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Angel of mine

By Amanda Mofiat



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I had everything, I mean everything. I had a man in my life who loved me whole heartedly. I had a mother-in law who treated me like I was her own daughter. I had friends who envied my relationship and I gave birth to a healthy baby but still God wouldn’t let me be happy. I never thought that doing something bad to someone would just make you the evil one. I am here right now, back to where it all started and for me to find peace; I have to ask for her forgiveness. Still wondering why I look like dirt and what happened to me? Let me take you back years ago when I gave birth to a prematurely baby boy but he survived anyway. My husband and I were very happy but our happiness was short lived when our baby had just turned a year old.

I was at home with my husband and child right. So Bradley Jnr was playing on the floor with his toys in our room. There was a bottle of poison which I had placed on the floor and Bradley had told me several times to remove it but I was so busy going through my phone reading all about Emily and laughing at her.

‘Why do you hate Emily so much?’ Bradley had asked when I was busy teasing Emily.

‘You wouldn’t understand,’ I had said to her.

‘You shouldn’t let whatever happened between you and her make you an evil person. Was that necessary to get her arrested the day our child was born?’ he had asked me.

So when I had Emily arrested, Bradley found out about it and he wasn’t pleased at all. He also found out that I had lied to those police officers but he forgave me anyway.

‘Let’s not talk about Emily. Today our son turns a year old and we should be happy about that,’ I had said to him.

Trust me I was a very happy woman. Our son was healthy and I was throwing him a little party.

‘You should remove that bottle,’ Bradley said as he was lifting up our son and placing him far from the bottle.

His phone rang when he was about to walk to the bottle right, I guess he was about to remove it. He excused himself and still I was on the phone busy typing a message on our whats group with some friends. Emily was the main topic and we were teasing her. She wasn’t in the group; if she was she would have exited a long time back ago. I was engrossed in the conversation that when BRADLEY walked back in the room he just exclaimed.

‘Oh my God!’

He startled me and looking at our son who was sitting on the floor, he had drunk what was inside the bottle. It was poison used to kill pests on plants like I wanted to try and use it on my roses that I had in my garden. I used to plant roses in my spare time. Anyway I screamed while getting off the bed.

‘Where are my car keys?’ Bradley asked but I was so confused.

Why? Because my son was nose bleeding and it strike me that I was probably going to lose him. Whatever Bradley was saying, I wasn’t listening to him. My son was crying and I was trembling. We went at the hospital and we waited for like forever, when the doctor finally walked out, he told us that they couldn’t save him. They couldn’t save my baby, he was gone. Going back home with just his towel and clothes was the most painful thing that had ever happened to me. I still could hear his cries, I could feel his scent whenever I sniffed his clothes and I could see his face. I was hurt to the core and from that day my marriage to him was never the same. My husband blamed me for my son’s death. I was responsible for his death and I blamed myself too. If only I had listened to Bradley when he kept on telling me that I should remove the bottle then none of this would have happened.

‘Right now I have no one Emily. My mother-in law made sure that I get a divorce from my husband and Bradley too wasn’t going to give me another second chance,’ I said to her.

I know it sounds stupid, I know it’s crazy that I am here but I had nowhere to go. When I heard that Emily was back in the country, I quickly left my shark, where I was staying and went to see her. Here I am telling her my story and I don’t even know why I had to tell her.


I listened attentively as she narrated me her story, I felt bad for her. I felt pity for her. She didn’t deserve what she went through.

‘I guess karma never forgets address Emily. I was so mean to you, I even encouraged you to mistreat your mother-in law but I ended up losing everything too. I wasn’t supposed to be that kind of person. Right now I don’t even have anything to my name, Emily,’ she held my hand, ‘I am here to ask for your forgiveness, I will still get it if you don’t want to forgive me. I should have been a good friend to you even knowing fully well that you were the most horrible person ever on this planet. I am so sorry Emily for everything that I did to you.’

‘And at the end we lost everything Tiffany. Right now I am shocked and I feel bad for you. I am sorry about your baby.’

I still remember how scared I was when her baby was born prematurely. I was scared that she was going to lose the baby; I was scared of so many things but then she ended up losing her marriage too. I guess karma never forgets her address. I was slowly healing and I had to do the same for her, I had to forgive her so that she can find peace. Why hold on to anger? I know she had sinned against me, I know she had done some terrible things to me but who am I to judge her. I am not a saint either and I will forgive her because I need to move on, I need to be someone else and she too needs to move on from this.

