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I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 95

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Dear Readers !! I got your comments on one of the episodes that may/may not look confusing, there would be some explanation as regard that soon or at the next episode of the story. I really do appreciate your comments so far and your patience as regard updates.
Meanwhile, Ghost readers and readers, I’m urging you to make your comments, ask questions regarding the story or parts that are confusing so far at the comments section. I’m here to answer all your questions and listen to your thoughts as well as your deliberation. Thanks for reading, each of you readers are one in a million.

I Want A Home – Episode 95
® 18+ SNVL
© Ireti Adedipe

As earlier stated, Steve, Derrick and Jason were standing opposite Lord Margot who was seated. Steve hands were crossed and he wasn’t leaning on anything like Derrick and Jason who had moved aside to lean on one furniture or the other for support while they listened to Margot.

“From what I heard, only you guys know the content of what we are all after. I found out while one of you was tortured by Valentine of an encrypted disk that contains further instructions on how to get the untraceable assets we’ve all been after”

“And you think we’d trust you with what we have”

“Trust is rather imperative here, you have lots of enemies already, ones you know and some you don’t, all after the same thing but I can help you guys if we make a deal”

“All your lives has been to make deals Lord Margot, and from what I know, you don’t always keep to your words so why should we trust you?”

“I keep every damn thing Steve and I have never failed anyone till date. All I wanted was to take what was mine from Nathaniel as much as I want him dead but he’d always find a way to escape and you Steve had helped him up till now”

“You still haven’t answered the question Steve asked Lord Margot, why must we involve you when we are both after the same thing?” Derrick interrupted the session from his position.

“You guys have what I wanted and I’m sure by now Nathaniel would be looking everywhere for you as well as Valentine and many more others” Lord Margot answered and made a faint sigh. She made a deep breath afterwards and sat up straight.

“I’d rather die than let Nathaniel or anyone got their hands on that asset” She added and made a glance Derrick before she turned back to face Steve.

4:23 pm

Over six suited men were seen walking around the popularly known Mr. Valentine, the founder of Zee’s Xpress. He was walking between two of the men and two were walking behind while the other two were walking ahead.

Valentine was putting on a milk coloured suit, a white shirt under the suit and a black trouser to match his expensive footwear.

Following the new video it was believed Harrison William sent, he clearly stated in the clip that Valentine should be put in questioning immediately after the release of the video and a proper investigation should be done in regards to the death of his step son.

The situation couldn’t have turned otherwise even despite the relevance of Harrison William in the video but some top verified security agents suddenly appeared in Valentine’s mansion few hours after the news that morning.

The men weren’t cops neither were they any generally known security agents but they were top most verified agents that belongs to one powerful organization headed by one of Val’s enemies.

Valentine didn’t argue, neither did he drag anything with the men when they came and requested his presence for interrogation regarding the video. He however followed the men peacefully and they were now approaching their vehicle after a short eye duel exchange with his men.

One of the two men ahead went to open the door of the vehicle and Valentine got inside with the men beside him.

Lord Nathaniel let out a short smirk as he stared a look at the new notification on the screen of his phone.

“Valentine had been taking in for questioning” he read the new message again and swiped the notification away.

He made a wicked chuckle afterwards and returned the phone into his pocket. He was carrying a small cup containing an alcoholic drink and he zipped from it.

He stared a longer look outside through the window he was standing behind, he was putting on a pink shirt and a black trouser. The top buttons of his wrist were rolled up and he was looking as good as ever.

Behind the window he stood lays a beautiful glimpse outside the window and the current situation of things gave him the very sight he wanted.

He was still standing at the window side when he suddenly remembered something. He picked out his phone immediately and unlocked it, he navigated to the contact list and dialed a contact instantly.

“Amigo Vlad” he greeted in a slogan understood by the receiver on the other end immediately the call was answered.

“Nathaniel” Lord Vladimir called out on the phone.

“Its been a long time Vladimir, I do hope its pleasant holding up your territory in silence?”

“It is Nathan, drug had stopped taking the usual force but it is holding up imperatively”

“Good. I’m glad to hear that Vlad and I’m as well taking a full ton on the deal you had on my territory two days ago”

“What you’d mean? What deal?” Vladimir asked with a frown from the other end, his tone forming his confusion for a moment.

