Bovil's Clash

Bovil’s Clash – Episode 5

Arrogant Meets Arrogant

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Bovill’s clash

~ Highschool ~Romance~




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πŸ’— Chapter 5 πŸ’ž

πŸ”₯Draco pov πŸ”₯

It hurts like hell; she landed another slap on my face again, and sh*t! Did she put iron inside her hand? Why are they as hard as that?

I held my cheeks and looked at her.

“What was that for?” I asked; she smirked and gave me another one.

I’m so dead!!

🍨 Mandela pov 🍨

That sh*tty bas***d, how could you touch my ass? I’m gonna disconnect his face today.

I landed slaps upon slaps on his face. His dark skin was already turning red; I saw Maya rushing to me.

“What’s happening Maddie!”

“This ass here touched my ass! I’m gonna kill him!” I yelled as I raised my hands to hit him, but that jerk face caught it and pulled me away from that place!!!

🌷Maya pov 🌷

The only thing I can hear now is the racing of my heart. I can’t believe Draco is standing in front of me, I’ve always had a crush on him, but he never noticed me because I used to be no one.

I always watch him from far, but now he’s at my front. He’s like four steps away from me, but he isn’t even spearing me a single glance. He’s just rubbing his cheeks and sucking.

Wait, where’s Mandy? I have to find her now! I rushed to leave, but a freak grabbed me back.

“Let’s dance baby,” he said huskily

OMG! I think he’s drunk!!

😀Mandy pov😀

That jerk dragged me to a VIP room and closed the door. Okay, now he’s gonna regret this!

“You behave so fierce, have you forgotten how you sent my bike to heaven!” He said smirking

“Listen if you don’t let me outta here, I’ll send you to heaven?” I warned. I do beat boys😏

The fool started laughing and moving closer to me.

“You’ll pay for what you did, but not with your money but with your ass!” He said

My eyes widened at what he said


Before I could do something, he suddenly turned me over harshly that my backside was facing him.

“Oh my gosh I’m gonna spank the hell outta this!” I heard him whispered and my eyes widen

What?! Spank me!!

πŸ’œMaya pov πŸ’œ

The drunk freak was dragging me. I’m not like Mandy. I don’t know how to fight.

“Let me go! Somebody help me!!” I yelled, and a slap landed on my face

Everyone was busy dancing to notice this, he pushed me on a chair, and his hands went to my dress

I can hear ripping sounds of my dress; gosh, this is not happening

I closed my eyes, waiting for what would happen next, time was ticking, and nothing was going on.

I opened my eyes, my heart skipped. My crush saved my life!

πŸ’” Draco pov πŸ’”

I was busy sucking over the slaps that big ass gave me, I heard screams, and I turned to see that girl talking with big ass earlier.

Hmmm. She’s close to big ass girl. Maybe if I get close to her, I’ll be able to get close to Nicki Minaj, the big ass girl!!!

I rushed over and grabbed the drunk as***ole from her. He reeks of beer; I punched the hell out of him, but the girl was still closing her eyes. It took a while before she opened her eyes and looked at me strangely.

“Sit up,” I said to her, and she sat up.

“What are you doing in a place like this, what’s your name?”

“Maya,” she answered.

Great! Maya is my key to getting to Nicki Minaj, big ass!!!!

πŸ’… Mandy povπŸ’…

He was spanking my ass through my skirt. This as***ole will regret this! I tried to move, but he kept pressing me to the wall spanking me like I was three years old.

It wasn’t enough; I felt him raise my skirt and spank my fresh ass. Oh no, he did not just do that. I was furious now, he’s gonna pay!!!

πŸ‘€ Jaxson pov πŸ‘€

I was having fun spanking her ass while she screamed and cursed me; girls like this should know where they stand especially big ass girls like this Nicki Minaj here.

I was getting hard and engrossed in what I was doing that I raised her skirt.

So fresh, I’m gonna spank the hell outta this!!

I spanked her fresh ass and watched it shake; gosh, I’m f**king hard right now; the next thing she did shock me!

😏 Mandy pov 😏

He’s gonna pay!
I turned with force and shoved my hand inside his shorts, thank goodness he was already hard.

I squeezed his d**k hard. He was screaming and begging me to stop.

I looked at him and smirked.

“You’ve seen nothing yet!” I squeezed it even more

“Is it hurting, it better because I’m gonna spoil this thing so that you’ll never f*k in your life again!” I told him while squeezing his d*k harder and harder

His face was already red, and he was gasping for air. Okay, I think that’s enough, I released him, and he fell on the chair

I smiled as I rushed out


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