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I Want A Home- Episode 121

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I Want A Home – Episode 121
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Dear fams !! we are sorry for the delay and the long time it took to updates a new episode of the story. We are dully apologizing and let you know we are sorry.

We are left with few episodes to complete the story already and it will be posted in week days as scheduled. Please do accept our apology.


Val stared at Frank with disbelief and shock hearing Frank. He had truly made a grievous mistake by telling Frank his plans but he was glad he told almost little out of all. However his plans are going to change now that many are involved in such a way that wouldn’t come easy.

“I guess this is him, the brilliant man who found it” Mill asked rhetorically and turned to Steve.

He turned to Lord Nathaniel and made a smirk. Things are gonna get bloody soon, the man in the suit thought.



Each armed man watched silently but was ready for signs or orders from their drug lords. Steve looked directly into Michael Mill eyes as blood weave from his lips, he knew he had to make a quick decision before the situation get extremely bloody but each steps he calculated were futile if his plan include saving Vivian as well.

He took a sharp glance at Val and made a deep breath.

“I salute your braveness young man and I have heard a lot about you but where is what belongs to me?” Michael mill inputted gently.

“Tell them to leave her alone” instead of answering, Steve inputted and looked at Mill who acted like he had no idea what he was saying and only took a side look at Vivian.

He took a moment to stare at Vivian from head to toe and turned back to Steve.

“Give them the order and I’ll tell you what I have” Steve added gently before he could utter any word without taking his eyes of Mill’

“Release the woman” Mill shouted out almost immediately without thinking twice.

“You don’t give the orders here Mill” Lord Nathaniel countered him almost the same seconds.

The drug lord stepped forward as two of Mill’s men charge forward when Khora and two other men behind Lord Nathaniel stepped forward as well.

Mill raised his fist immediately to stop his men from the rush and stood up.

“Release the lady” Valentine spoke immediately.

“He wouldn’t give us what we want if you release his woman” the man in the suit spoke from his end for the first time.

“We need to confirm what he’ll tell us before we release her even if we are letting her go” he added.

“I am dealing with your leader here man. There is no ‘WE’!!  Release her and I’ll give you what you want. She knows nothing of this” Steve countered the suited man as Mill squat again.



Derrick halted the vehicle almost about 60 inches away from Joel’s position from the 160km/hr he was speeding. He opened the passenger side of the car immediately and Joel got inside almost about 10 seconds along the road.

“What the hell as Steve got himself into? He definitely are trouble” Joel spoke instantly and brought out a pistol. He closed the door and Derrick who was driving speed off as Lord Margot greeted him from the back seat.

He turned and they both exchange some greetings without any of them answering his questions.

“I got a call from his chef, told me Vivian was kidnapped” Derrick explained after three minutes as he increased his speed.



Inspector Kelvin was busy loading bullets into his rifle from the back seat he was seated with another agent when his phone vibrated. He quickly took a look at the screen and shouted out loud almost the same seconds.

“All units, we have the bearing of the house and the whole street now. Escape routes and hidden in and out is specified and I am sending it out immediately, proceed with caution and prepare for any surprises. We are engaging with utmost force” the inspector said into his chip as everyone inside the moving vehicle he was seated listened.

He dropped the phone and continue loading the bullets.



Just as Steve had wanted, fortunately an argument began between Lord Nathaniel and Michael Mill alongside the suited man. Frank and the minister were standing behind Mill’s men and Val were just some meters away, thinking and trying to use the opportunity.

He stepped backwards a bit as lord Nathaniel marched towards Mill and the situation turned tense. Both dues suddenly raised their guns on another, including their men.

“It seems as though I need to show you where you belong Nathan” Mill threatened and stood up.

“I am not your scum bug Mill. You are right about the wrong territory and it’s so unfortunate for you”



There were different vehicles at the front gate of the building as Derrick slowed down and halt at the intersection of the route leading to the building.

“Holy crap, we’ve got to get a way inside” he uttered as the three of them got down from the vehicle. He was holding two different guns and he began to walk away as Lord Margot followed.

“How do we get inside?” Lord Margot asked.

“We have to force our ways”

“I’ll go through the front, you guys find a way inside” Joel announce and followed another direction as the three of them cock their weapons



It happened so fast and unpredicted when Lord Nathaniel raised his weapon, exercising great annoyance in the process of the heated argument.

