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His Property – Episode 60

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{My One Night Stand}
Written By Author Bella✍🏽

© Youngicee Stories

The night seems long yet I don’t want day to come.
I can’t fall asleep but I don’t want to see what the day brings.
The pain in my heart leaves the minute I sleep. When I open my eyes I know it’s all over. I’m torn between two things and I don’t know what to do.

Sharon isn’t answering her phone. With the way I spoke to her last time, I’m not surprised at all. I pushed her away and now that I need my friend by my side, she’s can’t be there for me. It’s like I don’t know what I want.

For over thirty minutes, I stand in front of the mirror analyzing myself trying to figure out why he rejected me. It hurts more than I thought. In my head i imagined we’ll make out a little and then I’ll get the record straight, push him away and run out instead he straight up refused.

Every second I tell myself that any moment from now he’ll burst through the door telling me how sorry he is or something just like in the movies. He might even kiss me maybe. I might just reconsider leaving. Maybe. Sadly, he doesn’t.

I’m left to cry on my bed. After that was done, I decided to take the second option.

I don’t know where the strength comes from but I manage to gather the little things I call my own into a small bag. I clung to it tightly before laying on the bed to rest. Sleep comes after a while but my heart is still unsettled. When I wake up one thing is sure, I’ll have to leave.


I controlled myself with a resolve I didn’t even know I possessed. I can’t be selfish knowing it’s for the best. When Daniella comes, Lina would be hurt. The best thing would be for her to leave now. I know exactly what I’ll do if I leave this room. I know I hurt her so I’ll do whatever it takes to remove the pain. One thing will definately leas to another and that can’t happen no matter what.

“I’m sorry Lina.”

I mummered forcing myself into my large bed, shutting my eyes and pretending I wasn’t about to loose someone who’s important to me.

*The Next Day.*

I got up from my bed feeling pains all over. I kept tossing my bed. At two am I found myself at her door, I heard light sobs and somehow that made me turn back. I laid on the floor till about four am then I dragged myself back to bed. The pain seems unbearable. Finally it’s morning and I wonder how’s she’s doing.

I brought myself up to brush my teeth and get dressed. Breakfast would be ready by now. I hope she eats before leaving. I wonder if she even has a place to stay. I’ll have to make some calls and ensure she gets her old job back.

“I’m so sorry Lina.”

I whispered for the second time as I exited my room.

I walked slowly down the stairs. Something caught my eye. Lina stood at the doorway staring outside. She looked pale, a sickler even. My heart bled at the sight. I heard footsteps walking towards the house. It made me even curious.

I quickened my steps but froze the minute Daniella walked in with a smug smile on her face.

“Oh no.”

She rushed towards me throwing her arms around me.

“I’m sorry baby, I just couldn’t wait.”

Her chirpy voice added. She tried to kiss me but I was quick to dodge it. The look on Lina’s face broke me apart. She looked shattered and it’s all my fault.



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