Roses and Thorns

Roses And Thorns – Episode 34

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The whole house was quite and calm by the time Melody woke up from sleep, she didn’t sleep well the previous night because her heart was heavy, she felt sad thinking that she might have sent Joel away from her. She checked her phone for any text messages or calls from him but she saw none, she felt a bile rise up to her throat. She took the decision and walked to his room, knocking severally but got no reply, she went to the gate man’s house and she was told Joel left the house in the morning and his parents followed later. She sadly walked back to her room, checked the time 11:45 am, she stripped and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

She came out from the bathroom, wore a blue three quarter jeans and a black top with a black slippers, she went to the mirror, looked at herself and said.

“Melody? you are going out today, you need the air outside and staying in this house will remind you of the captain” she let out a breath, picked her phone and left the house telling the gate man that she needed to buy something. Immediately she stepped out from the compound, she closed her eyes and wallowed in the serenity and tranquility of the environment. She turned to her right and walked down the street, her eyes in admiration of the beautiful houses she saw. She got to the last house and took another road by her left leading to the next street, she turned back to mark the last house so that she could easily find her way back home, that was when she noticed a black Highlander driving slowly towards her, she looked through the wind screen but couldn’t see the driver because the glass was tinted. She intensified her pace and the driver did the same too, her heart sank in fear, she brought out her phone and dialed Joel’s number, it went unanswered.

“Please pick up Joel” she muttered almost running. She dialed again and at the last ring, Joel picked up.

“Hello” he said casually.

“Am in trouble, i think the killer is right behind me now” she said amidst fast breathing.

“Hold on, where are you?” Joel asked.

“I left the house earlier and i know I made a mistake, now there is a car trailing me” she responded turning around to look at the car. The driver swerved the car to the right, it made a screeching sound almost hitting Melody, she screamed in fear and fell down, her phone shattered. The driver stepped down from the car with an emotionless expression, he walked towards Melody with a handkerchief in his hand.

Melody looked around hoping that someone would come out at that minute, and when she saw no one, she begged him with fear in her eyes.

“Please, please let me go, don’t kill me, i don’t even have money, am just a young lady striving hard to survive, have mercy on me please” she clasped her hands together and cried. The driver covered her nose with the handkerchief sending her to sleep, He then carried her as though he was carrying a rag doll even though she was a plus size, put her in the car and drove off.


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  1. She is more than stupid
    let her go and receive the fresh air she needed in heaven

    Just that the story won't be like that..nonsense girl

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