AGE (It Is Just A Number)

AGE – Episode 10

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AGE( it is just a number)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 10
Love&Lust& pain
Hardin Castillo
It has been three days now and Hazel was still the same way to me , cold and unfriendly and I was left wondering what I did wrong
I tried talking things with her but her reaction was way out of it , she pushed me away and walked to her room banging the door shut at me and I was left with no other option than to let her be …
but the pain I felt was something I could not explain, it was as if my heart was before torn apart and I found myself going back to the “old Hardin “,the one who is always alone , the one who lives in pain , the one who indulges in  self- injury just to feel more pain!
Dragging myself out of bed , I walked lazily to the bathroom to freshen up and on returning to the room I was surprised to see Hazel seated on my bed
What is she doing here! or is she tired of ignoring me?
Good morning sir! She greeted and I nodded ,drying my hair with a towel
I am sorry for barging into your room but there was no response when I knocked. She said , swallowing hard as she stared at my bare chest..
I scoffed , she is really so strange! Ignoring me yet drooling over me!
Why exactly are you here? I asked , already getting pissed with her polite manners
I erm came over to ask you what you want to eat this morning . She stated with her thin British accent which always got me curious as to where she is from
And how many times will I tell you food is not my thing in the morning! I retorted , sitting on the bed beside her and as expected, she stood up in a huff
Oh right! she doesn’t even want me close to her
Okay! I will be going then . She simply said as she made for the door ;but stopped all of a sudden turning to face me
uhm… I heard your screams last night , is it the night mare again? She asked but her voice sounded so far-off as I was lost studying her face with a puzzled expression
her eye lids were loosed , her lip corner pulled down, the mild swelling under her eyes , all which clearly shows she not getting enough sleep but why , is she worried about something?
Hazel! I called softly , standing up from the bed
She opened the door wider , trying to leave but I rushed to her and made her face me
What is wrong with you? I asked , staring into an uneasy eyes
What are you trying to do Hard… erm I mean Sir Hardin? she asked as I scoffed
Hardin! Sir Hardin! What exactly Is wrong with you? Did someone hurt you?did someone say something mean to you? Is it my mum? I asked in a rush and saw a flicker of fear crossed her face
Dang it! Why didn’t I think of this!
What did my mum say to you? I continued and was at the same time trying to control the anger boiling down inside of me ……..
What are you talking about! Your mum didn’t say anything to me. She answered trying not to meet my gaze and I smirked knowing she was lying….
All this was my own decision so please do not involve your mum in this . She quickly added
I stared at her for a while and then nodded
You can leave . I told her calmly but she shook her head
promise me you won’t question your mother about this. She pleaded , searching my eyes as if looking for answers
I won’t! I promised and she heaved a sigh
Thanks Hardin! She muttered before leaving the room……
I stood transfixed at the spot for a moment trying to think but couldn’t as my head was all foggy
This is so damn confusing!
Pulling out an all black outfit , I hurriedly dressed up in it : then sling my backpack across my shoulders, picked up the car keys along with my phone and left the room feeling so down
On getting downstairs, my mum was seated in the sitting room, reading a novel
I stomp towards her about to lash out my fury at her but quickly composed myself when I remembered the promise I made to Hazel
Damn! This is so f**ked up
Off to school! I told her when her gaze met mine and she smiled
No Son , Not before telling me how you want your birthday to be celebrated tomorrow, do you want a parlour party or a big one? She asked and I scoffed
My birthday! I completely forgot about it
Do as you wish! I simply answered and walked out
It will be a pool party then . She called after me
Whatever! I muttered
Entering the noisy class , I made a quick stop at Steve desk to collect a novel before going over to my seat
I exchanged greetings with Richard and then sat down
So what novel is that? Richard started
Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen. I answered, flipping the pages of the book
C’mon Hardin, When did you start reading love novels? he asked, laughing
Well! Just today. I answered with a shrug and he put on a serious face
But why!Don’t tell me someone finally caught your attention? he stated but I ignored him
Omoo! I got it right !!so who is it ! or is it … Kimberly? he continued, nudging at me to raise my head and when I did , I saw Kimberly walking towards us
What the f**k!! I dropped the novel on the desk as my eyes roam all over her body in the sexy skimpy gown
Hi Castillo! She greeted with a smile and before I could respond, she sat down on my laps and rubbed her ass on my d**k
Damn! I cursed silently as she chuckled
Do you like it! I will make sure I enjoy every bit of you tonight. She said in whispers and that was when I remembered she will be all mine tonight ….
