Palace On Fire

Palace On Fire – Episode 19

Her Royal Majesty

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( Her Royal majesty)

Nigeria setting

By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)

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Episode 19

Writer p.o.v

Ayo, Ayomi ibironke called, are you surprise to see me our dear queen ayo said. I missed you ibironke said. What is the meaning of this Ayo how will she say she missed you mobimpe mother asked.

My darling don’t mind this gold digger she can never missed me, did you remember the idiot I told you about Ayo asked his wife, yes the one that left you for the king mobimpe mother replied. Yes this is the fool Ayo said.

Oh but you don’t have the right to call my husband Ayomi mobimpe mother said. Ayo stop now you know I love you and I still do it my father that force me to marry the king.

Your father force you and you agree just get out of my house Ayo Said. You can’t sent me out like that i own you ibironke said.

Is this one mad mobimpe mother said. How dare you say am mad ibironke said you can enjoy him now but am coming back for him when my son become the king she said. In your dreams Ayo said.

But wait o Ayo are you the father of this girl ibironke asked pointing to mobimpe. Yes any problem with that Ayo asked.

No it can’t be ibironke said, please am not fighting with you again stay away from my son you and my son can’t work she said. I have told you earlier warn your son to stay away from me either mobimpe said.


Adetoun mobimpe called come outside why are you hiding is she gone Adetoun asked. Yes but why did you lie to me mobimpe asked.

Am sorry it wasn’t my fault. Adeyemi told me not to tell you she said. So you are the girl his mother want him to marry mobimpe asked.

Yes but we don’t love each other. We are childhood friends I have someone I love and he also as who he love Adetoun said.

Oh mobimpe should I tell you something adeyemi loves him I Know him well he won’t wants to be your friend without loving you.

You’re funny he doesn’t love me mobimpe said, but let me ask you something did you love him Adetoun asked mobimpe. No o I don’t love him I only like him.

I don’t even know what love is cause I haven’t fall in love before and am scared to because I heard is painful if someone you love later leave you mobimpe said. But love is a beautiful thing, love is sweet when you are with the right person.

Adeyemi will never break your heart I knows him well, how can adeyemi love someone like me, am not educated we aren’t even rich mobimpe said. Adeyemi don’t mind.

But wait I don’t get you did adeyemi sent you to tell me all this mobimpe asked. No o am just helping a friend she said. Oh I see adeyemi deputy.


Adeyemi Please I don’t want to see you with that girl again ibironke said. But why mom I love her, am in love with her and I have never fall in love before Adeyemi said. She’s not good for you my son you can get married to any other person but not her.

I won’t choose a wife for you again all I need from you is to stay away from that girl ibironke said. Mother that’s not possible. You know what I will stay away from her on one condition Adeyemi said.

What’s it my son. Give me the reason you want me to stay away from her adeyemi said. Adeyemi you won’t understand you have to stay away from her ibironke said.

Mum if you don’t mind I want take my leave adeyemi said and went out. Why’s this boy so stubborn I will have to do something fast ibironke said.


Adetoun who are we waiting for mobimpe asked. Relax girlfriend the person will soon be here Adetoun said. Okay o am relaxing.

Mobimpe you said you love acting right Adetoun asked her yes acting and singing she said.

Congratulations I have a friend that will help you she said really mobimpe asked happily.

Yes my darling. But you have to go for the audition though it useless cause they will still choose you but you have to go Adetoun said. Thank you I love you.

You are truly a God sent mobimpe said. But am not educated are you sure they will choose me mobimpe said. Yeah they will choose you.

You can read and write and you’re beautiful they will surely pick you, don’t worry am 💯 sure they will pick you Adetoun said.

Hi ladies adeyemi greet. Huh Adetoun is he the one we are waiting for mobimpe asked. Yes he came to see you Adetoun said.

But for what did you want his mother to harm us cause as I see that woman she can do and undo mobimpe said. Mobimpe my mother can not do anything to you adeyemi said.

But why did you lie to me mobimpe asked am sorry I think if I tell you am the prince you won’t want to be my friend adeyemi said.

But why did you change your identity just to be my friend mobimpe asked. It because I love you adeyemi drop the bomb shell.

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