Two months with Mr Rude

Two Months With Mr Rude – Episode 31

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Two Months with Mr Rude
(Claire, warm my bed for money)

Written by Uche Lawrence
© Youngicee Stories

Chapter thirty-one
She ran to hug her brother but was careful not to hurt him.
“Don’t ever leave me again.” She sobbed.

“Sis, I won’t leave you again.” The fragile Jason hugged Claire back and sniffed while Hunter watched the two.

Somehow, he was feeling pressed and decided to use the toilet but instead of using the one in the room, he came out and asked the nurse where he could use the restroom.

“Down the corridor then the left hand side. You will see where they wrote restroom.” The nurse explained and he nodded.

Just as he was walking, his phone rang from his trouser pocket. At first, he didn’t want to pick the call but by the time the phone rang thrice before he could even get to the restroom. Later, he picked it.

It was an unknown number.
“Hello?” His british accent came out so loud and boldly.

“Son,” A tiny but mature voice spoke out.

“Mom?” Hunter answered, immediately he recognized his mother’s voice.

His mother actually used an unknown number to call him. He should be expecting something soon.

“Why did you call me?” He asked his mom.

“Are you annoyed that I called you?” His mom fired back and hissed before she continued. ” Is Claire with you?”

“Cl-claire? No. Uhm…she’s not here. She went out with some friends.” Hunter replied.

“Ohh! Tell her to come over to my house. I have something for her.”

“Mom! What do you have for her? I will get it for her”

“Hey! Will you shut up?! I shouldn’t be calling if not that I don’t have my daughter in law’s number. Oh! Do well to send me her number okay? Don’t interrupt me and send her over to me. I got something for her. It’s secret, so I’m not going to tell you.” The woman rolled her eyes.

“Fine! I don’t know what you two are keeping from me but I will definitely find out.”

“Shh! I need to go. Don’t forget the coming company anniversary next week. You’re bringing her along. I will get sick if you don’t bring her.”

Ah!! Mom!!

While Hunter was still thinking, he saw the back side of someone familiar. And by the time he moved close slowly, it Was him. Claire uncle.


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