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I live him but he doesn't love me because I am a single mum

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Subtitle:- (I love him but he doesn’t love me back, cause I am a single mum)

Genre:- Romance Comedy

Tags:- Love, Jealousy, suspence, betrayal.

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three stars)

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“Alexa how are you doing this morning” jack Alexa best friend asked.

“Am good and you what are you doing here early this morning?” Alexa asked.

“I came to take Kim out” jack replied. “Kim is still sleeping” Alexa replied.

“mum why are you lieing i am not sleeping am awake” Kim said.

“Hi baby how are you doing?” jack asked. “Am not fine you promised to take me out last Saturday but you didn’t” Kim said.

“common uncle is very busy am here to take you out today hope I am forgiven” jack said.

“I will think about it” 5years old Kim replied.

“Alexa guess who I ran into on my way here” jack said.

“Khalid” Alexa replied with a smile and jack shake his head.

“yeah I saw Khalid with a very beautiful lady” jack said. “you mean the lady is more beautiful than I am?” Alexa asked.

“I didn’t say that” jack replied. “I will be right back” Alexa said and ran out.

she get to Khalid apartment and peep she ran back to her apartment to carry stood since she’s not tall enough.

she placed the stood near Khalid window and climb on it. “it seems someone is peeping at us” the lady said to Khalid.

“really don’t talk I will deal with the person I knew who is peeping at us Khalid said and went inside his bathroom he urinate inside a container and went to his window and empty it on Alexa head. and she fall on her butt.

“aah what’s this it’s salty” Alexa said. “yes darling hope you enjoy it it’s my urine” Khalid replied. “you’re so mean” Alexa replied. Kim and jack burst into laughter.

“mummy mummy hope you enjoy it. my chocolate uncle you tried I will give you one of my chocolate later” Kim said still laughing and Khalid gave her a thumb up.

“I will see you later baby” Khalid said and stick his tongue out at Alexa and locked his window.

Love is a feeling of a strong or constant affection for a person. Attractions that includes sexual desire. The strong Affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship.

what happens when it’s only felt by one person. have you ever being in a one sided love.

That’s the case of Alexa. Alexa is a beautiful 26 years old single mom she is in love with Khalid but he doesn’t love her back because she’s a single mom he only loves her as a friend.

“meet Khalid stoner 28years old manwhore. he is ready to stick his d*ck in any single Lady p*ssy. his background is unknown no one knows where he comes from.

Did you think Khalid will later fall in love with our crazy Alexa.

what Happen when the father of her child is Khalid best friend. but Alexa and Khalid didn’t know.

What do you think about Khalid’s background?



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