Pregnant For The CEO

Pregnant For The CEO – Episode 27

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Pregnant For The CEO
(From a stripteaser to a wife)

Written by Uche Lawrence
© Youngicee Stories.

Episode 27
He never felt like this before. He really feel different whenever he’s with her. He always wanted more from her.
Is she special?
Her head was resting on her chest. She could feel his heart beating fast, his broad chest so comfortable to sleep on.

But what’s she still doing with him? Isn’t he the man that denied their baby?

She sighed, standing up from the bed. Hayley was still stark naked under the sheet but she cared less. Luckily, her clothes wasn’t far from her. She quickly grabbed it and wore it.

“You’re going?” Tanner’s words stopped her.

She looked around the room and oh! She almost forgot they were still in the club. Tanner’s mother must have booked this place just for the two of them. She knew Tanner’s mother wanted them to get back together.
What Hayley wanted more was Tanner to accept their baby. The life they created together. The seed in her.

“I need to go. I…I…” She tried finding the right words to use but she couldn’t find any.

“The pregnancy is how many months?” Tanner interrupted.

“Going to three months.” She replied while she adjusted her dress a bit.

But why is he asking?

“Okay.” Was all he said and Hayley felt like slapping him right away. The way he asked that question like he was serious and ready to make amendment. Jerk!

“Why don’t you wanna accept the baby Are you still doubting if you’re the owner?” She asked him, trying not to stare too much at the well built body on the bed. He was trying to put on his clothes.

“Let’s not talk about that now” He answered.

“Seriously!” Hayley scoffed. “I should have thought of aborting this baby,”
Tanner’s eyes widened all of a sudden but withspa blink, they went back to normal. He wasn’t expecting that from her mouth.
“But I won’t do that to my baby. I’m not heartless. I shouldn’t have started the conversation anyway. Good bye.” Hayley stormed out of the room.
Her tears knew no bounds as they fell freely to her cheeks.

“Why’s he doing this to me? What can I do convince him that’s he’s truly the owner of the baby? Aisshn! Damn me!”


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