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(You will love me back)
Β©Author Bella
Chapter Eleven
Taylor’s Pov

I’m seriously confused!
For a second or two Shawn seemed really angry at me,he even screamed at the girls,hitting his fists on the locker, did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed today, or was it mason and I that made he so annoyed.
I’m really confused right now,i can’t even move or think straight every thing is getting so complicated and it’s just the first day.

“Hey Taylor… I heard that same husky voice behind me as I turned slowly to meet his gaze.

“Oh hey mason… I said nervously.

“What’s wrong you sound off.

“Me… off… Ptt…It nothing… I said forcing a smile.

“You sure it’s nothing because you’re acting really really weird.

“Yeah it’s nothing… I said trying to maintain eye contact.

“I know the girls can seem a bit intense.

“Intense is an understatement.

“They all wanna be besties with me now… I said as he grinned.

“Well give them a chance then, it’s just The beginning you know.

“They’re all a bunch of phonies, fake people, fake intentions… I said folding my hands as he laughed.

“You really think they’re all bad…He said as I nodded.

“Well if you say so then, I need to get to history how about you.


“Nice I’ll see you during lunch I guess… He said nervously.

“Umn yeah… I said swinging my hands back and forth.

“Bye Taylor… He said smiling as I smiled back only this time it wasn’t forced, simply a genuine smile as I turned back colliding into a human wall.

“Oh hey Ian… I said slowly.

“Hay Taylor… He said grinning.

“Oh bye Ian… I said trying to walk away as he held me back.

“So you and mason… He said folding his arms.

“Yeah can you believe it… I said in a high Pitch tone

“Actually I can’t what’s really going on…He says as I shrugged.

“Nothing we realised we like each other.

“Last I checked you love Shawn so what’s the deal.

“Last I checked it’s none of your damn business…I said raising my voice.

“See princess, you’re wasting your time we’re all players you know that, he doesn’t love you he’ll just use you then leave you he only loves one girl..

“Wowww…i said sarcastically

“Just watched I give it a week two tops till you’re crying your eyes out… He said walking away hitting a girl as he went.

“Watch it b***h… He cursed as she glared at him.

“Oh my world Sasha… He shouted before hugging her tightly.

“Sasha… I thought staring at them.

“When did you get back.

“I just got back a few hours ago, I just couldn’t stay away I missed you guys so much.

“We missed you too… He said grinning staring at me as I gulped down. .

“Umm where’s mason.

“He should be in class right now.

“I don’t care I really need to see him… She said smiling.

She is beautiful… I thought staring at the two of them.

“History right… She said as he nodded while he walked away.

“You think he loves you…Watch… Ian said as they walked together while I walked slowly behind them.

They got to history class as I stood meters away from the door while Ian helped her with the door as she walked slowly inside.

I’ve never seen anyone so free with the TIMS before, I guess they were really that close.

I watched from afar as she walked behind mason covering his eyes with her hands as she giggled lowly.

“Sasha… He murmured huskily before slowly removing her hands as she laughed while he hugged her tightly.

“Gosh you’re back… He said as they hugged while I watched from afar.

“That’s true love, you really wanna ruin their happiness… Ian said as I stayed speechless.

“He’s right I’m the third wheel, this plan was a big mistake… I thought before walking away to class as the bell was rung.


“Mason, I think this was a mistake we should stop this… I thought practicing how I would end this silly plan with him.

“Nahh that’s too…Stupid… I thought groaning.

The teacher’s lips were moving but I was barely hearing a word he said, that’s because I paid zero attention to him my focus was on Sasha and mason.
I mean out of all the times she could come back she choose here and now, now when things are starting to seem good for me, why now when I’m actuality feeling good about myself for a change.

“I guess I just wasn’t made to be happy, it seems I’m destined to be sad the rest of my life… I thought as the bell was rung.


I slammed my lockers groaning as I took my books heading to English where I would sit by the window and imagine a world where I wasn’t as miserable as I am now.

“Hey,Taylor right… A brown headed girl said walking besides me.

“Yeah… I said simply.

“Would you mind helping me with this English essay I just can’t seem to figure it out… She said as I froze.

“You want me to help you with an essay.

“Yes please.

“But why.

“Because you’re The smartest person in English…

“Please I really don’t wanna fail, before the teacher comes in please help me… She said blinking her lids as I stared at her confused.

“Could this be a tactic to get us closer or is she really just someone who needs help with her essay.

“Please Taylor, I know what you must be thinking that I want this because of mason but I have nothing to do with the TIMS they disgust me in ways I can’t explain especially Shawn, after what he did to you I would be crazy to go out with him… She said in one breath as I sighed.

“I get it you have trust issues same here,thanks for your time I should leave now… She said walking away as I stared at her retreating figure walking into class.


“Good morning class, every one please submit your essays before we get started failure to comply would lead to a C βž– and two days detention… He said as I cringed.