But, unfortunately as he raised his weapon, one of the men standing behind the suited man fired a bullet. Three men surround Michael Mill instantly while khora pulled Lord Nathaniel behind him when some men covered Valentine.

It’s happened so fast and unexplainably as Mill’s men fired and khora with the rest of the men began to shoot. The whole place got messed up in five seconds and everyone stepped backwards to take cover.

Steve got up and marched as quickly as he could toward Vivian in the process. The men standing behind her were Lord Nathaniel’s men and they had took cover to protect the drug lord.

Just as he was about to reach out to Vivian during the process of the gunshots, Sunny marched at him furiously. He sent a punch towards the lower part of Steve belly but it was dodged just immediately he sent another forward.

Steve grabbed his fist at once and gave him a punch on his rib, he sent another punch right below his shoulder and ended it with an hard kick that sent Sunny off the floor.

He quickly turned to reach out to Vivian hurriedly when someone grabbed her from behind.

He pulled her up and point a gun on her forehead just as he tried to pull out from the now heavy fire, dragging Vivian along.

“Do not harm her Val” Steve uttered in fear and quickly rushed close to them.

“You are definitely good man, tell me where you kept it and I’ll let her go” Val inputted as he forcefully drag Vivian along when Steve had to take cover as well as each of them.




Joel began to hear heavy gun battle as he approached the gate of the building. He checked for anyone inside the cars but none was inside.  He stepped close to the gate and tried to pull it opened as he hear the clear gun fire clear and powerful. He peeped at first and enter.



Steve had to take cover when two quick bullets bypass him luckily, sunny who had fired the gun quickly took cover as well when two of Mills men fired at him.

“Shi.t!! Steve cursed and ran towards the polls he had used as cover earlier. First, he was with no gun and second, he needs to get Vivian out of that premises as fast as possible.

He remained put and stay behind the polls as he hear Vivian let out a terrible scream from the forceful hand of Val. Two men had surround Val to guide him out of the compound instantly and they were heading towards the gate already.

They began to direct their shots towards the poll as Val hurriedly tried to escape with Vivian.

Fortunately from afar, Lord Nathaniel who had taken cover at the entrance of the main building sighted Val and the men shooting at Steve.

“Khora, get that motherfuc.ker before he gets away” He ordered Khora and pointed at Val dragging Vivian away.



Derrick and Lord Margot looked around again for sight of anyone else at the back entrance of the building as three men met their death when they got there but there was none.

They proceed straight into the main building moving strategically and ready to shoot.



Unfortunately before Val could get to the gate, one of the men guiding him was shot from another angle in the compound. The other who had instantly located the shooter fired at the position but got shot from behind the gate.

“Let her go right away” Val heard a voice from behind and a revolver directly touching his head, by then he was just a shift of a step already outside the gate.

He felt the coldness and the heat of the gun as the second man fall dead in front of him, he was taken aback and remain in his position when a bullet pierced his right leg.

Another went through the left side of his belly as Joel dragged Vivian from his grip almost the same seconds different gunshots followed their position but Joel had pulled her out of the gate already.

Frank Kennedy who had fired the first shot on Val got shot as well by Lord Nathaniel from his position as Mill likewise began to fire at the drug lord and the suited man.

Unknown to Vivian who was scared to the extreme when Joel pulled her out of the gate sent a kick into Joel’s manhood as he pulled her outside. She forced her way out of his hands instantly and began to run away as Joel felt the sharp pain under him.

He groaned and made a face like an already filled monkey as he saw Vivian run through the vehicles.

Frank dropped dead instantly beside the shivering minister from their position as Val dropped on the floor as well.

Fortunately for Steve, he got a quick chance and head out of the polls instantly, he rushed towards the gate


To be continued.




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  1. Welcome back AUTHOR.
    What is wrong with Vivian now; u should hv be patient; I wish nothing happen to u

  2. The person posting this story is not serious jareh. So after apologizing and promising to be consistent, we are still waiting for the next episode after 3 weeks?

  3. I honestly think he has run out of ideas…

    Mr poster, I understand ur plight. But pls, next time don't start what u can't finish.

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