Just A Friend

Just a Friend – Episode 28

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Just A Friend
Written By Author Bella
Chapter Twenty Eight
Kierra’s Pov
Beads of sweat were trailing down my forehead as I held my brother in my hand his pulse barely noticeable or worse gone

Max please breath

Gosh this can’t be happening no pulse

“Help mee… I screamed as students began to troop in

“Please max please you promised you won’t go please

I heard the sound of the paramedics coming from afar as I prayed silently for max to hold on

“Max help is almost here please hang on please

“Max please don’t leave meeeee hang in there help is on the way….i muttered slowly


“One… Two… Three… Lift… They said as they carried him in a stretcher getting him out of there

“Kierra are you okay talk to me kierra… Chase said holding my hands

“Kierra what happened kierra please talk to me… He said slowly as he held me in his arms

“Max…. I muttered as I slowly slumped to The ground my body shaking in fear

Kierra wake up

Kierra Kierra Kierra… The voices in my head went faint as my eye lids shut tightly


My eye lids feel blurry

Slowly kierra open them slowly

Everything around me looks different

Why is it so white why why why

Holy crap am I in the hospital

“Max…i screamed as everything went clear taking off my drips as I made for the door

“Thank God you’re awake… chase said hugging me as I pushed him off roughly

“Where’s my brother

“Kierra you need rest why don’t you… he tried to say as my hands made contact with his cheeks

“Don’t tell me to calm down where’s my brother… I screamed in frustration running my hands through my hair

“If you’re not gonna help me I’ll just find him on my own then…. I replied as I tried to leave but a hand prevented me

“Kierra.. Xander said behind me

“Not the time Xander don’t you all get that I need to see my brother

“Kierra you’re stressing yourself get some rest

“Shut up shut up and take me to my brother xander please..

“At least rest for a while

“Xander please am begging you take me to him please please Xander… I begged crying

“I won’t rest till I see him Xander why does everyone want me to get some rest just let me see him then I’ll… I tried to say as I felt a sharp needle pierce my skin

“I’m sorry Kierra ….its for the nest…i heard Xander’s say as everything went dark again


My eye opened weakly as I found myself in the same room but a soft hand caressing my hair as I moved my eyes to the direction of the hand

“Good you’re awake… Xander said standing up

“I hate you… I muttered before getting up

“I know you do I’ll hate me to

“I’m gonna see my brother now

“Kierra please

“I hate youuu…i said hitting him harder

“Don’t you even dare stop me

“I won’t I just wanted you to get some rest

“I’ll never forget this day Xander and I’ll never forgive you… I said before leaving the room heading for the receptionist to try and get information


Please help me I’m. Looking to someone he was umm brought in here a few hours ago

“Miss clam down please

“Argg don’t tell me to Calm. Down I just need to find my brother!!…

“What’s his name miss

“Maxwell Leah he was brought in here a few hours ago I think electric shock or something please help

“Ohh max well yeah he’s currently being checked on he’s in the ICU I’m sorry to have to tell you he’s in critical condition it’s good you’re a family member you might want to stay close to him at a time like this… She said as tears rolled down my cheeks

“Umm where’s the ICU

“Take the elevator second door on your right

“Thanks… I said weakly as I headed for the elevator

The door opened up as I caught sight of practically the whole football team my parents and Maya crying helplessly on the floor

“Kierra Xander wasn’t supposed to let you up here… Dad said as he hugged me tight

“How’s he dad please don’t lie just tell me

“The doctors haven’t said a word they’ve been in there for a while now you should get some

“No dad no one should even dare tell me to rest he’s my brother and I’m gonna stay here till he wakes up in not leaving him not now not ever ….i screamed as the elevator opened up as I looked back to see a distraught Xander

“Dear please don’t be mad at Xander we made him keep you away

“Then you’re as guilty as he is I only want my brother the rest of you stay the hell away from me


“Xander leave me the hell alone I only want maxxxxx!!!!…i said before heading off to take a seat as my rats roller down my cheeks


According to the guys it’s been six hours since the doctors started checking him out yet no word on how he’s doing

Maya kept on crying nonstop and she hasn’t said a word to me ever since

I’m ordering sure this wasn’t an accident I mean who leave a naked wire for someone to be electrocuted now I’m beginning to think I wasn’t hallucinating when I saw someone coming out before Maya was done with the showers but why would someone want to hurt my brother he just started ever green he had no enemies he took nice for anyone to hate why why!!! I why!!