“Umm sir,i couldn’t finish mine I was a bit confused at The end… The girl said as the teacher laughed.

“I explained that topic thoroughly and if you still didn’t understand you should have met one of your friends to put you true that’s not an excuse you’re failing this assignment.

“But sir please.

“No buts please get seated.. He said as she sat down slowly placing her head on the desk.

“I feel terrible… I thought staring at her.

“This is all my fault, mason was right they aren’t all bad…I thought as I kept on staring at her thinking of how to make this better.

“Umm sir I didn’t do mine either… I said ripping my essay apart as she stared at me confused.

“You didn’t do your essay miss harttway.

“Yes sir I was also confused at the end.

“I’m sorry miss harttway, I have to fail you.

“Detention the two of you, today and tomorrow.. He said as I nodded as she stared at me looking shocked but also confused.

“Now for today’s lesson… He started as she blinked twice before shifting her gaze to turn teacher.


English was over which meant I had just one class before lunch break,ill have to see all of them at once even Sasha, I’ll just have to get through it without embarrassing myself as always.

“Hey, wait up… She said trying to catch up with me.

“What was that back there.

“What was what?.

“You trying to make yourself feel better by failing with me, I asked for your help but you refused and now you want to try and make things better, do you have any idea what that grade has caused me, you don’t because you have perfect grade and when someone asks for help you ignore them right… She said glaring as I felt my heart bled.

“You know what you’re so annoying really annoying… She said before storming off as I ran after her.

“Hey hey hey you’re one to talk what the hell do you know, you’re not introverted you don’t have trust issues you make friends easily and yet you judge me when I find it hard to believe that someone approached me just when I started dating one of the most popular guys in school.

“You think you’re introverted you know nothing OK absolutely nothing… She said firmly.

“Ugh, alright let’s do this I’ll help you get extra credit to make up for the grade.

“Nahh I don’t want your help… She said walking away as I gasped.

“Arrg… I hate Mondays.. I thought before walking away in the opposite direction.


During mathematics class, I payed attention to the teacher but my focus was on the brown headed girl at the front furiously taking notes,she annoys me in ways I can’t explain I wasn’t at fault at all and now when I offered to help her she turned me down, I mean like seriously who does that.

“OK class, your projects are due Wednesday… He said smiling.

“You’re gonna be doing it in pairs so ask the class captain for your last Name so you know who you’re working with… He said before walking out as we all gathered our cap.

“So we’re doing it alphabetically then… He asks as the girl stood up walking towards us as I glared at her

I waited for him to get to the letter “H” as I Prayed Keen attention silently praying to get paired up with someone smart so I won’t have to do most of the work.

“So harth and harttway… He said as I stared at him.

“Who’s harth.. I said as the girl Groaned behind me.

“Please cap, anyone but her… The brown headed girl said as I gasped.

“No not her please… I screamed as she hissed loudly.

“I’m not excited about it either… She said folding her arms.

“Sorry guys, that’s just the way it is I’m so sorry… Cap said standing up as the bell was rung.

“Holy sh*t, it’s lunch break you bozo you’re seriously bad luck… I said folding my arms.

“I just met you today but I don’t like you.

“Trust me baby girl the feeling is mutual… I said smirking.

“Why you… She said groaning.

“You know what let’s just do this project and forget all about each other…sounds good


“In that case I’m Jennette … She said smiling.


“Yeah I know… She said rolling her eyes as I glared.

“Wanna have lunch with me… I said smirking as I thought of the perfect way to avoid Them all.

“You’re dating mason Kendall and you wanna have lunch With me..


“I’m not popular.

“I don’t care you in or out.

“Yeah I guess I’m in… She said as I smiled.

We headed towards our lockers dropping our books in it as we headed to the canteen to grab our food.

I stared at their empty table, none of them had showed up yet and it was really strange I wonder where they ran of to.

“Could you get me some napkins please… She said smiling sweetly as I glared.

“Why not… I said scoffing as I stood up heading back to the canteen.

“That’s strange… I thought noticing the boys locker room open.

“I need to go check something out I’ll be right back.. I said handing Jennette the napkins as I walked towards the locker room.

This seems really cliche and my subconscious keeps telling me I’m gonna find a guy and a girl having a quickie or making out which was certain,still I needed to find out for myself, curiosity would definitely Kill Taylor.

The door wasn’t properly locked so walking in wasn’t a problem as I tiptoed in making sure I wasn’t heard.

“Really cliche… I thought seeing Sasha making out with him as she moaned silently

“Wow very nice… I said gaining their attention as then froze.

“No don’t let me stop you carry on… I said walking out Quickly so he won’t have a chance to come after me.

“Gosh how stupid can I be… I sad out loud walking towards our table. 😭😭
To be continued guys 😘 πŸ€—

All rights reserved πŸ“ πŸ“


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  1. Manson why nah……. So you are a player, I thought your are different from others not knowing you are a beast
    Taylor sorry dear just take heart

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