CODELIA – Episode 63

(Oops she's a sex worker)

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(Oops she’s a sex worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 63

Authoress P.o.v ?

” welcome ma” the cashier greet madam Cassie. ” thank you my dear” madam Cassie replied and Mrs Leo raised her head up immediately.

” Cassie!” Mrs Leo called. ” Amelia” madam Cassie replied.

“Cassie how have you been, I have been searching for you all this year” Mrs Leo said.

“I guess you came to buy something what did you wanna buy from us?” Madam Cassie asked.

“Don’t tell me you’re the one that owns this place?” Mrs Leo said. “Yeah any problem with that?” Madam Cassie asked.

“There’s no problem, Cassie please we need to talk” Mrs Leo said and madam Cassie smile at her.

“We have nothing to talk about my dear customer, for the last time what did you wanna buy from us?” Madam Cassie asked.

“Am not buying anything, I came to look for my friend” Mrs Leo said. “Who’s your friend?” Madam Cassie asked.

“Codelia!” Mrs Leo replied. “Codelia isn’t around and I don’t wanna see you near my daughter again so get out if you don’t have anything to buy” madam Cassie said and point to the door.

“Cassie am sorry” Mrs Leo said. “What are you sorry for, you don’t offend me, and I don’t even know you, so get out” madam Cassie said.

“Please here me out” Mrs Leo said. “what did you have to say get out” madam Cassie said.

“Please!” Mrs Leo said. “Security!” Madam Cassie shouted and two securities came in.

“Drag this woman out, I don’t want to see her near this mall again” madam Cassie said.

“Madam please use the door” the securities said. “Cassie am sorry” Mrs Leo said.

“Madam respect yourself!” One of the securities said. “Fine, I will come back we really need to talk and am truly sorry” Mrs Leo said.

“I don’t wanna see you ever again and we have nothing to talk about” madam Cassie said. “fine bye” Mrs Leo said and went out.

“This woman just spoilt my mood” madam Cassie said and brought out her phone.

“Hello, don’t come to the mall again meet me in the house” madam Cassie said and end the call.

“Am going back to the house, don’t allow that woman into my mall again” madam Cassie said and went out angrily.

“What’s wrong with madam I haven’t seen her like this before, this woman really made her angry” the cashier thought to herself.

Madam Cassie Walked into the house and dropped her bag angrily on the chair.

“F*ck you Amelia, after how many years, I knew you are back to take my daughter away from me, but it won’t work, wait.. what if she take her by force because from the look of things Amelia is very rich” madam Cassie said and burst into tears.

“I don’t want to lose my daughter, Amelia why did you have to come back, after all you choosed money over your daughter” madam Cassie said and pac around the room.

Codelia enter the sitting room and was surprised to see madam Cassie crying.

“Mum why are you crying?” Codelia asked and madam Cassie clean her tears immediately.

“Am not crying my daughter” madam Cassie replied with a fake smile.

“Mum stop lieing, why are you crying?” Codelia asked. “Something enter my eyes” madam Cassie replied.

“Are you sure?” Codelia asked and madam Cassie nod her head.

“Let me remove the thing for you” codelia said. “Nevermind I have removed it” madam Cassie said.

“Codelia!” Madam Cassie called. “Yes mum” codelia replied. “Promise me you won’t leave me” madam Cassie said.

“Leave you, I can never leave you” codelia replied. “What if your biological mother come back?” Madam Cassie asked.

“You are the only mother I know, she should stay in her hiding place, now I get why you’re crying, you don’t need to bother yourself because of that, to me my biological mother is Dead” codelia said.

“No you shouldn’t say that, your mother isn’t dead she’s very much alive” madam Cassie said.

“How did you know that she’s alive?” Codelia asked. “I can feel it” madam Cassie replied.

“She is a living corpse then” codelia said. “I don’t want you to think about her anymore” codelia said and placed madam Cassie head on her chest.

“Cassie is very angry at me, I pray she forgive me soon because she has every right to be angry, I am a very bad person and I don’t think I deserve her forgiveness I really wish she can forgive me” mrs leo said to herself.

“Wait… Codelia is her daughter and she mentioned something like, my story is somehow similar to hers does that means that she’s my daughter?” Madam Cassie asked herself.

“Ahhh I am done for I don’t think she will ever forgive me” mrs Leo said to herself.

“What are you thinking about?” Mr Leo said. “Hey who opened the gate for you and what are you doing here?” Mrs Leo said angrily.

“Am very sorry, my love I promise to divorce your friend I never knew she’s your friend” mr Leo said.

“Leo get out of my house, I have my own problem to think about” Mrs Leo said.

“Amelia she seduced me into sleeping with her, I don’t know she’s your friend am sorry” mr Leo said going on his knees.

“Leo go back to your house I will think about it, I have many things going on on my head right now” Mrs Leo said.

“You can share your problem with me” mr Leo said. “No thank you, close my door when you’re ready to leave” Mrs Leo said and walked to her room.

“Sh*t Mr Leo said and dragged his hair angrily. “I will go, but I won’t rest until you can back to your matrimonial home” mr Leo said.

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