Sold To Mr Rude

Sold To Mr Rude – Episode 1

She is the woman in my heart

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Sold To Mr Rude
(She is the woman in my heart )
Chapter 1

By monisola


We can see a lady running from a restaurant to one of her part time job.

Having a tired look on her face. That’s all she does everyday… Working up and down.

Just to Carter for herself and her mum..
With her lazy dad.

That’s me Kira…
You all know my name.

All I does was to work and work, and after the salary payment my stupid dad will ended up collecting half of the payment.

Am 19 years old.
I was not able to continue my school..after my high school because of money.

Am that type of lady who got that figure eight (8) shape.

Am not that tall and not too tall, have a slender shape and not that much boss.
And I hate myself for having big butt.

Because of the way it’s attract guys.. and I don’t like it.
I got that blue eyes…which add to my beauty.

Today am going to collect my monthly pay.
I really need the money for my school.
I really wants to go to school.

I quickly went to the pizza shop..
I work here from 4 to 7.
I went to the changing room. To change..

After that I start working.
Finally it is 7:00pm.
Time to collect my monthly payment.

I went to my boss room..
At the restaurant.
Actually my boss was a man. The way he looks at me..

Make me uncomfortable.
Hi sir.
It is me Kira….
Wow! Come in.
Hmm…I can here for my monthly payment.

Kira…I can give you twice of your monthly payment.
My eyes beamed.
Twice?? Yes.
If you agree to this.
Let me f**k those big ass of yours..
What?? Is this man crazy..
He looks forty upwards.

And he wants to f**k me!!!
Sir I just want my monthly payment.
Kira I want you so badly.
Then go and meet your wife.
He give me an angry look.

Then I will only give you half of your monthly payment.
What???!!!!! I shouted.

The idiot really gave me half of my monthly payment.
After working here huh?
I felt like breaking his head.

I took a cab home.
I just pray that dad is not at home yet.. because of the way he behaves.
I opened the door…
And saw mum and dad fighting..
You fool, you f****ng sold my daughter ??
Yes and so…she is not even useful.
A tear roll down my eyes.
Dad sold me?

Mum!! My mum ran to me and embrace me.
Mum??did dad truly sell me?
Yessss…am so sorry sugar pie.
Why? But don’t worry I will work hard to return the money.
Mum to who did he sold me to.
To the man … people feared.

You mean that bloody Michael??
Yessss am so sorry


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