The Obsessed Mafia King

The Obsessed Mafia King – Episode 1


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Written By: Pamela James

©️Youngicee Story



After cûmming for the third time, I was losing my senses.

“STOP! No, Stop, please! I can’t take it anymore. No.. Please”

He kept thrusting ruthlessly as he groaned claiming my body.

I begged between crying

“Justin…..please…leave me…”


“Alexa, can you pass me those cans?”My colleague shouted from the other corner of the store


I am Alexa!

A simple girl who works at a store as a waitress.

It’s the least job I can find instead of just wasting my time sitting lazily at home.

I love my job very much. It’s less stressful and of course, entertaining.

I get to see different faces every day.

Different Faces with different tastes.

“Okay, okay! I can hear you clearly so stop shouting Mitchell!”, I replied with a giggle.


Mitchell came with a broom in her hands.

“All finished Alexa and we are the last people remaining again,” Mitchell said.

“Yep. I guess we are just like always.” I shrugged my shoulders.

But just then we heard some footsteps.

I turned to see a very handsome tall man of about 6ft

He took calm steps towards me as he placed some things on the desk which were duct tape, rope, a knife, and a can of coke.

“Are you going to murder someone?”, I asked in a friendly teasing tone.

“Maybe darling…”, He stated in a deep voice.

I chuckled and started scanning.

This city is really weird.

“That will be a bill of about…ughm….6 dollars,” I said while glancing at him.

He was still staring at me even after I told him his bill.

“Do you need anything else, sir?’ I asked.

“…”, he calmly stated.

I get this a lot.

I’m used to it already.

Customers always finding ways to get into my panties.

At first, I do get angry but Mitchell told me it’s no big deal and I should just overlook it, ignore them and continue my business.

That is if I am not interested.

“Thank you for coming. Money please” I said trying to control my anger.

Though it was the middle of the night I was not expecting him to be desperate.

He seemed like a really rich decent guy at first.

He smirked placing a 100 dollar note at the desk.

I quickly turned around to give him his change before realizing he was gone.

“Hmmm? Where was he gone to?” I wondered.

If he doesn’t come back tomorrow for his change, I will as well keep this money in my Piggybank.

Customers tend to forget their change and come back for it the following day.

But I don’t think he will mind if I took his change.

Come on, don’t judge me.

He looks rich.

I mean filthy rich.

I don’t think he will mind if I took the remaining balance.

Mitchell came out with a bag hanging on her shoulders as I came out from my trance on what to do with the change.

“Alexa Let’s go” she stated.

She closed the windows while I switched off the lights and moved aside for her to lock the marts.


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