Clifford's Dancer

Clifford’s Dancer – Episode 97

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Clifford’s Dancer.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 97




“Alma.” I heard someone called shaking me while I tried to use my leg to stop the person.

“Alma, you need to wake up. It’s morning already.” I heard the person called again.

“She isn’t going to wake up?” I heard Clifford voice asked.

“Yes.” Earl said.

“You can go ahead to the dinning, I will bring her along before you guys finish eating.”

Clifford said again making me lay low without moving.

I just want to hear his voice the more and feel his touch.

I don’t want him to look at me from afar like he has been doing since.

And two,am still angry at the fact that my parent told him.

I don’t know how he would see me now, with what mom told him.

“Okay.” Earl said walking away then he opened and closed my door.

“Alma I know you can hear me, stop pretending.” He said touching my hair.

His touch on my bare head makes my leg curl up as electric shock enter my body.

He started moving his finger downward but when he got to my neck, I stop feeling his hand.

Anticipating on what he is going to do next, I felt something wet on my neck making me jump in fright.

“Oh my goodness!” I heard as my butt hit the ground.

” I thought you were sleeping. “I heard Clifford say at mist of laughter.

” What was that? I mean the cold thing?” I asked looking around for what he placed on me.

“Just this snail.” He said pointing to a snail in his hand.

” Holy sh*t!”I yelled angrily running towards him with full speed.

“Am so going to kill yo today!” I yelled hitting him with a pillow.

I kept hitting him while he also got me till we were both exhausted.

We both layed on the bed with our chest facing the facing the ceiling.

“Am sorry Alma.” Clifford said making me wonder why he said so.

“For what?” I asked him.

“It’s already 30 minutes, you guys aren’t out yet!” I heard Earl yelled opening the door.

“Alma go and take you bath, you don’t want to be late for school.” Clifford said.

” Okay “I said after realizing am still in yesterday dress.

Entering the bathroom, I quickly lock the both doors before stripping out of my previous dress.

I quickly run my bath and took a quick bath then wash my hair.

Stepping out of the bathroom, I quickly ran into the closet with my towel before anyone noticing.

I took out a long jeans and shirt before wearing my shoe.

Everything I am wearing is baggy (big shirt, big Jean .)I just want to be free today.

Packing my hair in a high bun, I used my powder, lip gloss and a mascara.

“Girl you are good to go.” I said lossing the button of the shirt.Leaving my inner shot too to show.

You look so beautiful, hope it’s not Clifford you are dressing up for. My inner mind asked.

Will you just stop been nosy! I yelled rolling my eyes.

God, I hope he likes this. I prayed before stepping out… TBC

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