My Crazy Baby Mama

My Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 22

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I sat on the couch with the traumatized Skai

She was resting her head on my thighs while weeping pretty hard

I still found it hard to believe that Shawn died just like that. He was my pain in the a** but still he was my bestfriend

I had to inject Kim with a memory drug. I checked in with my personal doctor before I did it

She said it’s healthy and the best decicion because if the memory wasn’t deleted she would be traumatized for the rest of her life

I suggested it to Skai but she said she’s not a kid

Now she can’t stop crying and it’s making me rethink injecting her with it

She’d just forget everything that happened 6 hours ago so it’s no big deal

I took the injection besides me and drew out the drug from it’s small packet

I was about to inject her when she rose up her head to talk


“What the f**k Tyler” she yells while standing up and I shrug also standing up.

“You can’t stop crying so I thought this is the best solution” i say and she looks at me for a few seconds

“Do you have the one that makes you forget what happened 24 hours at”she asks and my jaw drops

“Yeah” I mumble and she smiles and I furrow my brows

“I need that one . I need to forget the moments where he bit me up” I sigh and go to my room to take it but then I just decide it’s not right

So I just take the 6 hours one and inject her

After some few minutes she slept peacefully on the couch and I had to carry her to my bedroom

I smiled after pecking her cheek.

I hope everything goes well after this worst experience

A tear fell from my eye as I remembered the best memories with Shawn



It’s Kim’s birthday and I’m so nervous. I mean Tyler’s parents are coming and what if they don’t like me

What if they don’t want me carrying their son’s baby

Looking back at how we started.The baby wasn’t even a plan

It was all a one night mistake. I sigh breathing out heavily

I shouldn’t think about it that much. I mean Tyler and I just don’t have a thing

I shouldn’t be worried if they like me or not. The only thing I should focus on is having this baby

My new building has already started being built. I’m so happy about it

I hear the doorbell. Oh my gosh that should be them. He told me they’d be earlier than everyone

I leave the balloons I was blowing air in and hurry up to the door

It’s not actually a big party. It’s just some less than 10 friends of Kim and other family members

I breath in and out before opening the door

“Who are you ?” A man which resembles Tyler said

Without no doubt I already knew that it is his dad.

“Errr” I was still trying to say when Tyler’s voice chipped in

“Mom,Dad” He says happily hugging his mom

“Granny, Grandpa” Kim comes in running. It was obvious that she isn’t done with her make-up cause the make-up artist were running after her

It was kind of funny and I wanted to laugh so hard but I had to keep my cool infront of Tyler’s parents

“Princess” Tyler’s mom says excitedly taking her in her arms

She kisses Kim all over her face and I felt sorry for the make-up artist cause they had to restart their job

“I think I asked a question. Who are you?” Tyler’s dad asks looking at me sternly

I had to look at Tyler for a go ahead and he nodded

“Oh grandpa she’s my new mommy” Kim chirped in before I could say anything

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