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ANJIÁLA – Episode 22

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ANJIÁLA – Episode 22


© Bunmi B Gabriel




Authoress ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The sky thundered with a new fury, an eerie one. A woman stood by an altar with hands up, chanting a spell. Her gown was gray and swirled around her ankles, her eyes pitch black and mouth a toothless hollow. She was extraordinary tall for a woman, and very thin, an ugly sight to behold. Eight stones formed a circle on the altar, adding light to the darkness of the night. The wind was beyond subduement. An eagle flew around her, her right-hand pet.

‘Soon Iago, we will have enough powers to take over the force of the galaxy, to break the vortex open and crossover to earth. Finally! We’ll be able to get the powers of the chosen queen herself. Aren’t you excited?’ The eagle squawked and flapped it wings, it almost sounded like an evil cackle. The woman laughed maniacally and continued her spell.

The eagle who now perched on the woman’s left shoulder sighted a little mouse searching for food in the middle of the stone circle, he tilted his head and thought of how to catch its mini feast. The woman closed her eyes to speak the final spell, just then the eagle launched at the mouse, the force of its wings knocking the circle of stones out.

‘Nooooo! Iago! What have you done! What have you done!!!’ The eagle cowered away, ‘you have released the dark stones! you have cursed my luck!’ She stepped back in fear, her eyes staring horrifically at the four stones glowing brighter than the others.

There were four dark colors: black, gray, red and navy blue.

Energy rose from the four dark stones, the light dashed to the woman and encircled her, she screamed in pain and burst into ash. The light was becoming too wild, zapping to the sky, striking things to pieces. Roars blared out of the stones, the rage shaking the dark realm. A portal open, a white and silver portal. A guy jumped out of it with a lion by his side, an extremely tall lion with a glorious white mane that shook off silver at each movement.

‘We’re too late White, the dark stones are already active, what do we do?’ The guy asked twirling his white hair around his wrist. The lion walked closer to the stones, his palms hitting the ground and cracking it.

‘There’s nothing we can do to conceal it again, we have to let it out and stop it.’

‘The stones are the teardrops of Lakeem, it is part of him and the old Peace Bearers made an agreement with him, we cannot intrude in his business.’

‘In case you don’t remember Aris, these stones are the only things capable of killing you, the only stones that can take over Nephaledia. The four dark stones will release the untameable demons, you cannot stop or even go close to them in anyway. They will destroy everything!’

‘Yoo can stop it.’

‘Aris stop cowering away from the truth! You know what is needed to be done to kill it, there’s only one way to kill it and that’s by angering you.’

‘I don’t get angry and I can take the powers of the light stones to stop…..’

‘You cannot possess such powers Aramis! Stop hiding from the truth! The powers will put you to sleep for ten decades, there’s only one who can possess the light stones and you know her.’ The lion roared with his deep baritone, but ended his speech softly. ‘She is the only one that can possess it and can also trigger your ultimate side.’

‘She’ll die! The powers are too much for a human! especially when she still has the real side locked up!’ Aris yelled back. ‘I don’t want her to get hurt,’ he whispered softly. ‘It’s hard enough living far away from her, I won’t be able to take her death, you know that.’

‘And that is the point. Aris we don’t have time, we must release the stones to earth and have her take it. Since you are so worried, we can temporary separate it between her and her friends, it can help until…..’

‘White, she will die.’ He sobbed

‘Kings don’t cry Aris and wait, remember who she is.’ He looked at the lion and nodded. The lion walked to the stones and picked it up, he nodded at Aris and ran into the portal. Aris sighed and went to the light stones scattered on the ground. He crouched and gathered them up. He picked up the white one with a hue of pink and violet and kissed it

‘Be safe my princess, don’t get hurt for my sake.’ He threw it up into the air, it disappeared. He picked the electric blue stone ‘go to the beauty with blonde mane and possess her….’ He picked up the golden yellow. ‘Go to the beauty with black mane…’ He threw both into the air and picked the jade stone. ‘Find three whose heart is pure and let them help my princess.’ He threw it into the air and stood up. ‘Please be safe Aurora, I’ll watch you.’


‘I can feel it in the wind

In the sea and the ground oh

The sound is pleasant

Cut through the sharp jinx

Make all cold heart whoa

It’s a little bit vivid

Loud and super clear

The sound is loud

The tone is magic

That moment you hear it

Flip and feel majestic

Maybe not you though

But certainly someone

Or maybe two

They move to the sound

Of the ringing, yeah

They smile, heart ready

Skipping and beating

Walking down the aisle

Best two are grinning

Oh, it’s a special day

Tell me can you hear

The church bells dinging

Can you hear it y’all?

