Truly Yours

Truly Yours – Episode 24

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Truly Yours

Chapter 24

[Trapped in the game-2]

Written By:Authoress Dammy.


So right now I couldn’t believe I was dress in up to go to Jennifer’s party,how else am I supposed to GE back at her?

Bella looked at my simple dress and frown,she has been trying to get me to talk about my plans but I had refuse,it’s going to be a surprise for everyone,good thing Blake wouldn’t be there.

“Let’s go”I struggle her look off,we both slide into my car and I drove down to Jennifer’s house,unlike her brother’s party her own wasn’t crowded but it was packed with few people.

“Welcome welcome welcome”Gloria chided as soon as she sight us.

“I don’t need a seer to tell me that welcome is as fake as your make up”Bella fires at her.

“How dare you!”She snarled.

“Easy guys! We are all here to have fun,plus I don’t want anyone crashing my special party”Jennifer said,narrowing her eyes at us.

“You don’t need to worry”I gave her a smug smile then walk off.

“So guys! hope y’all at enjoy in the party…cheers to me and to Cole”Cheers rang out,my clinch my fist tightly as she took a step towards Cole who happens to be looking confused.

As I made to dash forward,I stopped abruptly as I saw Blake walked in.What the f*ck is he doing here?

Bella promised me she would make him stay away from my party,I felt trapped,my God no! I almost scream.

“Jennifer?”Cole said strictly.

“We at not dating”He yelled,the last part causing everyone to keep quiet.

“If you think you can ridicule me into one of your high school fun game then think again.I’m going to pardon you cause of Collins”He told her.

“But..but…I won the bet”Jennifer cried but Cole ignore her as he walks away,wow my inside were particularly jumping and I couldn’t wait to be alone with him.


“What a drama queen”Blake laughs as he stare out of the window,Cole happens to be driving the car and he hasn’t said two words to me we’ll because my brother was there.

“Are you still mad about what happened?”I was worried.

“Nothing”He snapped.

When we got home Cole excused himself and went home immediately,I got a text from Bella saying Jennifer’s ended with her crying and yelling my name.

Like what have I done to her?


🍀 Cole 🍀

Not that I was mad at kitten,hell no I was mad because I saw Blake there I think he has start getting suspicious,then I would have to tell him everything before he finds out himself.

“Cole?”Mom yelled from downstairs.

I wasn’t in the mood to what man gotta eat,so I went downstairs and saw Kitten laughing and talking to my mom,I smile keeping it cool.

“Hi Cole”She said shyly.

What could she be mad about? Maybe mom told her things she shouldn’t.My god!




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  1. Nice one Cole but I think it is high time to let Blake know so that you can enjoy your love to the fullest.

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