Jerk Husband Rude Wife

His heartthrob, her heartbeat



Written by: Pamela James


“Arrghh” I stretched my arms groaning.

Its morning already… soon.

“Ivy Ma’m, Your bed juice!!”

I turned around to see my maid standing with my juice.

“Ok put it on the side of the table.” I said but she was still standing.

“What are you waiting for??” I shouted and she nodded quietly putting the juice on the side table before leaving.

“Stupid!” I murmured and went towards the washroom to freshen up.

I was drinking my juice after bathing when another maid came in.

“Ivy ma’m would you like to have your breakfast here or at dining table?”she asked with her head facing the floor.

“Where are my parents? Did they leave?”

“Yes Ma’am. Sir left early because he had some important meeting while Ma’am left just before you woke up. She said she had an exhibition of new designs.”

“Hmm!! Bring my breakfast here”I said and she left after nodding .

This has became my habit of having my lunch in my room and having no parents at home in morning nor at night since years.

My life is perfect with lot of money and assessories but does those things really make life perfect?

This was a question someone asked me which makes me stuck on it every time.

“Ma’am breakfast”

I was brought out of my trance by Linda’s voice.

She put breakfast tray in front of me and left.

I was enjoying my breakfast when my phone rang.

Looking at the caller Id, a smile crept on my lips.

Nathan ? calling….

?”Hello baby girl! How are You?”Nathan cheerful voice beamed from the other side.

?”Hey sweetheart! I am fine. how are You?”I smiled.

?”I am as sey as ever. What are you doing now?”

?”Having my breakfast”I said shoving a piece of my pancake in my mouth.

?”At this time? Girl it’s 2 in the afternoon.”

?”Yea. I kind off woke up late”

?”Well that habit of yours will help you so much after our marriage because I won’t let you sleep whole night and I will keep on loving you that you will wake up so sore every morning or better afternoon.” He said huskily and a blush crept on my cheeks.

?”Shut up, Nathan” I said shyly.

?”Oh so someone is being shy!!” He said again in his previous tone.

?”Don’t tease me!!” I groaned and he suppressed a laugh.

?”Okay, okay. So where we are going to meet today?”

?”Ughh, there is a opened new restaurant near by my house. It’s only 20 minutes ride from here and believe me they have the best food in the world. Let’s meet there at 4?”

?”Okay done!! See you soon then.”

?”Bye!! Love you Nathan!!” I said smiling.

?”Bye baby Girl!!” He hung up the call without replying me with ‘love you too’.

I glared at the phone but decided to let it go.

I need to hurry up with my food so I can get ready to meet Nathan.


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