Unwanted Twin

Unwanted Twin – Finale Episode 30

We don't need a female child

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( We don’t need a female child)

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Final episode and epilogue

Writer POV

Yes I will marry you Dora said and Leo slide the ring to her finger happily. Thanks I love you and I promise to be always there for you he said and hug her.

Dora come out from the concert with leo carrying Lana she was surprised to see her family waiting for her outside.

Aww congrats my baby senator cole said and hug her. Thanks Dad Dora replied.

Happy for you Mrs Clara said and also hug her. My baby will be a wife soon madam silver said and hug her congratulations baby. Thanks leo senator cole said and Pat his back. Welcome sir he said.

You can simply use the word dad cause you will be my son in law soon senator cole said.

Attention everyone Dan said.

Since leo have proposed to my sister let me use this medium to propose to the love of my life he said going on one knees wow Dora said.

Gabrielle you have been the best girlfriend every man will pray for. You have always been there for I and my sister. You sacrifice alot for Dora you’re truly a good friend.

Have been looking for a better opportunity to propose to you but I never seen. So Gabrielle will you marry me Dan said.

Awww someone should wake me up or pour me water this is a dream Gabrielle said.

I will marry you if I don’t marry you who will I marry Gabrielle said. Dora scoff what a drama queen. Gabrielle hit her playfully you’re jealous of my boyfriend no fiance and Dora showed her, her ring my fiance is more romantic than yours.

Senator cole and madam silver marriage

Did you Cole accept silver as your lawful wife till death do you apart the priest asked. Yes I do senator cole replied.

Did you silver accept Cole as your lawful husband till death do you apart the priest asked silver. I do she answered happily. You may now kiss the bride.

Congratulations silver Mrs Clara said and gave silver a gift.

Madam silver was shocked. You gave me this she asked. Common let the by gone be by gone. You deserve to be happy Clara said and hug her.

Ohh mummy you came Dora asked. Yeah is there a problem with that Clara asked smiling. No mum am just happy you came she said.


Dorathy p.o.v

4 years later

Hey Lana come back here I shouted this daughter of mine is very stubborn. Mum junior don’t wants to come to you,

she wants to stay with big sister she said beating her chest. She’s too full of herself just like her father.

Did you just say am stubborn leo said tickling me. Just stop you’re not stubborn. Let go in for what I asked him you no be said scratching his head just say it I said.

Some cars drove into the compound.

Wow see who we have here I said smiling.

Mum, madam silver, dad and Dan and his pregnant wife. What are you guys doing here I asked them. Are you not happy to see us they asked.

We are totally happy Lana said hugging them one after the other.

I came to carry my grandchildren madam silver said. No way we are sharing them am going with Lana and you’re going with junior mum said.

As far as. Going with one of them it okay by me madam silver said. Less I forget madam silver gave birth to little Dan and he is very stubborn.

Let go in I said.

Mum as been the best mum one could asked for and madam silver as been the bestest. With my lovely husband by my side. May the soul of sis Nora rest in peace.

And may my father soul rest in peace I really missed that man this is from the authoress.

What else will I asked for.

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  1. Kudos to you authoress u are the best
    I really do enjoy dis story…
    and I'm very happy that dole(Dora and Leo) end up together

  2. Nice one. am really happy for dorathy.oh sorry for that,and may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.THANKS for the story authoress, more ink to your pen.KUDOS AUTHORESS

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