“I know you made a deal on my territory two days ago Vladimir, Your men were sighted”

“What deal are you talking about Nathan, I made no such deal”

“Vlad you absolutely do not need to deny this. All I needed to know is who you finalize the deal with, I found out it was a new drug cartel and I wanted to know who led them”

“I think there seems to be some mistakes here Nathaniel, I made no such deal so kindly rechecked whatever it is you are talking about”

Lord Vladimir replied from the other end and the line was cut off when Lord Nathaniel was about to interrupt. He spoke a few words into the phone before realizing the line had been off already.

He let out a smirk as he looked at the phone screen, he smiled and returned the phone back into his pocket again when he began to hear footsteps behind him.

Khora who had stepped into the place approached the drug lord who turned to him before he could reach out.

“Khora, did you confirm the identity of the drug dealers that were reported before giving me such information?”

“Yes my lord, I did”
“Vladimir just denied making such deal” Lord Nathaniel said and paused before stepping away from the window.

He emptied the content in the cup and dropped it off on the desk closely beside him.

“I hope Vlad isn’t planning anything that’ll jorpardise my own plan. I see no reason why he should meet up drug dealers on my territory but we need to find out if he has prior plan or whatever he’s planning with his ally. So get on with that”

“Okay my lord” Khora answered and stepped forward the more as lord Nathaniel walked to have a seat after the instruction. The drug lord looked at him as he sit down the moment he saw a laptop with Khora who opened the laptop immediately and turned the screen to him.

“prior to that, we have some dealers on retail my lord. Two hundred pounds of cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and opium are demanded if on stock” Khora said as he point out to the laptop screen while Lord Nathaniel watched.

“Who are the dealers?” Lord Nathaniel asked while taking his time to check out the email Khora opened.

“I don’t know, they wanted no identification and they want the product asap” Khora answered and there was an immediate silence afterward.

It took more than 3 minutes before lord Nathaniel could turn away from the laptop and faced Khora who was now standing at the other side of the desk.

“This is too much. Do we have as much stocks on ground?”

“No my lord but we have not less than 200 pounds of cocaine”

Everybody in the room went mute after a long deliberation, no one spoke or moved except Steve who adjusted his standing position when he was about to speak. He looked at Derrick and Jason and turned back to Margot.

“Okay. Here is the thing guys, prepare to visit Maidenfrem University in few hours. The instruction was to get into Queen’s library, the university library where we are to locate a locker that has further instructions” Steve announced after a long silence while the three people in the room listened and concentrate on him.

Derrick and Jason understood what he meant but Margot didn’t, she could fathom from the looks of the two men that they understood what Steve was saying but it seems new and fresh pill to her so she just listened attentively.

“Derrick get the car ready, Jason, get in touch with Jakoby and make arrangements for weapons” Steve instructed and turned sharply to both dues who nodded instantly.

“I’d arrange how Joel would be moved safely from here and how we’d get safely to Maidenfrem” Steve added almost the moment Derrick was about to speak. He stopped and then glance at Margot.

“What I’m I going to be doing or what is my own cut in the plan?” Margot asked Steve who was now facing her directly.

“Well, you are going to have to do some monitoring” Steve answered.

Location : A’Hare International Airport.

Few meters away from the airport were different sort of commercial vehicles known as Taxi, a common vehicle speculated to transport individuals who pay a fare for the service rendered by the driver.

Different vehicles were on sight with different drivers trying to help people who were coming out from the airport with their luggage’s into the taxi’s.

The day was going dark already and people who just arrived were ushered by the awaiting drivers.

Among the people one of the drivers quickly rushed to get their luggage were Charles. Anyone remember him?

Charles got into the car as well as the driver who quickly entered to drive after dropping the luggage’s at the boot of the taxi.

“Welcome to our country sir, where would you want to go?” The driver spoke up politely with an American accent even though he looked like an Asian man.

Charles gave him the address and the normal journey began a moment afterwards.

20 Minutes later.

The one hour journey was going smooth and peacefully with the faint sound of music coming from the vehicle speakers.

The driver was driving while Charles was now busy with his phone at the backseat of the vehicle.

The first 20 minutes had passed not until an accident suddenly happened on the road.

45 minutes later.

“Take the cloth off his head and wake him up”

To be continued…

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