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1. If Youngicee.com is 4 years today, that means Youngicee.com started on April 24, 2016?


2. Which of these people authored the story titled “Tarasha”?


3. Which of the following is not an author on Youngicee.com?


4. Which of these writers writes action?



5. Who is the author of THE JAILBIRD?


6. Which of these stories was written by Oluwatosin Oyinloye?


7. The following are action stories except?


8. The following are action stories except?


9. The story THE UNKNOWN ENEMY is about a woman named Serena


10. Which of the following writers wrote BLEMISHED LOVE?


11. Youngicee.com was previously youngcc.com


12. The story titled THE JAILBIRD has a Nigerian setting?


13. Who wrote the story titled “THE BODYGUARD”?


14. What year did the story titled TARASHA start?


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