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Instagram Slvt – Episode 5

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( The badass orphan and the Playboy)

By Three star

Episode 5


The condition is have sex with me. Not once you will be there anytime I need you I said. She spat on my face.

Never it not possible. I rather die here than to be your sex toy she said. What’s your problem why did you spat on my face. Is your p***y made of gold I said.

I will leave you to think we’ll with that I went out. My conscience keep telling me that is it only her p*ssy you need or something more than that. Keep quiet I tell my inner mind. On getting out I saw my saw my cousin brother and a lady heading into the station. who his he looking for I asked myself and decide to go after them.


What will I do this guy is bend in having s*x with me. Just then one of the cops come in you have a visitor I thought Jason has finally come back to release me but am wrong it Kim and my ex boyfriend. Kim why did you bring him here I asked angrily.

Relax babe since I don’t have who to help you. You Kno w am useless when it comes to Jason he is a billionaire. That’s why I went to asked him for help and he’s willing to help. Jason and the owner of the orphanage home I leave came in Mr Johnson.

I knew this man is stalking me. Dad I called cause that’s what I used to call him. My baby he hug me with tears in his eyes. Am sorry that I haven’t find ways to bring you out of here I fail your mother he said.

Mr Jason here will release you only on one condition. I no the condition and am not sure I can do that I said. Is not what you think Mr Jason said

Jason p.o.v

I was about to step into the waiting room to know what Jayden is doing here. then I heard Natasha asking her friend why she brings him here. So he’s her ex. I don’t know what this girl did to me anything she does have effect on me. Even her voice. I have to release her I don’t have the mind to lock her here.

I went out thinking she will change her mind and call me. But she’ll have to help me before I let her go. Just then a man in his 50s approached me begging me to release Natasha.

Who are you to her I asked. He then explain everything about her to me so she’s an orphan. This man really like her. I promise the man to release her but she most help me too and he promised to talk to her. End of flashback.

Natasha was about asking me what the condition e before this bas***d interfere. Without your condition she will come out he said. Jayden respect your self. This is none of your business. If you don’t mind your business I will replace her with you I said. Enough Natasha said. Jayden I don’t need your help you can used the door she said which brought a smile to my face.

What’s the condition she asked I went closer to her and whisper to her ear be my fake wife for 2month and I will pay you handsomely.

Did you think Natasha will agree with the condition.

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