My Ex-boyfriends Friend

My Ex-boyfriends Friend – Episode 16

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A story by Kennedy C Katongo

The man was very excited and kept asking me funny questions, it was not hard to ignore him but his accent just made it impossible. It wasn’t until long that I had reached the third floor.
It was that kind of thing were you are not expecting to see someone and behold, like the tree of Lebanon she stood firm and tall.
“Kalaba!” What are you doing here?
Dr Mwanza asked as she allowed the nurse she stood with to walk into her office.
“I… I was just…”
“You were just what? Is anything wrong or something?” She asked me.
“I’m just from work, I thought I say hi. Since the hospital in on my way home.“ I responded. My shaving legs couldn’t hold me anymore. I had no idea what she would say.
“Come in.” She said after giving it a thought.
“You need to understand that this is a place of work and you just can’t show up when ever you feel like doing so…” She said as she took of her jacket.
“Am sorry about that, I just wanted to see you.”
“That’s exactly my point, you a patient and am your doctor. Get that into your head.”
Major was right, Dr Mwanza was furious and kept talking about how unethical it was. I wanted to walk out shamelessly but for some reason I stayed and absorbed every word she said.
After she cooked off, I saw it as a chance to speak.
“Was hoping I can take you out for lunch?” I said in a low voice.
“Didn’t you just hear what I was saying?”
“I have heard every word. But you look like you could use a break.” I said.
Dr Mwanza continued packing papers and ignored me, it was like I wasn’t even there at all.
“I need to be back in 30 minutes. She said as she looked up at me.”
“I promise to bring you back before 20 minutes.” I quickly responded as I jumped in the chair. She just shook her head and smiled.
I thought it would rough taking her for lunch, but again she never spoke much but was very observant.
“What made you think I would accept?” Dr Mwanza asked as we walked to were I had parked the car.
“I had no idea you would accept, I was just taking the risk.” I smiled.
“Well, you lucky am starving, if not for that I wouldn’t have come along. But on a serious not you need to stop coming to my work place.” She said.
The amount of respect she spoke just confused me, how could she be so beautiful and have so much respect?.
“I can’t wait to get home.” I said to Angel as we were on our way home.
“Thats the lazy in you speaking. I rebuke it.” She shouted.
Captain couldn’t help himself but laugh, he had offered to take me home with his car. I didn’t like the idea but again, he was really trying to just be part of the family and I had to give him a chance.
“I think I say Kalaba’s car at the hospital the time we were driving in.” I said.
“I thought am the only one who saw it.“ Captain responded.
“Did you call him?” Angel asked Captain.
“I called him but I never told him which hospital you were at. I promise, my phone went off before I could say a word.”
“It’s okay. It really doesn’t matter.” I spoke up to break the tension that Angel was creating.
I knew how Kalaba was, he was certainly going to find himself at my place one way or another.
“Do you think Mirriam will come through.” Angel askede.
“Am sure she will. I could tell she enjoyed our company.” I responded as I sent Mwango.
“Is’nt he sleeping right now?” Angel asked me with her cheeks blown.
“The person you are texting. I know you texting Mwango.” She laughed.
“Captain, better hold that girl. She’s being nosy.” I laughed.
Mwango was kind enough to take us for ice cream, both Angel and I didn’t want Nshima. He insisted that we eat something solid but nope, our minds were made up and ice cream was the only thing we wanted.
“I don’t understand you ladies. When a guy is around you eat as if you from the royal family and then when it’s girls only you eat like you are Zambian guys.” He said.
“It’s normal, I don’t think it’s wise for a man to see you eating like you on the Mwine Nshima challenge. Guys don’t like that.” I said.
“True, the guy will be afraid to take you out if you eat a lot.” Angel added as she gave me a high five.
“So you ladies even know?” Captain exclaimed.
“Every girl knows, it’s in the girl code rules.” Angel laughed.
“But I have seen a thing where a guy is more shy compared to the girlfriend.” I said.
“That’s just not right. How can you as a guy lead if you busy acting like Cinderella?” Captain said as he slowly shook his head.
“But I think every relationship is different, you surely don’t expect every couple to be the same. I can assure you one thing, it’s better if the guy is not talkative and the girl is talkative.” Angel said as she looked at me and pointed at Captain.
“I don’t agree with that.” Captain protested.
“If you don’t agree then what is your view?” I asked him.
“Most relationships lack friendship, I mean, these relationships are like a military camps.” He said.
This make Angel and I laugh, maybe because we both knew someone who could fit in Captain’s words. She was a friend back in college, all the boyfriend did was call her out and command her around. Things like, “I don’t want you to be talking to that one and that one,” The girl had no freedom and couldn’t even stand for up for herself. It was that serious.
