rolled her eyes and went back to staring at the view outside the car.

Williams who saw this smirked and continued to work on his laptop and finally the car went into the underground parking lot of a building that actually consist of 150 floors.

Gabby couldn’t help but marvel at the sight of the gigantic building.

This was a VIP parking lot for the boss only so there isn’t anyone here except the guards who’d been following them ever since they left the house.

She got out first and he did the same thing. George came outta the VIP elevator and the laptop from his boss after bowing to the boss and boss lady.

Gabrielle could see that he was happy to see them both but she couldn’t understand what was going on.

She snapped outta her thoughts when her hand was taken by a pair of cold ones.

“Stop overthinking.” He whispered close to her and flick her forehead.

“Ouch that hurts.” She glared and he winked at her .

George could only hide his embarrassed face as he was being fed dog food in the elevator.

“Yes it was meant to.” He kissed her cheeks and Gabby could swear she wanna punch him in the face.

“You’re so f*cking mean!” She flicked his forehead too but to her surprise he didn’t blink nor act like he felt whatever it is she had done.

“I know right? Please don’t do that again you might actually hurt your fingers.” He chuckled softly and Gabby was literally boiling with anger.


“Argh! Imbecile!” She glared at him but he faked a smiled sweetly and held her hand even tightly.

“Ehn ehn show we head to the board room directly or go to your office first?” George broke the romantic moment.

“To the board room.” The boss said as his maintained a poker face, Gabrielle would sometimes wondered how he does that every single time.

His eyes would go from Calm to frosty, like the ice king.

The elevator stopped at the 150th floor and George got out first and bow slightly while holding the boss Laptop, the boss walked out while holding Gabby’s hand in his.

The whole Xavier Enterprise was turned into a frenzy when they saw their demon boss holding hands with someone for the very first time in history.

George could already tell by the look on their faces what was going on in their minds.

Gabrielle was beyond nervous as she tried not to look at the workers who were busy scrutinizing her from head to toe, including female workers who think they were gonna have a shot with their boss.

After what seem like forever they arrived at the board room only to find the press and also all board of directors present in the room.

‘oh no this is bad.’ she wanted to run away but his firm hold on her made it impossible for her to move.

He turned to her and brought his face closer like he was about to kiss her and whispered into her ear.


“Behave my love, I’m doing this for your sake.” He whispered and pecked her cheek before pulling back and made her sit on the empty sit close to him.

The press had already began to speculate on who the lady was to the boss but still needed to hear the gist straight from the horse’s mouth.

They all rise up and bow the boss and his lady boss to avoid getting on the wrong Side.

“Thank you all for coming on such short notice, you may all take your seat.” Lord Williams spoke and turned to his little bug who was dead nervous but trying so hard to hide it .

“Lord Williams what was the reason for the emergency meeting? Does it have anything to do with the mystery lady you came in it? Who is she to you?” They began throwing questions at him and Gabrielle became tensed but Became calm when Williams cold hands covered hers.

He muttered relax to her and she immediately calm down.

“One question at a time.” He said firmly and they all quiet down.

“Lord Williams why the emergency meeting?” A female reporter asked first.

“To announce something important.” He gave a short reply as always.

“Is it about the mystery lady you came in with?” Another question was thrown.

“Yes and that mystery lady Is…”



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  1. Ouchhh…. Why do you have to cut it here
    Next please, waiting anxiously for his response, because I have a feeling that some bubbles are about to burst

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