Jerk Husband Rude Wife

Jerk Husband Rude Wife – Episode 68

His heartthrob her heartbeat

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©Youngicee Stories

Written by: Pamela James

Chapter 68


I was sitting in the sofa typing something on my phone with full concentration.

“Done” I jumped excitedly.

“What are you doing?” Ronald asked coming towards me.

” You were saying that if people get to know about you then then you will make more friends? Look what I did?” I said smiling.

” What did you do?”

“I posted you and Michael biodata in my Facebook story and also tagged you both. Go and check” I held my collar proudly up.

“Okaaay” Ronald said with strange expression taking his phone out.

I sat back in the sofa humming.

“What the hell is this?” Ronald shouted looking at his phone.


“What the hell did you write Ivy?”

“Read yourself”

“Whattttt?” Michael screamed .

“What is this Ivy?” Micheal shouted coming towards them us.

” Did she do this to you too?” Ronald raised a brow while Michael nodded.

” Come on I did it for your good” I shrugged.

“Ronald read what she wrote in your bio.” Micheal said and ronald nodded.

“Hi, everyone. This picture here is my brother’s pic. He is Ronald. Ronny is so handsome and damn innocent that he looks like a lost puppy!!
He sleeps the whole day. He pretends to be dead when someone asks him to help them in any chores.He is a drama queen. He talks alot that sometimes everyone get annoyed by his nonstop gossips. No one listens to ronald at home. He takes bath once in a month. The only work ronald is good at is creating scenes. Don’t be like Ronald, but wait, one second. Ronald is ronald, no one can be ronald!”

Ronald fell on the floor with thud after reading his own bio.

Michael looked at me with sour mouth and then burst into laughter.

“Who the hell writes such bio?” Michael asked still shocked.

“Didn’t you like it?” I asked with my mouth hung opened.

Ronald looked at her and shoke his head stopping himself from pulling his hair.

“Stop laughing like a lunatic and read yours. I am sure your one will also be this much honourable.” Ronald glared at Michael.

Micheal switched his phone on and started reading.

“This is Michael.
My brother.
He is so dashing just like a beggar.
He brushes only after getting scolded by mother.
Everyone calls micheal low-price actor at home.
He plays with mosquitoes and flies the whole day because he has nothing to do except this.
He is the biggest miser. He never gifts me anything.
He sleeps like a drunk man. No one can wake him up.
He finds joy in doing idiotic stunts while he becomes dead when it comes to work.
No one listens to him but still he keep on blabbering whole day.
Don’t be like Michael. But wait, one second… Micheal is micheal and no one can be like Michael!!”

Micheal looked at me with eyes ready to flow.

” Who told you to be this honest Ivy?” He asked stopping himself from hitting his head in the wall

” You know that we should not create any relation on the basis of lies” I said innocently.

“Your honesty will get us beaten someday! After reading this no one will want to associate with us.” Ronald said making faces.

“But why?” I pouted.

“After this much speechless introduction given by you!! Save us and delete it.” Micheal shoke his head.

I rolled my eyes and deleted the story.

Day passed with them fighting and having fun and night came.

I was sleeping like I haven’t slept since ages when I heard someone groaning.

As much as I hated it I opened my eyes only to see Frederick who was whincing in pain while sleeping.

His hands were on his face.

My eyes widened when I remembered that he slipped in the afternoon.

I quickly ran towards the drawer and took an ointment from it and jumped towards the bed and in this instance I tripped over my trouser and fell on Frederick

“Aahhh!!” He groaned and opened his eyes.

” Why the hell you are jumping like a kangaroo at this hour of the night?” He said pushing me aside.

“Sorry for the inconvenience. I was just coming to bed.” I grinned.

“Coming to bed or tending to break the bed” He raised a brow.

” Now you are going beyond limits.” I glared at him.

Frederick glared at me back and turned around making his back face me mumbling.

After sitting there for sometime when I got idea of him sleeping I went closer to him and gradually started pulling his shirt up.

His eyes shoot opened when my cold hands came in contact with his warm skin.

“What are you doing?” He was about to turn back when I shouted.

” Dont turn”

” Why?” Pain was evident on his face and voice.

“I am applying ointment” I said softly .

” No need” he said pulling his shirt down.

“O come on! Don’t be. I am your wife. I can even see you shirtless.” I said without thinking but facepalmed myself when he looked at me with a smirk.

“Then I am your husband so same goes for me too. Isn’t it?” He smirked.

“Just shut up./You are too gross.” I said slapping his arm with crimson coloured face.

“Woah. You can say whatever you want but when comes to me, I have to shut up wow! What an injustice!” He said raising a brow.

” Okay okay sorry. Now let me apply this. It will ease your pain” I said and he nodded laying back on his stomach.

I started massaging his back and it soothed him alot.

Feeling peace all over his body he closed his eyes.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not anymore”He smiled.


“Because your hands are soft like flowers.” With this he sat up and took my palm in his hands.

“Thank you so much” He kissed my both palms one by one.

” No problem” She smiled.

“Lets sleep! I am tired like hell.” He said and I nodded.

Turning off the lights, I laid beside him.

I tried to put my head on his chest but refrained back thinking that it will hurt his wound.

Just then Frederick put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer and put my head on his chest.

“I am strong enough to handle your weight” He murmured and I smiled wholeheartedly.

To be continued

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