Eyes Of Blood

Eyes Of Blood – Episode 15

She's a confessor oops she's all in one, she's wanted

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( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)

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By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 15


How did you know Ashley asked him. You forget to block your thought this time around I thought as much king stoner said.

But why don’t you want to help us king stoner asked. That’s because am afraid to follow you to your world your mother sickness keep me worried.

I can only heal your mother, like trouble Ashley said. But if you heal my mother and those black people come for us they might kill her.

It possible they kill her or many innocent souls. King stoner said.

Am sure you have a king there, your king should be able to fight the battle now Ashley said.

No the king isn’t as powerful as you. You really need to help us king stoner said.

Fine I will always help good people, but. But what please don’t put but king stoner said. Relax I mean no harm,

our exam will start next week, you will have to wait till after our exam Ashley said. There’s no big deal in that as far as you are going with us king stoner said.

So answer my question, how did you get here Ashley asked. You no that yourself. What if am naked Ashley asked.

And that will be a beautiful sight to look king stoner said. You’re stupid am not going with you again Ashley said.

Am sorry your majesty I won’t do that again king Stoner said. So what did you come here for Ashley asked.

Since I didn’t see you in school I decided to say hi to my friend king stoner said. Make sure you pass the normal way next time Ashley said.

Normal way as how king stoner asked. Make sure you come in through the door not with your power Ashley said.

Alright your majesty but I need something from you king stoner said, what did you need from me Ashley Asked.

I want you to take me around the town. I just want to know how your world look like king stoner said.

I can’t Ashley said. But why king stoner asked. I will be busy reading for my exams Ashley replied.

You and I knew if you don’t read you will still pass king stoner said. Am human I need to read am not like you guys Ashley said. Please I need you to show me round king stoner beg.

Fine tommorow evening after school. Thank you very much king stoner said and disappear.


Honey don’t you observe Ashley always take to herself this days Mrs Johnson said. Yeah maybe she’s with someone Mr Johnson replied.

No I pip into her room yesterday night and I didn’t see anyone with her Mrs Johnson said.

Why will you pip into her room, what if she’s with her boyfriend Mr Johnson said. Huh boyfriend Mrs Johnson said. Yeah she’s not a kid anymore, I will be very happy the day I see her boyfriend Mr Johnson said.

But she’s not with any man Mrs Johnson said. You don’t need to bother about Ashley, you know who she’s am sure she’s ok Mr Johnson said. I wish so Mrs Johnson said.


Your majesty we can’t get through to Rita one of the elders said.

Rita is really trying me I pray I don’t set my hands on her, how dare her king Lucas yelled.

Stop shouting your highness your might fall from the wheelchair one of the elders said. How dare you insult me king Lucas yelled.

Am sorry your majesty am not insulting you the elder said going on is knees. Your highness there’s trouble one of king Lucas spy said.

What’s it, I saw king stoner with the healer the spy said. What’s not possible how did you do it I sent you to distract stoner but you fail king Lucas said and shot the spy.

Ha the elders shout. But your highness you don’t need to kill him the elders said. Say anything again and consider yourself died king Lucas said.

Am sure she will have accept to help them. Am here patiently waiting for her king Lucas said to hiself.


Hope you guys are all preparing for your exams the teacher which go by the name Caro asked.

Yes teacher the student chorus. Hey you meet me in my office the teacher said to king stoner seductively and Ashley scoff.

Why did you scoff I have a feeling she’s up to something Ashley said. I knew but I will go king stoner said. You will go and I will go after you to see what she’s up to Ashley said.

Did you know you’re very handsome the teacher said bringing out her tongue. Or I never knew until now king stoner replied.

What about a quicken with you the teacher asked seductively putting off her clothes.

Ashley on the other hand use her power to control her clothes to the principal office and signal king stoner to come out. Where are you going to cutie, we aren’t done the teacher said.

Don’t worry I will be right back I need to attend to something quickly king stoner said and went out before she can stop him.

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