Unwanted Twin

Unwanted Twin

We don't want a female child

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( We don’t want a female child)

By Three star


If you say that something or someone is unwanted you mean that you don’t want them, or that nobody wants them. That’s the case of Dorathy.

Who’s dorathy she’s senator and Mrs Cole daughter, she’s a twin.

They choice her twins brother over her. Disperse the fact that she’s more brilliant than Dan.

They dislike her dislike is an understatement let me just used the word hate. Just because she’s a female child. They treat her like a slave in the house.

Meet the cold hearted leo, he is a musician he never interact with people.

God bless him with a lovely, beautiful, humble fiance Nora. He doesn’t joke with Nora and his little sister. Because his little sister is the only family he have.

What happen when Leo and dorathy cross paths.

Oh I forget to add dorathy is a victim of rape.

Did you think there love story will work. Who else can’t wait for this story.

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