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Heartaches and Tears – Episode 9

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A story by Kennedy C Katongo


“Can I take off my shirt?” I asked her.

“No need. I will do that for you. She sat on me with her long chocolate legs. Then she asked me to relax and close my eyes. I did as I was told, that’s when the most awkward thing happened. Mable began to move her hips steadily on my legs as she began to undress me. This wasn’t what I expected, ‘Am I at the wrong house?’ My thoughts echoed as she touched my chest and then found her way to my neck up to my lips. She enjoyed this, she loved taking charge, talk about foreplay, she invented it.

With her Tiger fingers on my back and her lips against me, I couldn’t help, “I brought your Cocoa.” I said in a whisper.

“Ssssh! This ain’t time for that. Can you do the thing?” She asked as she spoke breathlessly. The moist air from her mouth bounced against my neck and sent goosebumps through out my body.

She didn’t have to ask me twice, we traded places and this time I was on top. I stood up and waited for her as she jumped on top of me. Her lips met mine and we just lost it.




“How was that?” She asked me. We were still in the living room sleeping on the carpet. Her head on my chest as we had our small told.

“It was just what I needed.” I said.

“I could tell. You were vicious. Look at my lip?” She giggled. I really wanted to ask what was going on, how come all of a sudden she was all over me. But again I didn’t want to mess up the mood.

“Can we sleep here tonight?” She asked me.

“Sure.” I smiled.

Mable went on to ask me about work and what had been keeping me busy, a few questions here and a few questions there was just how I loved to relax after a marathon.

“Nathan, I know I haven’t been fair. And right now you’re probably wondering what’s going on. You… Me… This was our life when we got married. It was us against the world and I robbed you of that joy.” She said, her finger was all over my chest as she kept drawing on it things that I couldn’t even see.

Mable and I used to sleep on the carpet every now and then. We always wanted to keep our marriage fresh and made sure there were no dull moments. So we tried making love in different places of the house, which proved to be very useful. Well, that was until the money came and the tension began.

“Can the boys stay at mums place for a while? I would like us to have some time to ourselves.”

“Just say you want to be walking around naked.” I said as we both began laughing. She stuck her tongue out at me.

“Okay. Am guilty.” “But I just feel like I haven’t been fair with you and I want to make it up.” She kissed me on the chest as she stood up, “Do you want some cocoa?” She asked me.

“Yes please.” I responded in a flash. I mean, who wouldn’t say yes after an intense 30 minutes of soft sounds and heavy breathing?

“So what happens next?” I asked her as I followed her to the kitchen in my blue checked boxer. The feeling of being wild and free – it had been ages since I walked around like this.

“I want to mend my wrongs and be a better wife.” She responded. A kettle in her hand as she opened the tap.

I almost chocked, just when things had gone wrong with Amanda and now she wanted us to work things out… This felt more of a trap than something real.

@@ @@ MWAKA @@ @@

Taking a walk with this young man wasn’t something I wanted to do, however, when he told me why he really wanted to do it… I felt guilty and decided to go with it.

It wasn’t cold, but the breeze could be felt as the wind blew. At first he was silent, he would steal a glance at me and then blush. That continued till we left the hostel area and were now heading to the main building.

“Tell me, if today was your last day… How would you love to spend it?” He asked me. He began walking backwards so that he could have a good look at me. I wasn’t comfortable with him doing that, but it just didn’t offend me enough to tell him to stop it.

“I don’t know. Such has really never crossed my mind.” I looked away from him, I didn’t like it when our eyes met.

“I think you are lying. Come on, you can tell me.” He said politely. I couldn’t stand his politeness, it made him look weak and less of a man.

“Okay. I would get my mother a car. She’s Everything to me. She’s always been there for me as long as I can remember. A day doesn’t go by without me wondering if I’ve made her proud.” I said (How did he get me to talk about mum) I never spoke about my family.

“Am sure you’ve made her proud. Look at you, you will be a certified drug dealer. You are smart, what parent wouldn’t be proud?” He asked me, “I never got the chance to meet my mom. After she gave birth to me, she lost a lot of blood – my Uncle told me she was Anemic. Who could have thought giving birth to me was the end of her, my uncle took me in, raised me as his own. I never got the chance to meet my father, he walked away and blamed me for mum’s death. It’s been 25 years now.” He said calmly, I could hear him sob as he spoke, the reflection of shiny tears as the rolled down his cheeks. I always thought my story was the worst until I heard his side.

“Don’t worry. Everything happens for a reason.” I told him. Well, that was a phrase I had never believed in myself. What was the point of living a life that had been pre-ordered.

“My Aunty always says one day I will find a stronger reason to live.” She’s quite the guru. He wiped his face then smiled.

“Stronger reason to live.. That’s an odd thing to say. Why would she tell you that?” I asked him.

“Well, I’ve tried killing myself a few times but it never got to work. I would end up in the hospital, at times uncle would lock me up in my room for a week. I just felt like a burden, like no one cared, and then kicked in the depression.” He cleared his throat, the wind flew over his face as he got himself together. “But that all happened some years back. I’ve recalibrated my interests and goals. You know… Right now I just take things bit by bit.” He said as we reached the main building.

At first, I really wanted to go back to my room but getting a snippet of his life, I wanted to be there for him. I knew there was nothing I could do, after all I spent almost a year avoiding him every chance I got and he was still faithful to himself. “I don’t want to regret anything.” He would say from time to time. To make the evening memorable for him, I decided to be part of the moment instead of resisting it. We went to the gym and sat on one of the seats that were outside. He asked me about what I wanted to do and if at all I had plans for the next 5 years.

The more he spoke, the more I felt like my life was really disorganized. (All I wanted was a job) Yet when he spoke, he wanted to be there for people, he wanted to be the leader of change and not just follow. Time was on the run, non of us even noticed that it had been 2 hours since we sat down. We laughed, made jokes, just allowed the night to speak to us.

“I think I need to be going back.” I smiled as I stood up.

“Sure! Let me walk you back…” He said as he lead the way. In my mind, I thought he would ask me for my number, but nope, he didn’t. We got to my room and it seemed like the girls had fallen asleep.

“Thank you for this time. It means a lot.” Warm bright smile covered his face.

“Am the one who should be thanking you. All the best in your future endeavours.” I said.

“Same to you. A hug?”

“Sure.” I responded as I hugged him.

When I entered the room, our diver friend was fast asleep, Amanda was still on the laptop watching Suits.

To be continued...

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