“Please let him be okay I can’t leave without him please… I muttered slowly as my head began to hurt


Tick tick tick tick time move faster Please please

“The family of Maxwell Leah… The doctor said removing his gloves walking out of the ICU

“That’s us… We all said standing up

“How’s he doc…mum said sniffling

“He received a terminal shock to the brain because the water was already on his body and the shock was a brutal one we did our best but sadly the Lord knows best… He said as Maya screamed

“Please miss you’re in a hospital I’m. Not done yet

“He’s in a coma right now not medically induced we tried to bring him out but it seems his brain shut down on its own and the only way for his body to cope was to put him mind in a coma

“the chances of survival are pretty slim it’s a fifty fifty operation because the longer his body stays in that coma the longer we loose him

“Doctor please do whatever it takes please

“We currently do not possess the means to carry out the operation here he has to be flown to another country for the operation else he’ll be put on life support for the rest of his days I suggest you make a decision and make it fast

“Doctor so what you’re trying to say is…

“Your brother needs to undergo a neurosurgical operation else he’ll die..

“No no no no no no no no… Maya kept on crying

“The longer you wait the more terminal the illness becomes and the more His brain gets damaged

“He could loose part of his senses

“he might not be able to function well anymore

“I suggest you take him fast because the most common side effect is partial unrecoverable memory loss

“I’m really sorry Mr and Mrs Leah but we can only try to save but healing is divine my advice is that you immediately take him out of the country for proper treatment and hope there are no side effects for now he’s stable though the next 24 hours would be critical you can visit him but only one at a time and please no physical contact his brain is not in a stable place

“Thank you doc…dad muttered as he walked away while I slumped to the ground my tears knowing no limit

“Max you promised you’ll always be there

“Please don’t leave me please


Everyone took turns in visiting him and they all came out in sad faces I couldn’t bear to go in there I’m. Sure I would just burst into tears which wouldn’t be good for him

Dad already began making preparations to have him flown out of the country and by the looks of things we were leaving in a few hours with no time to get anything from the house though I really didn’t care about that right now all that mattered was the safety of my brother

Maya came out last as she cried out loudly barely able to contain herself as my heart sank by looking at how much she was affected by max which only proves how much she loves him

“I’ll go get some coffee… She said sniffling

I decided to follow her and get a cup of coffee too since I might need it for the journey we are about to take

“Stay far away from me…maya said coldly as we grabbed some coffee

“Maya what’s wrong

“What’s wrong is that the one I. Love is laying in a bed in a coma not moving and I can’t touch him can’t feel him because of YOU


“Yes kierra any way you look at it it’s Your fault he’s like that

“If you hadn’t been so lazy to finish your lap I wouldn’t have to do it for you then inciting max to the shower and maybe then he wouldn’t be fighting for his life

“If you hadn’t been such a b***h to distract me maybe I would have gotten to him on time and then he wouldn’t be here

“You see kierra it’s yours r fault it’s all your fault you’re responsible for your brother current state you and only you

“I wish it was you laying in there not max you have no idea how much I hate you right now you better pray really hard that max is fine and if he isn’t I swear I would never forgive you kierra

“Never… She repeated before dropping the coffee walking off as a drop of tear rolled down my cheeks

“It’s all my fault… I thought as I walked out of the hospital


I didn’t notice it was raining till I was in it and I didn’t care anymore at least now I can cry without anyone disturbing me and that’s what I did I cried I screamed I begged I lost myself in the rain not giving a f**k how anyone sees me right. Now because my heart is shattered and it’s all my fault my brother is in there right now it’s all my fault Maya was right it’s all my fault I’m sorry max

“Why do I ruin everything why why why

“I’m so sorry Max I’m really so sorry it’s my fault it’s my fault…. Screamed slapping myself

I felt a warm jacket placed on my body as the rain stopped touching me looking up to realise I was now under an umbrella I looked further to see who held it in their arms and it turns out it was no other than….

“Get the f**k away from me… I screamed in his face

“Your parents are leaving soon Kierra… Chase said holding the umbrella

“It’s all my fault it’s my fault…i muttered as he enveloped me in a hug

“You’ll be fine kierra they’re waiting for you you need to go now… He said holding me in his arms

“Max would be fine I promise you and when you get back I’ll be here waiting for but now you need to go

“Alright you’re right thanks chase… I said as I made to leave

“Be safe Kierra and please come back to me soon

“I’ll always love him… He said pecking me lightly as I smiled weakly

I ran in the rain not caring if I fell down because all that mattered right now was max and only max the car was in sight on my left but there was something else on my right…..

Xander he was standing in the rain just like I was drenched to his toes as he stared at me and it felt like time stopped

The car was waiting for me as the ambulance caring max Parked ahead

We’re leaving for the states till God knows when and this is the last time I’ll see him I won’t be able to live with myself if I don’t do this so I ran towards him hugging his really really tightly

“Good bye Xander…I whispered slowly hugging him as he took of chase’s jacket placing his on my shoulder

“Kierra I…

“Kierra We need to go now… Dad screamed from the car

“Bye Xander tell Maya I’m so so sorry… I screamed running the other way into the car as it shut tightly the driver driving off in high speed

“Good bye Xander…I thought before dozzing off on my mums shoulder hugging Xander’s jacket tightly .
To be continued

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