“Iwe why you still laughing? You have remembered her also?” Angel asked as she continued laughing.
“Many people don’t know how to be friends with there partners, such that when his/her is nice you know they want to ask for something. That’s how wasted things are.” He added.
Even though Angel and I were busy laughing, Captain was truly correct in every angle, His point would still shake walls if compared to how my relationship with Kalaba was.
It was always about what he wanted and that was that, I couldn’t say no, I still stayed because the thought of dating a celebrity had brainwashed me. Our relationship was so centered on Hollywood that we never spoke about dreams, ambitions and all that.
God knows Kalaba never asked me about how I wanted life to be in the future.
But what’s a girl to do when the girl she’s with is a big shot.
Captain never stayed, he just dropped us off and left as he had other commitments. Since both Angel and I didn’t want to cook, we dag into our bows of ice cream as Angel began to update me concerning the preparations of the book club.
“According to the letters we received, we have about 50 registered members.”
“The numbers look good.” I responded with a smile.
With the history of our poor Zambian culture, having 50 registered members for the club was a really great start.
“We sent emails asking them what they would love to see happen once the club was opened, the feedback was really impressive. We nailed 90% feedback from all who received the email, which shows a lot of people want to be part of the club.” Angel said as she flipped a few papers, She was the business binded one and I was the idealist. Together we turned stones into pure gold.
“The lady from your shop brought the envelope.”
“How are the figures looking?” I nervously asked as I covered my face.
“The numbers are great, considering you just opened. All that is left is to have the shop signed with google.” Angel smiled as she looked at her tablet.
Granny would always say, “Make the most out of yourself ladies, be a helper to your man and not a trap to bring him down.”
She would say things like, “In marriage you are a helper, in football that makes you a substitute. Don’t be a wife whose just a fun or spectator for you man. A helper is meant to help, now how will you do that if you don’t have substance.”
Angel was always a great student, she liked asking Granny about Marriage and how to be a lady that’s productive.
It’s because of such advice that we sat on the carpet throwing business ideas at each other. Angel was even planning on quoting her day job, her boss had to beg and even increase the salary to just make sure her plan doesn’t go through. Granny had a powerful force on us, she mentored us in everything and when I say everything I mean everything.
“We need to venture into catering.” She said as calmly with a smile.
“Not right now. Let my leg get better then we can talk about that.” I rushed in.
“I have no problem, but you seriously need to start holding small business meetings. Am sure people can pay to come and learn.” Angel smiled.
We both laughed about it, but that’s how we worked things out.
“I want to be a billionaire…
So freaking bad….
Buy all of the things I never had…”
Angel sang as she walked to her favourite place in the house, the kitchen.
I tried not to think of Chanda, I knew he was recovering and doing much better and that was all. The truth was I was scared, I felt like I willingly walked into a trap without realising it.
“Let’s go to Hungry Lion,” Dr Mwanza said as we were now on the high way.
“I don’t know any hungry lion shop this side.” I responded.
I didn’t want to act like I know it, so I decided to just try my best to answer truthfully.
“It’s okay I will give you directions. Am actually very familiar with this place.” She responded.
“So, Doctor…”
“Please don’t call me Doctor. I don’t like to be addressed like that when am not at the hospital.” She said with ease.
“Mind if I ask why?”
“Am still young. I don’t want my whole life to revolve around my career.” She laughed.
I blushed, I couldn’t help but melt by how cute she looked when she smiled.
“You can park there she pointed as we entered the small mall. I haven’t been there before, the place was green and well presented.
“This place is nice…” I said as we got out of the car.
“I like such places, they help relax and think. The malls in Lusaka are something else.” She said as she lead the way.
I never understood what she spent by saying, ‘the malls in Lusaka.’ Because as far as I knew Lusaka was one of the places with a lot of malls in Zambia, maybe she studied abroad. Since that was the new trend in Zambia.
It’s like everyone doubted the lectures and what they taught.
From the look of things, she was a regular customer because the ladies at the counter extended their greetings with smiles. I made the order and went to wait. She said it will be brought at the table.
That was a treat I had never gotten regardless of being a public figure.
“You a regular here?” I asked her.
“Yes, am mostly here if am not at work.” She said with a smile.
I couldn’t figure out how one would love Hungry Lion so much to even make camp for it.
“So what do you do?”
“Am usually writing stuff and editing other people’s work. I find it easy to think and gain inspiration.” she smiled.


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