Married to the Overlord – Episode 3

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He kept his cold eyes on the stupid girl as she picked up the marriage certificate she’d signed at the cathedral and scoffed.

Like seriously he didn’t know why I had chosen a dumb a$$ like her.

“Are you done digesting or do you still want some time for your brain to reboot?” Lord Williams wasn’t being kind with his words neither is he.

“Shut the f*ck up nigga and let me go.. I’m not and will never be your bride. I’m married to Harry and he’s the only husband I know. ” She took in deep breaths trying to control her anger.

If this was some sort of prank she wasn’t gonna fall for it.

“Oh you mean the one that is wanted by the FBI for multiple cybercrime allegations?”


He stood up unhurriedly and walked towards Gabrielle in a few powerful steps.

Gabrielle instinctively set back in fear.

“Stay away from me Mr who ever you’re, if this a game I’m seriously not falling it. Plus Harry is not a criminal so stop making things up! ” Who does he think he’s making stupid allegations against her man.

“You still won’t take A look at the document in your hands.” He was clearly messing with her.

Gabrielle finally summoned the courage to stare at the document in her hands. Her face was drained of all colors as she almost drop dead.

She wanted to escape from him but he saw through her and held her by the neck slamming her against the wall roughly.


“No I didn’t sign those!!” Gabrielle tried to struggle as hot tears rolled down her cheeks.

Gabrielle grew up in a wealthy home where she would always read novels about contract marriages but she never in her wildest dreams thought it was gonna one day happen to her.

“I’m done playing nice love, you either play by my rules and Live to regret it for the rest of your damned life. You signed that document yourself. For the record you’re just a pawn to your father and sister.”his hold her neck wasn’t rough nor was it tight.

He brought his lips to her ear and whispered softly.

“Don’t even try to escape because I’m hunt you down and peel off your beautiful face my darling wife.” He pecked her and shoved her aside roughly and walked outta the room.

“Argh!” Gabrielle screamed out in anger and threw the vase against the door wishing it was his handsome face.

She slumped to the floor in tears thinking about everything he’d said.

No!! She shook her head violently.. she has to leave this hell hole else he’s gonna kill her.

‘i gotta find a way outta here.’ she thought.



Lord Williams sat by the floor to ceiling windows of his office watching the bussing city when he’s secretary walked in and bow slightly while to the demon boss.

“Everything is ready boss, what do you need me to do?” He asked politely.

“Chop off his fingers and leave at the harbor, Also release everything you have on him.” Lord Williams spoke coldly. He was gonna teach him a lesson for ever laying his filthy hands on his bride.


George shivered slightly as the temperature kept dropping.

Lord Xavier Williams was the most ruthless and influencial man. He’s known for being heartless. No one dared him till this day.

George felt pity for the lady boss for being forced into a marriage with the demon boss.

“I get right on it boss. Anything more you would like to add?”

Lord Williams sat lazily on his executive chair and undid the first three buttons of his black sleeves revealing his tattoos.

“I want my marriage with Gabrielle Ray to printed on every single newspaper and magazines also the blogs. It’s time we set a tray for my dear father in law don’t you think?” His lips curved slightly while staring hard at his poor secretary.

George gulps nervously but agreed anyway. The boss was known to only smile evilly when he’s got a little trick up his sleeves.

“I’ll do that right away.” George bowed slightly when he got the signal he was waiting for and left his office immediately.


Once George was gone his smile disappeared, it was replaced with a smirked.

“Let’s see how you are gonna run from me my little butterfly.” He murmurs and picked up his phone to call his mansion.

Almost immediately the call connected and he heard the butler’s voice from the other end.

“Thank goodness you called my lord was just about to phone the office.” Godvric the butler at Lord Williams’s mansion sounded distraught.


“What’s it is Godvric.” He frowned slightly and glance at his watch.

“It’s the young miss ,she locked herself in room and refused to eat anything and won’t come down until you see her.” He explained with a hint of sadness in his voice.


It was the first time in years since someone other than Williams and his family got any guests.

“Okay I’ll be there shortly.”

Lord Williams was silent for awhile before picking up his blazers and stood up ready to leave. He needs to teach a lesson.

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