High School Mom – Season 2 Episode 11

(My love for her is unconditional)

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High School Mom
(My love for her is unconditional)

Written by Assurance Webber






“Are you ok?” He asked but she freed her hand from his grip and walked out with the trolley. He sighed as he regretted his action, he was so foolish to ask if she’s ok…it was clear she wasn’t ok.

Immediately she walked out, everyone turned to Josh. Tasha walked up to him and held his wrist.

“What was that about?” she asked.

Anger and detest could be heard in her voice as she frowned deeply. She felt like strangling the life out of that waitress.

He turned to her and removed her strong hold from his wrist. He felt like shutting her out of his life forever and he was going to do so.

Josh clenched his teeth together and tucked his hands inside his pocket, trying to control himself, otherwise he might do something more outrageous to Tasha.

He inhaled deeply and later unclenched his teeth. He didn’t want to do anything rash, not now. Without saying a word he walked out and After a minute, Camdan walked out.

“What just happened?Who’s she?” Tasha asked nobody in particular.


Asha got back to the kitchen with a sad expression on her face. Just thinking about what happened earlier makes her want to cry.

She tried brushing the thought of her mind but it wasn’t working and she hated it.

“Asha are you ok?” An elderly man, who is also a worker, asked and she smiled.

“Yes sir, I’m fine” she replied and continued with what she was doing.

Nicole held the report in her hands as she read through it again. She stood in front of the windows and her hands were trembling. She couldn’t believe it was true, she didn’t know he was passing through such.

She walked over a chair and inhaled deeply, tears welled her eyes. She was hurting a lot because he was someone she has always loved.

“It’s all going to be fine… hopefully.” she uttered inaudibly.

After a while, she stood up and walked over to the table. She opened the drawer and was about to put the report when the door opened and Camdan entered.

Camdan closed the door and stared at Nicole making eye contact with her. He tucked his hands in his pocket and a slight frown appeared on his forehead. He was obviously wondering what she was doing in his office.

Nicole on the other hand was so nervous that she could feel her heart wanting to jump out of her chest.

She hid the report at her back and stood still, she wanted to say something but no word came out of her mouth.

Camdan narrowed his gaze at her, wondering what she was hiding behind her. He wanted to know and he was going to find out.

“What are you doing in my office Nicole?” he asked and she smiled nervously.

“Well, sir Camdan, I came to keep the documents I’ve signed, so I was about leaving when you came inside.” she explained with a trembling voice and his frown deepened.

He knew she was lying and was going to find out why.

He started taking long strides towards her and she bit her bottom lips so hard. She wanted to exit his office but if she moved he might see the report in her hands.

He moved close to her and forcefully took whatever she was hiding. He smirked immediately when he saw the report.

“Am sorry sir, I didn’t mean…”

He cut her off.

“Are you happy now?Are you satisfied now that you know my shame?!” he yelled, his eyes gazing directly into hers. Tears could be visible in them.

“I know you are hurt but I just found it by accident…am truly sorry sir.”

“I warned you Nicole, didn’t i?” He asked. “You are fired. Get out, your sight irritates me.

Tears fell from her eyes and without saying a word, she walked out leaving him all alone.


Nicole packed her belongings from her desk and filled them in an empty box. She looked around the office and smiled faintly.

“Nicole what is going on?Why are you packing?” Stacy asked and she inhaled deeply, she wanted to speak but Claudia interrupted.

“Why else should she be packing?It’s obvious she got fired.” Claudia made the last statement with a chuckle.

Stacy was getting infuriated already and really felt like slapping the living hell out of Claudia.

“Who told you she got fired meddler?” Stacy asked and she rolled her eyes dramatically.

“Stacy, I got fired.”

“What?, Why?, What did you do?” Stacy asked in a rush.

“Told you she got fired.” Claudia said, her eyes all focused on the computer screen in front of her.

Their desk was built in a roll form and everyone had their own part of it. It was comfortable for them all.

Nicole dropped the box of her belongings and hugged Stacy for a few minutes before breaking the hug.

“I will miss you.” she said and Stacy smiled.

“I will miss you too, good luck in your endeavors.”

Nicole looked round the office again, she was going to miss this place, including her boss. She was going to miss working with him.

Jace sang loudly as he diced the carrots, he was the only one home and needed to prepare something, before his sister came back from work.

After dicing the carrots, he brought out eight eggs and broke them into a bowl. Then he started whisking it and later added seasoning cubes.

He turned on the gas cook and placed a fry pan on it. He added some oil in it and that was when the doorbell rang.

He quickly turned off the gas and walked towards the door. He opened it and his sister got in with a box of things filled in it.

Nicole walked to a chair and dropped the box on the couch. She removed her shoes and sat on the couch tiredly.

“What did you prepare?Am hungry?” she said.

“Sissy you came back too early and why did you bring a box with you?” Jace asked, ignoring her question.

“I got fired, jace.”

“What?!” Jace screamed and she shook her head sideways.

“Ok, now that you know, can you get me some food? I’m hungry.” she pouted her lips.

“Ok sissy, I will be right back.” he said and went into the kitchen.


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  1. Though Nicole trespassed, but Camdan shouldn't have fired her. But I believe he will call her back.
    Josh, you need to see Asha,calm her down and do some explanations
    Next please

  2. Don't worry Nicole, Camdan will soon Miss you and look for you by himself. Asha your day of Suffering are numbered Josh will sought things out.

  3. Getting interesting every day,nicole camdan will still call ur back don't worry for u asha josh is coming to ur place i knw his on is way to ur place

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