The Sacred Bride

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The Sacred Bride

Bunmi B. Gabriel.


In the old days, men abided by laws, evil and good laws. Some practiced the art of witchcraft and sorcery and many had gods whom they served and dedicated their lives to. The gods were real, gave them whatever they wanted and had them paid the price for what they gave to man; give and take. Fortunately, as time flew by and men grew wiser, more civilized and filled with ideas, many abandoned their holy culture and serve no one but themselves. However, they are still few that stick to their religion, serve the gods or God they which to serve, many who still use those powers as means of entertainment; magicians, seers, psychics, voodoo etc. In ways you will never believe the source.

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Amongst those who still held to their fetish belief despite the growing civilization are The Wellingtons, a large family who secretly keep to their belief as strong as the very day it began. What is their belief? Hmm, let’s see. To the heir’s family is given two daughters, one to protect the other who shall remain a virgin until the day she is sacrificed to their god, the evil man who seems to never get old. In exchange for the sacrifice, power, authority, fame and wealth never leaves the doorsteps of each family member, and if there’s one thing the Wellingtons love, it’s money and power.

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From generation to generation, this act was practiced in secret, it was the secret to their power, fame, authority and wealth. You can’t stop what you don’t know, can’t hide from something bigger than you. Upon this law, Bloom Wellington is force to abide as the chosen one to die. It is hard growing up knowing that at any random day, you could be called out to die, to be slaughtered but she didn’t let it affect her, lived her life like there was no tomorrow. Her older sister, Leila who was chosen to protect made that possible, life was good to them in their own way.

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The long held tradition is put to the test as Bloom finds herself in the web of Alisdair Kendrick, a man who always gets what he wants and the sacred girl is a jewel he must possess.. She gets trapped between following her heart or giving her life to save her greedy family because the cost for disobedience is higher than life could handle. Find out how everything unfolds and what price there is to pay.


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