Pregnant For The CEO

Pregnant For The CEO – Episode 30

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Pregnant For The CEO

(From a stripteaser to a wife)


Written by Uche Lawrence

© Youngicee Stories.


Episode 30

“Tomorrow? Okay but……” She didn’t get to complete her sentence when Hayley slumped to the ground.


Michelle’s eyes widened while Jackson stopped whatever he’s doing and rushed to Hayley.


“She really fainted. Let’s take her to the hospital.” Michelle panicked.


She wouldn’t want Hayley to get sick especially  now, that she’s pregnant.



“It’s nothing to worry about. She just needed some rest since she’s pregnant. She should not stress herself and her baby.” The doctor said after taking a proper care of Hayley and left the ward to attend to another patient.


“Ohh! I almost thought something would happen to her.” Jackson breathed out. A sigh of relief.


“Did you call the father of the baby?” Asked michelle.


“Yes, he should be on his way now. Oh! There he is.” Jackson pointed out.


Tanner walked in so fast and sat beside Hayley. He looked worried and he hasn’t been himself when he heard that Hayley has been hospitalized.


He was about to Hayley’s friends to leave the ward for him but Jackson beat him to it.


“We will take our leave. Look after my bestie.”





Tanner tried his best to avoid looking at Hayley’s tummy where his baby is.


He was going to be a father. But was he ready?

Is he even doing the right thing by not accepting his own baby from the strippers he so much cherish.


He only needed her not the baby they both created.

Is this a foolish idea? Does this make sense at all?


He didn’t know when his hand stretched out to her stomach and rubbed it gently.


“My baby,” He spoke softly. “Are you angry right now cause I didn’t accept you?” He asked.


He leaned in and kissed her tummy.


Hayley stirred with her mouth slightly opened.



“Are you trying to get back at me? Anyway, I got some work for you and j want you to carry out a good operation for me. First, I need you to get some information about a girl. ” Said Janice as she spoke to her ex-boyfriend who she also dumped after Tanner.


She’s the dangerous type and would equally get what she wanted by all means.


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  1. Wow I think tanner is changing already but pls authoress d story is getting too late pls

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