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Unconditional Love – Episode 18

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UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – Finale episode 18

A story by Jochrine Kunda



I had just finished packing my bag and we were going home to visit, I was told that mom, dad and Olivia went to look for me. Amos told me about it a few days after he proposed to me and I didn’t want to see any of them because it drove me back to the last time I saw Olivia and things didn’t turn out well and I didn’t want to go back to that life again but he gave me time to think about it and I finally decided I would see them so we we’re preparing to depart, I lifted Endurance up and looked at her

Me: does she look okay?

Amos: I don’t know what you mean

Me: I mean what if they say I have an ugly baby?

He looked at me with a straight face then approached me

Amos: firstly, my baby is beautiful and no one will dare say such kind of stuff about her and secondly, you’ll calm down and stop working yourself up over nothing. I’ve got you and all will be fine

I nodded then we took our bag out and drove to the airport, we didn’t stay there long as we departed and I kept asking Amos why they wanted to see me and not get my contacts instead then he made me sleep.

We got home and were welcomed by Amogelang and her dad, I found Stacey’s absense strange so I decided to ask

Me: where’s Stacey?

Mr.K: I don’t know but one thing I know is that she doesn’t live here

I saw Amos looking at his father smiling so I decided not to ask anymore questions, I gave Endurance a bath and did the same then we were summoned for supper after some time. Having a traditional dish after a long time felt good and Amogelang being her bubbly self kept us all laughing, I was told that my parents would come the following day and I instantly lost my appetite and went to bed.

I got up the following day and fed my baby then left her with the house help and went to take my bath, I was notified that they’d arrived when I was getting dressed so I did it quick and got on my knees then said a prayer. I went to the lounge where I found mom, dad and Olivia I greeted them but mom gave me a hug as she broke down and it wasn’t long before I joined her….we then took our seats and mom spoke

Mom: my daughter, we’ve wronged you in the worst way possible, we turned our backs on you when you needed us the most and many other things and for that we’re sorry

I just cried

Dad: you came to my door late that night in the rain and sought my help as a parent but I chased you away like you weren’t my flesh and blood, you needed my encouragements in most areas even though you were married but I abandoned you. I’m sorry my daughter

He knelt down

Olivia: I chose an enemy over you, I vowed to always love and protect you but I had little trust in you that day which made me make the biggest mistake of my life you warned me about him but I swore at you only to become a fool in the end, please forgive me

Me: where’s he?

I asked with a pained voice

Olivia: I threw him out, we’re divorced

I got up and approached them all then helped dad up

Me: I’m glad that you all noticed your mistakes and swallowed your pride by taking this difficult decision of asking for forgiveness, our Creator never gets tired of forgiving our sins so who am I not to forgive you? To error is human but to forgive is divine…..I’ve forgiven you all

We did a group hug then Amos walked in holding Endurance with his father and the smiles on their faces were priceless

Dad: thank you for taking care of my daughter

Mr.K: it was my son who took care of her

Dad was surprised

Dad: thank you young man

Amos: yes, but there’s something I want to ask from you

Dad: anything

Amos: I seek permission to marry her

Mom: WHAT!

Dad looked at me for a long period of time probably trying to search for the answer

Dad: yes, you can go ahead you’ve got my blessing

Mom: you’ve got my blessings as well

She said while holding Endurance

Olivia: I bless you both

We were all happy and I wished the moment would last forever

Olivia: Mumba, Jeremiah’s mother would like to see you as well

Me: Jer…..why?

Olivia: I don’t know but she’s at my place waiting and says it’s important, she also said that you go with the baby

I looked at Amos and he gave me the go ahead look so I went to get changed and went with them but mom and dad were first dropped home, I got more nervous each time we approached Olivia’s house and I found her there and Sekela quickly ran to me when she saw me calling me

Mother: my daughter

Me: Mother

We hugged each other and went inside where we took our seats

Mother: I’ll go straight to the point

Me: yes Mother

Mother: Jeremiah is in prison

Me: WHAT!! No, tell me this is a joke

Mother: he killed that witch and handed himself in to the authorities now he’s been sentenced to life imprisonment and wishes to see you

She said that crying and I was also in tears

Mother: he also told me that I have a grandchild and would like to see her

I gave Endurance to her and Olivia drove us at prison, Sekela was all over me and I was glad to see her….we finally arrived and I was taken in to see him but my eyes got teary when I saw him, he looked weigh too old for his age and had lost a lot of weight. We were excused and I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore

Jeremiah: I can see the huge rock on your finger

I nodded

Jeremiah: please take care of my daughter and never let him treat her badly

Me: he wouldn’t and I’ll always protect and love her

Jeremiah: I’m sorry the decisions I made are going to affect her

He was talking but I was thinking of how life would have been if he never did what he did

Jeremiah: Mumba

I snapped out of my thoughts

Me: I’m sorry

Jeremiah: can I see her more often, please.don’t keep her away from me

Me: I’ll bring her when I can

We were told that our time was up and I had a big lump on my throat when he was taken back inside and his mother kept crying




Three months had passed and we were told not to return to Alabama until we were done with everything so I was in Amos old bedroom after Olivia finished doing my make up since she was make up artist then dad walked in and I quickly turned to look at him

Dad: you look breathtakingly beautiful my daughter

Me: thank you

Dad: once you say “I DO” may you always have eternal peace in your marriage, let God lead.you and continue being the same strong girl that you’ve always been

Me: thank you dad

Dad: that’s my girl, let’s get you married




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