Jerk Husband Rude Wife

Jerk Husband Rude Wife – Episode 69

His heartthrob her heartbeat

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©Youngicee Stories

Written by: Pamela James

Chapter 69


It was eleven at night.

I was roaming here and here in my room because even after trying hard, I couldn’t sleep alone.

My all anger was faded away by now and gulit had overcome me.

I was cursing myself for shouting at her.

A knock broke my chains of thought.

I looked up and saw ronald leaning onto the door with his arms folded on his chest.

” Where is ivy?” I asked standing up.

“Why should I tell you?” Ronald raised brow.

“Because she is my wife.”

“Yeah that wife whom you insulted in front of everyone.”

I kept quite.

Ronald sighed and sat beside me on the Sofa.

“She is sleeping in my room. We were watching a movie and she slept in mid.” Ronald said playing with a small dive placed on the table.

” Why?”

“I told you already.”

“Send her back”

“She won’t come. You know Her!”

“Then what? I can’t sleep.” I shouted frustratingly.

“Take her back.”

“She won’t come. You know Her”

“Well you deserve to be left alone. What you did was not even close to cool. Do you know how badly she cried?”

“I was angry”

“So what? You will treat her like trash? That’s not a way to handle someone and that too when that person is so innocent. Did you try once to justify her act? She is overpossessive for you that is why she fought with those girls. Those girls should have also done something that ignite her. You know what! She is that innocent that I asked her to smile and she smiled genuinely even with tears in her eyes. She is the one who tries to spread smiles everywhere and when she does something exceptional you insulted her to no extent.” Ronald said and I kept quite because I knew that he was right.

” You could have stopped me earlier”

“I tried. Do you even remember your words? You said that we all have made her a brat. I was about to rip your head but she signalled me stay back cause she didn’t want us to fight over her.”

“I am guilty” I sighed.

“Should I make a pickle of your guilt? If she won’t forgive then I will fully support her because you deserve not to be forgiven this time. Even if she forgives you then I will ask her not to talk to you because why would she be the one always to forget and forgive?” Ronald said smirking.

“You are no less than an enemy!” I rolled my eyes.

“I am the enemy for those who hurt my Ivy” ronald held his collar while I raised my brow.

“She is sleeping now come on get her back to her room.” Ronald said and stepped out of room.

I sighed and went towards Ronald’s room.

I took her in my arms and advanced towards my room.

She quickly encircled her arms around my neck and smiled in her sleep leaving me stunned.

I entered my room and closed the door behind with my foot.

I made her lay on the bed and sat beside her.

My guilt deepened when my eyes spotted tear stains on her cheeks.

I cursed myself for doing this to her.

Leaning closer, I took her tears on my lips and trailed kisses all the way to her neck followed by tear stains.

She startled in sleep and I pulled back.

Moving towards my side, I switched off the lights.

” Why you have to get this much jealous and insecure? Huh?” I whispered grazing her cheek with my nose.

” Why do you always forget that I can’t keep up anyone but you? I am yours and belongs to you and vice versa. I won’t give the right to someone else which I gave you I am yours and will stay as yours!” I whispered determinely looking at her lovingly.

I placed a kiss at her forehead and pecked her lips. I closed my eyes placing my arms around her and my head in the crook of her neck.

Sleep engulfedme while I was inhaling her scent.



I opened my eyes smiling.

“It was indeed the best dream ever. Mr. Monster apologized and even kissed me” I was squealing when a voice brought my attention back to reality.

I looked up and saw Frederick standing in front of the dresser looking at me with amusing eyes.

I looked around and it clicked me.

“What I am doing here?” I shouted.

“Romancing with me” he said cheekily.

“I mean how I ended up here?” I said with gritted teeth.

” This is your room. where else should you end up? ”

“Ronald!!!!!!” I shouted on top of my lungs.

“I brought you here” he said seriously.

“Ronald!!!!” I again shouted ignoring him.

“Yes???” Ronald came running towards our room.

” What I am doing here?” I raised a brow.

Instead of answering me,he turned towards Frederick and took his face in his plam examining it.

“What are you doing there? Answer me” I said.

” No lipstick mark means you were only sleeping here.” Ronald said thinking like he gave most confirmed theory of world.

My jaw dropped to the ground while my cheeks turned red.

“Idiot” Frederick bent down to take his slippers but Ronald ran out and the slipper came back after hitting the door.

I stood up and took my clothes and went towards the washroom…..

To be continued

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks this chapter doesn't match with the last chapter?🤔Cos I didn't see the part where Fred shouted at ivy.

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