Unwanted Twin

Unwanted Twin – Semi Finale Episode 29

We don't need a female child

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( We don’t need a female child)

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 29

Writer POV

Dora bath Lana and dressed her up so she can get there on time. Leo has left before them. I wonder where he is talking me to Dora said.

Baby are you ready she said to Lana and she giggled. She carried her and drop her at the back sit of the car she enter the driver sit and zoom off. She doesn’t want to go with a driver.

She got to the place and discover a concert was going on. Oh I totally forget leo is a musician.

But his he performing here she said and got inside. Immediately on of leo guys saw her. They took her to the VIP section. Welcome ma they greeted her.

Many artist came out to perform and they perform well but people aren’t satisfied. We want Leo they keep shouting. Ohh have forgotten he is a super star Dora said smiling.

But why did he asked me to come here. The M.C makes announcement, everybody listen the next artist is our superstar Leo he said and everyone start to jubilate.

He came out to and started searching with his eyes and they land on Dora . He smiled and wave at her.

Did leo just wave at her who is she, she’s lucky cause Leo doesn’t smile at people except Nora I wish am in her shoe the crazy fans keep murmuring.

Hi everyone leo said and the ladies started jubilating did he just hi us.

Leo sat down with his guitar in his hand this music is dedicated to someone special to me he said.


Since I set my eyes on you


My life hasn’t been the same


I pretend as if I don’t care but I really care about you


It crazy cause you really changed me completely without trying.


I really wanna tell you how I feel towards you but am afraid to tell you


But am afraid cause I don’t know if you love me


I wanna grow old with you, I want you to be the mother of my children.

If you allow me..

We can make this love a wonderful one.

Maybe me and you can do this love things but am afraid cause if you turn me down I can kill myself.

He finish the song and people started cheering him. The emotional ones are already crying.

Leo stand up on his seat and walked towards Dora.

When he gets to Dora front he go down on one knees and brought out a ring from his pocket. Dora please can you do me a favor of being my wife forever.

People started cheering Dora to accept. Dora was surprised and shocked at the same time.

Is the music for me his he proposing to me right now. Many thought kept ringing on her mind.

Madam silver was at the sitting room watching the news cause leo is one of his favorite.

At last she said happily. Honey come and see my daughter she shouted happily and senator cole ran down with just a short.

Wow say yes already senator cole shouted. Madam silver was afraid I pray Dora doesn’t turn this guy down.

Mrs Clara was in her sitting room also watching the show. Just say yes already you deserve to be happy. She shouted as if she’s there.

Dora look at the crowd cheering her up. If won’t be a good thing if I reject him. But am I doing the right thing if I accept him. She then remembered Nora words.

Let me do this for sis She said. and said yes Leo slide the ring happily.

That’s my girlfriend Gabrielle shouted happily from the crowd.

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