My Crazy Baby Mama

My Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 29

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We finally got to California where Skai’s new clothing building is located

As we got off our private jet and made our way outside the airport,paparazzi covered us and started asking us many questions

Geez that’s why I hate going out without a mask

🎤Are you guys a couple?
🎤is she pregnant with your child?
🎤Have you found Kim’s mom ?
🎤They actually look cute
🎤What happened to the fact that he’s not dating anymore
🎤Is she one of your many flings ?

Skai’s hand tightened around mine and it made me stop

“What are you doing let’s go”Skai whispers and I face the paparazzi

“Yes she’s my girlfriend and she’s carrying my baby so can you please leave us alone. You guys smell so bad” I say rudely hoping they could leave us alone

But that didn’t happen. It only worsened the situation

🎤How ?
🎤has it been long?
🎤Wait isn’t this Skai Clawson?
🎤Omg her pregnancy made her glow differently

I carried Skai in a bridal style and hurried up with them chanting behind

Mom told me that Carlfonia is wild and I didn’t listen

She told me to carry guards around with us but I refused saying we will be extra careful

I sighed frustadley as I finally slammed the car door close and drove out quickly

“That was…
“Crazy”Skai finishes and we both burst into uncontrollable laughter

“But why did you say I’m your girlfriend?” She asks and I smirk

“You should find out that by your own self” I say and she scoffs

“You are so annoying” she says with a smile

“Should we go straight to our date or should I just drive home first ?” I ask Skai and she shrugs

“Let’s go freshen up first” she says and I nod

“As you wish my queen” I bow a little and she giggles happily


“Dee!” Addison calls and I roll my eyes flicking my fake her proudly

“What now b***h?” I ask chewing my gum loudly

“Hurry up and see the most shocking news of your life” she says and I tap my hands on the counter causing my nails to make annoying sounds

I sigh frustratedly before walking proudly to the sitting room

I look at the t.v. and my mouth hangs in suprise

“So the motherf***r finally moved on” I chuckle evily watching the news

My phone rings and I answer it “What ?” I ask rudely.

“I’m outside” I roll my eyes before walking outside

He is mine and no pregnant b***h would take him away from me

“Hey babe” I put on my best fake smile flinging myself on the old cooger infront in me

“Let’s just get to business” he says rudely and spank my a** causing me to moan

“No problemo” I fake my accent and lead him to my room before winking at Addison

He straddles me after he took off his shirt. I almost puked cause his chest is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen

He tries to kiss me but I stop him and turn his fat body around

I hate my job like jeez it’s so annoying and disgusting

I make some seductive moves as I move on hi d**k . He moans and I take the opportunity to take the injection under the pillow

I inject him and he struggle to push me off but he blacked out

I smirked taking money from his trouses.Now all I gotta do is to get what’s rightfully mine

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  1. Madam you are late cos your own daughter has already disowned you self mtchew after prostituting you want to go get what's actually yours in your dreams

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