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High School Mom – Season 2 Episode 17

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High school mom 
(My love for her is unconditional)


Written by Assurance Webber

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Chapter 47( Stalking)


Camdan roamed around his office in a tired manner, as he spoke to someone over the phone. His facial expression was something else, it shows that he was tired of everything the person was saying.

“You don’t understand. Listen to me, I didn’t know you’ve already applied for the contract. If I had known, I would have signed it…the paper wasn’t with me….” Camdan was saying but instantly he trailed on his word.

“Hello?,are you still there?” he asked over the phone, but there was no response. It seems like, the person over the phone hunged up on him.

“sh*t!” he cussed.

The expression on Camdan’s face right now could kill anyone. He was so angry but more angry at himself, he was too forgetful to do so many things and that was why he needed Nicole. If Nicole was here, it could have been better, she was so good at her job and there was no way he could deny it.

Though she made him very angry but he needed her and that was the fact. He really missed everything about her.

Almost immediately, claudia barged in without knocking. Since Nicole was no longer working there, she took over Nicole’s job.

“Good day sir, actually…these are the documents you asked for.” she said and after a few minutes, she placed them on his desks.

Camdan ran his eyes through her body, and he noticed the skirt she wore, the length of it was entirely different from the one she wore yesterday.

Everyone knows camdan hates one thing, and that is indecent dressing. He feels disgusted by it. That was why he loved Asha, because she dresseds so decent.

He got more angry when he noticed that her cleavage was exposed, he facepalmed himself when he noticed, she didn’t even have beautiful b**bs.

‘Nicole is way prettier than her’ he thought.

“But why am I comparing them both?” he said inaudibly and claudia hmmmed.

“What are you wearing?” he asked instead and she looked at herself.

She was putting on a skirt that barely reached her mid thigh, and the clothes she wore was transparent, so transparent that her cleavage was exposed.

“Am wearing clothes sir.”

“Are you a prostitute?, Or are you trying to seduce me?” he asked instead and she bit her lips.

“Am sorry sir, actually i…” she was cut off by him.

“You are fired.”

Claudia knelt down and with her hands glued together, she pleaded but her pleading felt like music to his ears. He was too angry to listen to her, he had lost a contract worth 6million dollars.

He knew id this news gets to his dad, he’s more than dead…he needed someone to talk to and he knows just who.

Without saying a word, he left the office, leaving claudia all alone, as she wept bitterly. She just couldn’t believe, she lost her job because of her stupidity.

Josh stared at his wrist watch for the upteenth time. He kept glancing through the window, he couldn’t wait for her arrival.

Soon, a black car arrived outside the cafe and Josh stood up immediately he saw his mom coming out from the car.

He walked out and met her standing in front of the cafe. She rubbed her hands together as the evening breeze blew past her.

“Mom, are you ok?, Are you cold?” he asked her and she pinched his cheek lightly, earning a chuckle from him.

“I should be asking you that question darling.” she replied and he suddenly hugged her. He was more close to his mom, and he loved her so much that he was willing to protect her till the end.

“Baby are you ok?”

“I am fine, I just miss your warmth mom…can we stay this way for a few minutes?” he asked in a calm, yet beautiful tone.

Mrs Lucas hugged him more tight, as she patted his hair. She was so happy to have a son like camdan, handsome and warm hearted. Though he doesn’t know how to show his expression but he was her son and she loved everything about him.

After five minutes, he disengaged from the hug and she held his face, with her both hands. She stared deeply into his eyes and she saw sadness in it.

She wanted to say something but the sound of notification from her phone, disrupted her from saying anything.

She unlocked her phone and found another message from the anynomous person. Shivers ran down her spine as she read the text silently.

She looked around her and her breathing became rapid. Josh noticed his mother’s changed of mood and he didn’t know when his palm touched her cheek.

He felt her body trembling, and her heartbeat has become unsteady, her whole body has gotten so hot and he wondered why.

“Mom are you alright?” he asked.

she averted her gaze to him and held his two hands tightly.

“Baby you need to be careful ok?, Don’t go out at night and always make sure your apartment password is a strong one… promise me, you will be fine…you know I love you.”

“Mom what is going on?” he asked. He was so confused and his mom was talking like someone is after his life. He just needed to know why.

“Just promise me please.” she said instead and he nodded his head.

“Fine, I promise you mom…I will take care of myself.”

She placed her both hands on his cheek and pecked his forehead.

“I will protect us ok?, Just focus on your job at the company… let’s go inside, it’s getting cold.” she said and they both walked inside the cafe.

Prudent closed the novel she was reading. She just couldn’t concentrate and she didn’t know why.

She sat upright on her bed and walked over to a drawer, she opened it and brought out an envelope.

She opened the envelope and a picture came into view. It was a picture of her and Asha when they were little. A picture they took, when they went out for a family picnic

Prudent looked closely at Asha in the picture and a smile tugged at the corner of her lips. Seeing the picture made her smile because, the Asha in this picture is now a grown up lady.

She wouldn’t lie, she missed the time they spent together and she also missed her. She once told herself that, if she were to see her sister someday, she would hug her and shed the tears she has been holding all since they got departed.

But everything is a mess, that even though she has seen the sister she longed for, there was nothing she could do…than to stare at her all day.

“I don’t even know how her child looks like” Prudent uttered with a sigh.

She kept the envelope and picture aside, then she laid on her bed in a way that her eyes came in contact with the ceiling.

“I just wish everything will go back to the way it was…I just wish.” she uttered with her eyes closed and gradually she fell into a deep sleep.


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