‘I forgive you Tiffany.’

You should have seen her kneeling down on the floor and breaking in front of me. I can’t believe I even ended up crying as well. Tiffany and I had hurt each other and we needed to heal. So we decided to go for a counseling, I know it sounds crazy but that was the only way to get our friendship back, it wasn’t easy because it took us a year to finally accept that we ended up alone. I had let Tiffany move in with me because she was still hurting from her loss. I mended my broken relationship with my mother and that was just the beginning of a new life.



‘Push babe. You can do this,’ I shouted.

I didn’t even know if I still had the hint of confidence in my voice. I didn’t want to be in the room but Ernest had asked me to stay and watch what woman go through.

‘I hate you Jamal,’ she screamed.

I get it if she hated me it would make sense because the pain she was going through was something else. I was there holding her hand as she squeezed it some more. I was almost crying you know, I mean who wouldn’t cry. Watching Angela screaming on that bed made my heart break. I was almost crying when I heard the baby crying and sighed a relief.

‘Congrats it’s a boy,’ said Ernest.

‘It’s a boy?’

‘Yes, it is a boy.’

I couldn’t believe it, he let me touch the baby and my wife had already collapsed on the bed, that scared me but Ernest said that she was going to be okay. I walked out of the room with a big smile spread across my face.

‘How is Angela?’ asked my mother and her dad at the same time.

They just looked at each other and smiled.

‘It’s a boy,’ I screamed and hugged my mother, ‘it’s a boy mum.’

Everyone was just happy in the room. Trust me I had come with a crew, Angela had felt the pain when we had gone at Emily’s charity organization party. Yeah Emily had changed, she was still single. She was scared to be in love but I had told her to give a try. I know she was my ex-wife and we both had moved on. Anyway that’s when Angela’s water broke and everyone at the party had accompanied us at the hospital. We were all happy in the room and so many congratulations messages. I told them to go home and relax since Angela was resting. Some of the people promised to visit us the next following day.

The following day, Angela was awake and I was holding our baby.

‘His name is Jerome.’

I looked at her with tears in my eyes. Why I suddenly felt emotional? Jerome, that was my late father’s name and she just had to name our child after my father. I didn’t even know what name to give him but she did.

‘Thank you Angela,’ I said and she just had to kiss me on my forehead.

‘No, thank you Jamal for making me a mother. Angel of mine,’ she said looking at our child.

I was happy and I was very thankful to the Lord almighty. I was happy that life had given me another chance. I was happy with Angela and starting a family right now, I was blessed and everything is possible if we continue to believe in him. I give praise to the Lord and for my mother who have always been there for me. Who would have thought that 1 day, I will be a father? No one but here I am holding my child.

‘Maybe we should have 1,’ I said to my wife and she gave me that look.

‘We are having another 1 soon Mr.’

‘Babe with the way you were screaming and telling me that you hate me, I am afraid. I mean you got me scared.’

‘Jamal I think I was just joking. You know hormones. I want another cute baby with you and I love you Jamal. Thank goodness you are cute, so is Jerome.’

‘You are crazy you know that,’ I said with a laugh.

‘I am crazily in love with you.’

‘Look at that,’ my mother walked in the room, ‘such a cute baby.’

‘You did a great job Jamal,’ said Ernest and a whole lot of bunch of people came in the room to see the baby.

‘Hey be careful,’ I said to Ernest.

‘Geez man. I should be the Godfather to this child.’

‘Make me the Godmother,’ said Ernest’s wife.

‘Okay okay. I will always be the grandmother,’ said my mother.

‘And of cause the only grandfather,’ said Angela’s father and we all burst out laughing.

And we all lived happily ever after.






Thank you very much for reading my story. May the almighty Lord bless you all abundantly. I really appreciate you guys sparing some seconds to read my story. I love you all, stay blessed. Till we meet next time.


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  1. the story is very interesting and very educative … teaches me a very good lesson …whatever you do in life to someone either good or bad always remember the law of KARMA .God bless the author and writer of this story…more ink to your pen

  2. Through out the story i was just crying we should always learn to treat our mother in law exactly the way we treat our mother
    Really wish to have great mother in law like Jamal mother 😍😍
    More strength to ur elbow Amy
    Pls can't wait for ur next story

  3. This story is a lesson for all,this simply means what u reap is what u sow.if u choice to do good continue and if is bad hmmmmm, thanks to the author more ink in ur pen.

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