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Masked Mr Popular – Episode 18

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{Celebrity’s Secret Girlfriend}









“What’s wrong with her? I got your call.”

Indiana says coming inside the room and I shake my head as the tears wouldn’t stop coming and I don’t know what the hell to do anymore.

I can’t believe that he had forcefully had his way with me, I know that he can he really dangerous and sometimes, he does things in the wrong way but never did I ever thought that something like this would ever happen.

I never thought this would happen to me and I’m regretting ever going to meet him in the first place.

I just thought that I would end whatever it is that we have together before any other issue rises up for me but obviously, that one decision has ruined everything for me.

“I don’t know either, she wouldn’t say anything to me. She just kept crying and I don’t even know why.”

Lisa says and I shake my head even harder, burying my head into the pillow as I remember the way he had thrusted into me repeatedly then he had thrown me on the bed, recording everything that he had done to me.

He recorded having sex with me and I couldn’t even do anything about it and after that,he had threatened to reveal the video and tarnish my image and not only that, make me lose Zayn if I break up with him.

I don’t know what the f**k to do and I know that I’m in more than a mess already.

“Well, something must have happened. I think that she said something about her going over to Ryan, do you think something happened there?”

I hear Indiana asking and the next thing is them pushing me off the pillow and sitting at either of my sides.

“Tell us Nora. We are here to listen to every of your problems and since then together with you so please stop keeping everything in and tell us what went wrong…”

I turn to the both of them, sniffing in.

“I went over to Ryan’s place…”

I start and they both nod before raising their brows at me.

“I… I had…”

My voice cracks as I struggle to find the words that I was raped.

“You what? What happened there? What did he do to you?”

Lisa asks, staring at me and I shake my head before standing up from the bed and walking over to the window.

“He forcefully had his way with me and recorded it after I told him that we needed to end things and then, he threatened me that he would release the video if I ever think about breaking up with him…”

I shift and what I hear next is the yell of the both og them.

“What the hell? I…I mean Ryan did that? He forcefully had his way with you?”

Indiana says walking over to me as she turns me back to face her and engulfs me in a hug while I let the tears lot, crying hard on her shoulder.

“I’m so sorry Nora, I’m sorry that this had to happen. You don’t deserve any of this, I’m so sorry. That Ryan is a motherf**ker and he’s going to pay for what he did…”

She says as she pats my hair and I nod against her shoulder.

“Well, when he told you that, what did your told him??”

Lisa says and I move away from Indiana,turning to her.

“What do you expect me to say? If he really does release that video then everything would be ruined. My image, my reputation and my wedding with Zayn. Everything!”

I yell and she scoffs before standing up.

“Well, if you had listened to me when I had told you that you should break up with the moment that you had your eyes on Zayn then this wouldn’t have happened.”


Indiana yells at her and she rolls her eyes.

“You know that I’m yelling the truth, you had the chance to end everything with him without much trouble but you didn’t bevause you were greedy and now this has happened.”

She’s right. I got myself in all these trouble and now, I’m paying for it.


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