Truly Yours

Truly Yours – Episode 49

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Truly Yours

Chapter 49

Written By: Authoress Dammy.


“So where have you both been?” Mom asked, few minutes after Cole and I walked into the house.

I tried not to blush. “From school mom” I replied.

“Hehe then why is your face so red?” Bella smirked, I glare at her God I’m going to kill her one of this days and Cole had the nerve to laugh.

“I will be in my room” I quickly hurried upstairs with my blushing red face before Mom would start to question me and Blake was giving this look as if he didn’t exactly trust me or what I was saying.

“So how was he” Bella spoke up behind me, I screamed startled I have been so lost in thought I didn’t hear her come in.

“Dude don’t creep up on me like that again!” I warned catching my breath.

“So how was he” She repeated, raising an eyebrow at me.

“How was who?”

“C’m on don’t play dumb with me, give your Bestie all the juicy details, tell me how big is he? is he huge? was he good in bed” And she kept on asking.

I have to cover my face in embarrassment. “How did you know Cole I and…” I couldn’t say the words.

“Had sex?” She finish for me. “The fact that you got that I just get laid expression plus you’ve been trying hard not to blush and you’ve been acting shy around Cole which is unlike you”

“Wow what a detective” I told her with a bored expression.

“What can I do? now tell me. Is he good in bed? how long did he last? is he big?” I had to hit her with a pillow.

“You are seriously not expecting me to answer your questions are you” I asked.

“Why not?” She respond.

“You’re sick now get out of my room” I push her out shutting the door behind her, I could her laughter as she walk down the stairs, I couldn’t help but to start blushing again.

Damn her.


“So Mom how was your meeting with the cops?” Blake ask, causing me to tense up immediately, for just few hours I had forgotten what was happening and now I’m being pulled into the dark past yet again.

“We can’t talk about it now, plus the cops are on the lookout for him” Mom wince slightly.

Cole notice my discomfort and gave my hand a squeeze under the table, I smile gratefully at him then look at my Mom, I kinda can’t imagine what she’s going through at the moment, probably trying to process all that is going on.

“Good cause the sooner he’s in jail the better” Blake replied in a cold voice I have never heard him use before.

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