Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love – Episode 6

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A story by Jochrine Kunda



Months passed and Jeremiah remained the same, I once caught Alicia making out with a guy on the couch one afternoon when I left school early and I hadn’t told Jeremiah about it. Bertha kept harassing me each chance she got and my friendship with Amos continued and grew stronger, Sekela had become so fond of me that she’d cry each time I left her with aunt when I went to school because I knew she’d be taken very good care of than leave her home with Alicia. It was visible that Jeremiah was cheating again which made Alicia frustrated and lash out at everyone.

One evening he returned from work and didn’t talk to anyone, he took Sekela from me and went with her to my bedroom while I prepared supper and Alicia watched TV then later got up and took out a bottle of alcohol and started drinking, one could tell that she was depressed. I went to call him for supper when I was done but he was speaking to someone through the phone and my instincts told me to eavesdrop on him

Jeremiah: what do you mean you’re pregnant?

***he listened***

Jeremiah: you’ll abort that thing because I knew that the barrier was broken that’s why I gave you the morning after pill but God knows what you did with it

***he listened***

Jeremiah: are you stupid? which house are you coming to live in? you’ll play far from my wife and kid for your own safety

I knocked and he dropped the call then I got in and took Sekela from him asking him to join us for supper which he did, we all ate in silence and I left the table heading straight to bed. I woke up feeling unwell the following morning and I decided to miss classes and stay in bed, I felt the need to puke and quickly ran to the bathroom where I let it all out until I had an empty stomach then I dragged myself back to bed feeling light headed and had no energy to do any chores so after resting for some time I went to the living room and asked Alicia to help out but she lashed out at me blaming me for Jeremiah’s behaviour and I went back to bed and called my aunt to find someone who was looking for work which she did. An hour passed and a woman came in and started working then I took a nap.

I woke up in the afternoon and heard people quarreling outside but let them be because I wasn’t in the mood of dealing with them, I took my bath so I could visit the clinic and went to the living room where Alicia came running to me

Alicia: Mumba, what’s wrong with Jeremiah kanshi? (I shrugged my shoulders) a form came here saying she was pregnant for him

I attempted to leave but she held my hand

Alicia: please we’re in this together so let’s put our differences aside and work together, we can’t let another girl come in and she’ll get much attention from him since she’s pregnant

I don’t know what came over me but o laughed at her, I laughed so hard that even my tears came out and she got angry

Me: excuse me

I walked out with her busy screaming that I was na├»ve, I got a taxi which drove me to the clinic I was lucky that there weren’t a lot of people so I didn’t take long seeing the doctor. He ran some tests on me and told me that I was 7 weeks pregnant making my heart beat stop, I went to aunt’s shop after the session and Sekela was excited to see her I told her what was happening and she told me to leave him and move in with her but I told her that I’d give it a thought and spent a little time with her because the odour of the domestics didn’t do me any good.

I got home and was welcomed by a loud laughter coming from the house but the voice sounded familiar…


I boldly walked to the living room where I found Bertha stuffing her face with food and Alicia was beyond angry while Jeremiah looked like he wanted to cry, he attempted to speak when he saw but I raised my hand indicating him to stop and walked to my bedroom where I got on my knees and prayed for God’s strength and protection. I went to the kitchen after getting changed to prepare Sekela’s food then Jeremiah joined me closing the door and we heard Alicia and Bertha quarrelling and throwing insults at each other

Me: I don’t know if it’s your wives or side chicks or booty calls but they’re disturbing the peace of this house especially that we have a child in here listening to their insults so you netter attend to them before they stain my living room with their dirty blood

He walked away defeated and I thought it was the best thing for him to do because I wasn’t going to listen to his stories any longer.

I went to school the following day and it was just a waste of time because I didn’t get anything that was said and when I went to the library to study I was just starring sat my books rather my books were starring at me as I thought of how Jeremiah and I had grown apart and how messed up our marriage was, I stood up and went out for some air I sat on a bench where I got lost in thoughts until I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I didn’t need to turn because I knew that it was Amos and he joined me then Bertha walked by minutes later as I was leaning on Amos’ shoulder

Bertha: babe, give me your key i need to pack my belongings coz I won’t let this low life use my stuff

Amos: Bertha you……..

Bertha: you took my key back, I’m not causing any trouble and promise to return it

He handed her the keys and she left, I didn’t didn’t tell Amos anything about what was going on at home even though he insisted that I told him what was bothering me. Jeremiah kept calling but I never picked up his calls then he sent me a text saying his mother would visit the following day and I still never replied, I spent the rest of my day with Amos and it helped lessen my worries then went to get Sekela at aunt’s shop when classes were over and went home where I found the two slay queens arguing on who would cook so I passed them and bathed Sekela then did the same. I prepared Sekela supper and fed her then also cooked for two, Jeremiah got home then took his bath and came to the dining room for supper being followed by the two and they both frowned when they saw two plates on the table

Alicia: what’s the supposed to mean?

Me: husband and wife’s club, the side chicks club are able bodied fools with access to the pots, stove and food of course so all they’ve got to do is cook

The smile on Jeremiah’s face was priceless

Bertha: Jeremiah, I’m carrying your baby and you don’t even know if any of these will conceive yet you starve me

He threw a K20 note at her

Alicia: that doll she’s carrying isn’t the only thing that needs to be fed

Bertha: you think I’ll survive on a K20? what sort of nonsense is this?

I instantly lost my appetite and went to bed, I got up early the following day and cleaned the house then prepared breakfast for everyone, mother arrived and I excused myself to take a shower before the meeting began, I pulled out from my wardrobe a grey maxi dress, red chitenge and pink coat since it was cold then lay them neatly on the bed and went to take a shower. I was on my way to my bedroom when I finished and Alicia was in her bedroom yelling at Jeremiah and I eavesdropped on them

Alicia: you won’t make me your house help today, its high time your mother knows that I’m your woman no wonder you’re bringing dolls here

Jeremiah: Alicia please I’m already pressured I don’t know how to explain the Bertha issue so don’t pour fuel to the already burning fire

Amos: that’s your baby to nurse but that woman must know my position in this house

I left the place with Jeremiah pleading and went to my bedroom and I was surprised when I reached the door and it opened with Bertha starring at me with fear then I pushed her back inside and strangled her neck

Me: what did you want in my bedroom?

Bertha: I… I… I got lost as I was on my way to Jeremiah’s bedroom

I tightened my grip and she started coughing with her eyes popped out then I let her go and she rushed for the door catching her breath then I kicked her butt with her yelling in pain. I tried composing myself then Jeremiah came at the door saying everyone was settled and were waiting for me so I quickly lotioned and got dressed then went to the living room and found everyone seated….


To be continued…


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  1. This only happens when one is not yet ready to settle down Jeremiah still wants to enjoy himself but scared he's wife may change her mind in the future if he didn't act fast and the wife was blinded by love despite the signs she got during their courtship

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