Mehn, I really can’t wait!
having said that , she stood up and walked away to her seat
What just happened! Are you both dating? Richard asked
No. I answered, trying to fix the bulge on my trousers and he smirked
I think you will be needing this. he said , handing me a condom and I huffed
You are crazy man!
Hazel Dakota
The sound of a car honking disrupted my thought and I looked out of the window to see the security man open the gate
Oh my gawd! Hardin is already home
Wiping off the tears on my face , i jolted out of the bed , dashed out of the room , scurried down the stairs and got outside just in time to see Hardin alight from his car along with a  girl
Who is she ? I wondered, staring at her
She was so damn beautiful and I felt intimidated by her
I walked slowly towards them and on seeing me , Hardin handed me his backpack without even smiling at me
I steadied my breathe and tried to calm the panic
Is she your maid? the girl asked , clinging unto him and I held my breathe waiting for his response but there was none ; he simply ignored the question and walked past me to the sitting room with the girl following behind him
What Just happened? Is that his girlfriend?
My heart beat so violently that I grew pale and had to lean on the car to stop myself from falling
I was so confused!
a part of me wanted to go in and question Hardin , another part wanted to go drag the girl by her hair but no I couldn’t because I meant nothing to him and she is his girlfriend…..
I walked slowly to the sitting room and what I saw almost made me yell out in anger , Hardin mum was welcoming the girl by hugging her warmly
I scoffed , so this is it! she wants a rich girl for her son and not a maid like me ..
And as if hearing my thoughts, she turned to face me
Meet Kimberly Hardin,s ……..
Girlfriend. The girl completed and I shifted my gaze to Hardin to see his reaction but found none because there was no emotion on his face …….
We will be going upstairs ma. he told his mum and then turned to face me
Haz! Please get me something to eat , I am so famished
Me too! the girl butted in and I nodded slowly
With a heavy heart, I walked slowly to the kitchen to see Rebecca already dishing out the food
What of the cook? I asked her as my voice quavered and she raised her head to look at me
And why are you asking!she retorted as I looked away to hide my tears from her but it was already late , she saw the tears
She laughed out loudly, don’t tell me you are crying because Sir Hardin brought his girlfriend to the house….. wait a minute! were you thinking he will end up with a maid like you , is that the reason you gave him your body?
I didn’t give him my body . I half yelled as she chuckled
Whatever! She rolled her eyes and then handed me a huge tray containing a covered plate of food and two bottled water
But why is there only a plate of food here?
That is because they will both eat together as couples. She stated mockingly and my heart churned in pain …..
Carrying the tray , I climbed up the stairs to to Hardin’s room
I kicked the door opened and on entering i saw the girl laying on the bed with only her pant
Can’t you knock? She barked , covering her upper body with the blanket
Are you blind! Can’t you see my hands are occupied. I snapped at her and her eyes widened in surprise
What! how dare you talk to me like that! You are nothing but a f****ng maid! She yelled
And who told you that?Hardin asked, coming out from the bathroom
he looked me , the girl and then back at me again
I am sorry about that Hazel. he apologised, trying to take the tray from me and I shot him a glare
his green eyes  bored into mine and I swear, I saw the fear in his eyes
Ignoring him , I walked over to the low stool, placed the tray on it and then dashed out of his room to mine…..
Entering my room, I collapsed on the bed and as if waiting for a signal, the tears came pouring down
Oh God! What will I do now? I wondered as I hit my chest in pain
This is just too much for me ! This is too much for me to bear!
