The Lycan's Reincarnated Mate

The Lycan’s Reincarnated Mate – Episode 29

(In Search Of His Mate For 2,000 Years)

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The Lycan’s Reincarnated Mate
(In Search Of His Mate For 2,000 Years)

Written By Uche Lawrence

Chapter 29

The two gods stared at the pale white body of with widened eyes. What the hell just happened to Lun?
“Is she really dead?” Thanos asked again.
“She can’t be dead. She’s still breathing” Wulfgur rolled his eyes at him when she felt Lun’s breathing.
Wulfgur turned to the door and opened it to Lun’s room, he entered and dropped the girl on the bed.
Why is everything going wrong, even in his mate second lifetime? He was supposed to live smoothly and peaceful for the remaining three months he has with everyone especially his mate but instead, everything went the wrong way.

While he dropped her, her eyes suddenly opened with the brightest color of her eyes and grabbed the duvet by her side.
Thanos stepped back with his brows up in confusion while Wulfgur stood beside her and held her left hand.
Lun was wincing in pain. It really hurts. She was finding it difficult to breathe.
This sight weakened Wulfgur. Why is she in so much pain like this? is it because of the orb? or the effect Selene spoke about.
She was losing it. She almost rolled over to the other side of the bed but Wulfgur held her, hoping for her to calm down. Is she going to die like this?
“No, you aren’t going to die.” Wulfgur said to her and leaned in. To her face.
“What are you doing?” Thanos asked, seeing the awkward position Wulfgur was creating.
“I don’t know.” Wulfgur answered sincerely.
“Why don’t you take her to Selene. She might have an answered to this.” Thanos suggested.
Wulfgur thought about it for a while. He wanted to hesitate at first but he gave in and nodded his head.
“Should i call Luciano about this?”
“Your choice. He might be with Irene as we speak, so you should asked where he is first before telling him to come over.” Said Wulfgur.

“Right. Should we get ready? I will get some things while you take care of her.”
Thanos left the room.
“Can you hear me, Lun?” Wulfgur questioned but it seems that Lun can’t even hear him.
This time again, she had stopped wincing in pain and her body already stood still like the dead but her eyes was opened. Isn’t this scary?
Wulfgur sighed and covered her eyes before he carried her away from the bed. He thanked his creator that she was still breathing and left the room. He met Thanos on the way and they both made their way outside the house to start their journey.
Ma Grace wondered where the King had gone to. Will he be coming home tonight? It’s getting late and no one must know that the King isn’t around anywhere in the palace.
“Where did he go for goodness sake?” The old woman was panicking a little. She knows the King to be a very strong one but still, he must avoid trouble. Any fight. She didn’t want the King to get hurt. Not even a scratch in his body.
“Ma Grace, should we be preparing the King’s dinner now?” A young maid came, distracting her from thinking about the King.
“Oh! Not now. The King is still sleeping in his chambers. Maybe when he wakes up, we can ask him what to eat before we cook anything.” She answered.
“Alright, ma. I will tell the others.” The girl bowed respectfully to her and turned back. They had given her so much respect that they call her the King’s second mother. As the king always listen to her most than others.
Ma Grace smiled and went into thinking again. The King will be back soon. She concluded that in her mind.
At south side of the country,
In a vineyard garden, the building around it was big and painted with white and wine color. It was the wolf hunter’s abode. There were huge men working tirelessly, guiding the gate and the house. Frederick successor was having a meeting with his men inside the house. The surroundings has tight security against any intruder.
What were they discussing?
” Did you just say he has a boy whom he cared for? Wulfgur’s mate?” Drake, who was Frederick successor said with a smile.
“Yes, When the Jade Emperor’s guards came to search the palace because of something missing from the King Zeus, I saw him running into the boy’s room and before i could think of anything, I can’t find them.” The spy answered.
“Oh! That’s wow! I need more information about the boy. We will striking the palace too soon. I will wait till that animal find his mate and i take both of them into my cage. I will take over everything he owned.” That was too greedy and silly but he doesn’t care.

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