My Crazy Baby Mama

My Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 38

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We make our way to the living room to find Kim sitting patiently

“Mommy” she squeaks running into my arms

“I missed you so much” she says excitedly “I missed you too baby” I say carresing her hair gently

She giggles while rubbing my baby bump and then smirks while staring into my face

“What ?” I ask and she shrugs with the smirk still on her face

“Your stomach is now big and that means you’ll soon give birth” she laughs out loud and Tyler and I couldn’t help but join her

For a kid she’s sure naughty

“What about daddy ? you didn’t miss me ?” Tyler pouts cutely and i chuckle

“Come on daddy. What’s there to miss about you?”Kim rolls het eyes and leads me to a couch

“Told you she doesn’t like you”i tell Tyler who scoffs with jealousy written all over his face

She makes me sit on the couch and starts massaging my swollen legs soothingly and I close my eyes enjoying it

“My book says this will help”she says and I could feel the excitement in her voice

God should have given me Kim as my first child

“You do it better than your daddy” I say honestly .” Really Skai !” Tyler scoffs and I stick out my tongue still closing my eyes

“Thanks mommy” Kim giggles “She’s just pulling off your le…”Tyler’s voice trails off and Kim’s hands stop massaging my legs

I was forced to open my eyes to find Maddie standing besides Tyler

“Who’s she?”

Kim looks at me with a puzzled look and I look at Tyler signalling him to tell her the truth

He sighs heavily before smiling nervously at Kim

“Uhhm. Baby this is your biological mom” His voice cracks a little

Kim hold a straight face looking at the witch who waved with her artificial nails flying around


I know I’ve been longing for my biological mom for a long time but this lady right here seems so plastic compared to mommy

Her hair,make-up,nails,clothes,face even her smile is plastic

I have to make sure she goes back to where she came from

Why did she choose to return now when I already found mommy. When everything is so perfect

Someone who cares about me. Does this mean mommy would have to go

No I can’t let this happen. She has to go back to wherever miserable fake place she came from

Biological mom my foot !

“Kim” daddy calls jolting me up from my thoughts

“Oh yeah. I think I don’t need a biological mom anymore so she should just go back to wherever miserable place she came from” I roll my eyes.

“Kim” dad warns

I roll my eyes “What ? You always say i should be honest so I’m being honest what more do you want” I say rudely

“Respect Kim. I always taught you respect”he groans and I give him a cute funny smile before standing up and walking to my so called biological mother

“Hey miss. You see the door you came through in. You can kindly use it to exit cause you are not needed anymore in my life. I already have the best mom in the world so bye”i say looking at her in disgust

I can’t believe this is my biological mom

“Kim” This time it’s mommy who calls my name warningly

“What ? Can’t you see what she’s wearing. It’s like she’s going to strip club. With tattoos all over her body. Fake nails, Fake hair,fake everything I’m sure even her soul is fake” I say and my so called biological mother finally looses her temper

“That’s it” she yells and slaps me hard across my face. Exactly what I want. I want her to reveal her true colours

“Kim” both my parent’s say and I take the remote angrily aiming for her forehead

“Ahhh” she screams as soon as the remote hit her

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  1. This Kim is crazier, though innocent and honest. But the mother is stupid, how can she slap the daughter she left for many years because she said something crazy to her

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