And the couples heart beating

Flowers on the wall

Everyone have got the smiles

Some with the most gladdened hearts

Just smile, it’s your special day

Grin and listen to the church bells

Ringing and dinging….’ I sang my favorite song. I wrote it on my mom’s wedding to Santiago. I was at another person’s wedding and I felt it was right to sing the song.

‘Sure there’s a lot of haters

Envious and bad fakers

Some not wanting the tie

Leave them all to the maker

There are not your helper

**** all the mouthed lies…..’

What is up with my life?

Well, aside from Aramis not being around, everything was great!

Mom came a day after he left, I snubbed her for weeks before I forgave her. I made sure to make her fall head over heels for Santiago, she moved to Spain. In the matter of six months, they were married and happy. My lovely father didn’t like the idea of mom marrying his friend but he didn’t do anything at first. He tried to ruin the wedding later which got mom angry and she paid him a visit which destroyed his own marriage.

The reason Ariana and Mateo broke up

Good for that selfish man, he deserves it. Hey! I totally forgot, mom had a baby, the cutest baby boy I had ever seen. He had Santiago’s bright blue eyes and mom’s cream skin, he looked like Santiago too. My cute little Zander. Zino was still with Abbie, their love ever so strong even though they were far away from each other.

Arie decided to not date after Mateo, temporary that is and she’s fine.

Me, like he told me to, I became a singer, a popstar. My stage name was White, it reminded me of Aris. Then I changed my name to White Feline, my baby brother named me that. It was so sweet hearing him scream….

White Pemline

White Pemline

White Pemline

Dupes adorable!

It had been five years since he left but I was still doing great and waiting for him. The mark however was the problem along with the strange new powers I suddenly possess 4 months earlier. Any guy I managed to crush on, once he touches me on any part of my body, my inner system heat up with the greatest pain I had ever felt. I wasn’t allowed to crush on anyone, I wasn’t allowed to date anyone but it didn’t really matter.

I didn’t need them

‘That was another wonderful performance,’ my manager said delightfully as we walked out of the reception hall. Some people got the gist that I was here, the whole outside compound was heaving with fans screaming my name. My guards protected me well. ‘You have to record your new song tomorrow and attend….’

‘Owen, I have school tomorrow.’ I reminded him. The girls and I were in college. Ariana wanted to be a doctor and those things take time. Abbie was a zoologist and botanist in practice at the same time. I was studying economics just for future need.

‘Can’t you cancel?’

‘No, it’s my future and mom will kill me.’

‘Okay, what about in the evening?’

‘I’ll see first,’ I got into the backseat of my car and he joined me. I brought out my first phone and dialed mom’s number. I placed it on my ear and listened to the ringing. ‘Hey mother darling!’

‘My first joy!’ She shrieked. I laughed and crossed my legs. ‘How are you?’

‘I’m fine, very very. Where’s my Zanny?’

‘White Pemline!’ I heard him squealed from the other side of the phone, I awned and squealed too. He was almost four. Mom gave him the phone. ‘White Pemline!’

‘My baby! What’s up?’

‘Fine beautiful princess!’

‘How was school?’

‘It was fantastic! I can count from one to hundred now,’ I gasped. ‘Should I count?’


‘One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty five, thirty! Thirty one, thirty three, forty five, ninety nine, hundred!’

‘Wow!’ I exclaimed.

‘Did I do good?’

‘You did incredibly great!’ I shrieked.

‘Are you lying to me?’

‘Yes.’ I laughed, he clucked sadly. ‘Don’t worry, you tried.’

‘Will you come see me today? I miss you.’

‘Don’t worry Zanny, I’ll come in the weekend.’

‘But it’s too far,’ he cried. ‘Five days from now!’

‘Okay, I’ll come in two days.’

‘With all the ice creams and chocolate I can eat?’

‘So mom will skin me alive, right?’ He giggled and squealed. ‘Gotta go now sweetie, should I?’

‘Buy me cupcakes too?’

‘And a lot of toys, goodbye my Zanny.’

‘Bye White Pemline!’ I laughed and hung up.

Things were almost perfect.


To be continued


Don’t get your head twisted into a knot, you’ll understand more as time goes on

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