Just then, My phone rang and I reached for it ; On checking the caller , it was Mike
I received it
Hello Mike! I greeted , trying to sound fine
Hi Hazel! how are you? he asked
So will I still be getting your response tomorrow? he continued and i exhaled deeply
Yes! Let’s me at Rolex hotel !
No Hazel! I won’t allow that , I will come pick you  myself  by 18:00 pm. he said and I was forced to smile
Thanks Mike!
Anything for you Princess!he said and ended the call
I stared at the phone for a while and then tossed it on the bed
I knew I was not being fair to Mike but if using him will make me forget all about Hardin, then I will gladly do it ……
Hardin Castillo
Laying on the bed , I stared blankly at Kim as she danced to a Popular music playing on the television…..
her big boobs bounced as she danced and she tried seducing me by dancing with a twerk
I looked away as my mind drifted off to Hazel , the look in her eyes this evening got me all confused
It was like she was jealous!but why will she be! It is not like she likes……. wait! Does she like me ?
Damn! What have I done!
And in a rush , I got off the bed and was about leaving the room when Kimberly caught me by my arm
Why are you going to? she asked with a surprised look
Erm I need to go check on someone, I will be back . I answered, freeing myself from her grip
Alright Castillo! I will be here waiting for you !
And without saying anything more, I rushed out of my room to Hazel’s and on entering her room , I met a shocking sight
Hazel was sitting on the floor as she cried her eyes out
Hazel! I called in surprise but she didn’t answer, she just sat down there without even sparing me a glance
I walked slowly to her and squatted beside her
Hazel, please look at me and let’s us talk . I pleaded and when she did , my heart churned in pain . Her eyes were bloodshot and she looked all messed up
Just go away please. She pleaded weakly
No I won’t go anywhere until you talk to me . I insisted
She stared at me for a while and then sighed
What exactly do you want to know?
Firstly, I want to know it you like me . I said , staring intently at her and saw her go stiff
Do you? I repeated  and that was it , she flared up
And what does it matter to you! will that stop you from being a flirt! Will that make you choose me over the pretty girl in your room! will that make you love me back! why did you even bring her here! Is it torment me! Just tell me why did you?
Because I want to drill her so hard . I answered truthfully and gasped in shock
Yes Hazel! that is the truth , she is nothing to me and will never me so please just tell me what to do to make you happy! I can stay over here if you want! I can kiss you if you  want! I can even f**k you if you want !
You are Crazy Hardin! She retorted, shaking her head  and yes, she got it right , I was really crazy! I couldn’t even understand myself any more , it was as if I was living in someone else body …….
Please Hazel , just tell me what to do?  I repeated, I wanted her to be fine! I wanted her to stop crying!
Do you know what I really want? She snapped at me and I nodded
Good! I want you to get the hell out of this room. She yelled and I stared at her in disbelief
Is that what you really want? I asked to be sure
Yes Hardin ! She said coldly
And without saying anything, I stood up and walked out of the room …
And on Entering my room , I found Kimberly laying stark naked on the bed
Welcome baby! She said , opening her legs wider for me to see her dripping cunt
I heaved a sigh
What is wrong? Aren’t you excited seeing me like this? She asked with a puzzled look
Of course i am . I answered dryly as I joined her on the bed, laying beside her
Then come on me let us have fun !!
No Kim, I am so tired. I stated and she scoffed
Tired! Are you sure about that! or are you scared to admit that you are impotent? She accused and that was it , I picked up a condom from the drawer and tore it open
Pulling off my trousers along with my brief , I rolled the condom on my erect D*** , laid in between her legs and without any fore play, penetrated deep into her as I thrust in and out of her with all the anger in me ……….
Haarrrdin . She moaned in pain  as I increased my pace
I just wanted to get rid of this weird feeling in my heart! I just wanted to be in control of myself! Too bad Kim became  the scapegoat , but she caused it with her loud mouth…
Harddin ! Pleeesee you are too hard on me! She continued pleading as tears rolled down her eyes but what can I do , I was in pains also as the messed up face of Hazel seem to be stuck in my head !!
Ans in what seems like forever, I felt my organsm building up and held unto her body tightly as I released , calling out a name !!!! Hazel

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