Devil In Red

Devil In Red – Episode 29

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Devil In Red – Episode 29

© Goddy Francis




” Emily…” I mutter.

” Gold , what’s up with Emily ?” Perkins snap at me.

I close my eyes and open them again. She’s gone. I can’t believe I saw Emily’s ghost in New York. My life’s taking a new turn , this isn’t supposed to happen.

” I thought I….” I sigh and look at the girls.

” I’m fine , I’m just tired. I didn’t sleep well.” I tell them.

” Yeah… Hot make out with Jason.” I Chuckle and scoff.

” Not really , thinking about my article. Where’s my laptop ?”

” In my car.” Perkins reply.

” What have you gathered ?” Carol ask.

” Nothing useful. He’s Cooper’s only son and attends Royal highschool. That’s not the important thing I wanna know. What does he do for a living ? What’s up with his beef with his father ? His he still having an affair with Tionna ? What’s up with the wealth ? Why hiding his identify ? That’s the sh*tty stuff I wanna know.” I scoff and they both tilt their heads.

” Gradual process gold , you gon’ get what you want.” I nod and drank Perkins coffee.

” I found out something last night. Jason’s mom.”

” What happened to her ?”

” I saw a room in his house and I wanted to get in but he stopped me. He later told me the story of that room. His mom died in her sleep , I felt sorry for him.” I sigh and look at the girl’s sad look.

” Who knew the cute redhead lost his ma. What’s up with his dad ?”

” Abandoned him and still alive.” I reply.

” Wow.. that’s a huge story.” Carol says and I scoff.

” And… I’ve got a news..” I squeal

” Jason bought me a new Lamborghini.”

” Jesus..Where’s it ?” Carol and Perkins squeal.

” Outside..” I mouthed.

They got up and race outside to School’s parking lot. We stop as I take a deep breath.

” Wait , jeez this is about 7 million dollars..” Perkins says bulging her eyes at me.

” And it’s brand new.” Carol says collecting the key from my hand.

Perkins snatch the key and press a button as the wing door spread open.

” Wow..”

” I need my own Jason.” Carol says and squeal.

” Who’s ditching class , I’m going on a ride.” Perkins said getting on the driver’s seat.

I reluctantly entered the passenger’s seat as Carol entered the backseat. Perkins take the wheel and drove out of the parking lot.

” Where are we going ?” I ask.

” Somewhere nice , trust me. My ex needs to see this…” I laugh as she speed off.

She turn on the player as Cardi B’s hit song pop up.

She sang along as I wave my hand and dance to the beat. As much as I thought Perkins wants to take us to a nice place , we drove around entire New York till we went out of gas.

We refill the tank and continued driving. Finally she stops at an eatery and we alight the car. I breathe in natural air and shut the door.

” That was hilarious.” She says as we walk into the cafe.

We ordered for dessert as we start eating. We talk about different stuff and of course Jake and Perkins.

” I don’t wanna love now.” She blurts.

” Yeah right. Men are total scum.”

” Not Jason , he’s totally romantic.” Perkins says and I just blush.

I take the wheel this time and drove the girls back to School’s parking lot. I hugged the girls as Perkins entered her car and left with Carol.

I drove home that evening and saw Jason with another guys again. Jake was with him with two other guys , different from the mustache guy.

His expression changed when he saw me.

I wave at Jake as I walk pass them. I’m not comfortable with this frequent visitors from Jason. They look like rapists.

I flung my bag on the couch and undress myself to shower. I open my eyes and saw Jason standing beside the bathroom door with arms crossed.

” How long have you been standing there ?” I ask him.

” Long enough to check you out.” He smirks and I sigh.

” What’s up with you ?”

” I was out with the girls..” I reply tying my towel.

” Who are they ?” I ask him.

” Just some bunch of people , it shouldn’t be your headache.” I scoff and walk pass him. He grab my arm and pull me back.

It’s so irritating when he keep telling lies. I hate it.

” They are friends to Jake.” He says and I nod.

He let go of me and I walk to the bathroom. I wear my PJs and slump on the bed. I’m really tired after Perkins terrible ride.

Jason slept close to me and turn me to look at him.

” Gold I love you and that’s what matters.” I look at his eyes and sigh.

I sit up and lay on his chest. He caress my back and I kissed his cheek and he smiled.

” Are you hungry ?”

” No , Perkins fed me before coming home.” He laughs and stroke my cheek.

” Come here..” he coo pulling me on top of him. I lock my legs with his and fall asleep on his arms.




The music blare out of the speakers and it’s really fun to watch this strippers dance around the pole. Ben is always accompanied by lot of thugs and of course braless girls. They are hot.

Tom and Will stand behind me as a girl flirts with me non-stop.

” It’s time to talk business, ladies leave.” Ben orders and they step out.

” It’s weird you don’t smock often…” Ben states.

” What’s up with that ?” He scoff and puff out the smoke from his nostrils.

” Why did you wanna work with Drake over delivery issues ?” I ask.

” The dumb guy wants money , so I thought he’s gonna be nice to put him in the game.” I chuckle silently and look over at the strippers.

” I need the contact of Carlos.” Ben Chuckles and smirk.

” Why ? If i may ask.”

” It’s personal.”

” There’s nothing personal in this game. Carlos is a Muslim and he’s in Iraq. Mitchel , what do you want with him ?” I sigh and look around.

” I want to run business issues with him. Heard he runs deals in iraq and of course Iran.”

” Mitch , you wanna move weed for Carlos ? Or you wanna partner with him ?”

” Lot of questions ben. I just wanna make bigger sales. I’ve got an orphanage to feed.”

” Buddy I ain’t telling you sh*t. You can’t outrun me. Mitch , I taught you this stupid sh*t and you will have to listen to my orders.”

” Orders ?” I laugh at him.

” We make the orders and decide to follow them. Ben , I work with you for two years and move out. I’m a boss now and I have every right to do what I want.”

” Nigga , this ain’t Superfly. The fact that you run New York doesn’t mean you run the game. Ding dong… Clocks ticking …” He says softly and inhale his weed.

I scoff and walk out in anger. Tom followed behind with Will and we head to my entourage.




It’s weekend as Jason took me out. I’m still thinking about my Mitchel’s assignment. I’m starting to regret why I brought up such difficult idea and still find so hard to get an idea to make up a good article. Oh Kiki.

Miranda called me on video call. I sigh and pick up.

” Golden…” I pouts at her as she gasp.

” Is that your boyfriend Jason ?” She ask on the phone as Jason avert his gaze to my video call. He smile at her and she wave.

” Will you take him to my place ?” She asks peeking her face to the camera and it looks so terrible.

I huff and Jason Chuckles.

” We’re on our way…” Jason said to her as she squeal.

” Yess.. I’m waiting…” She shouts and hang up.

” Really ?” I ask.

” Yeah , she’s pretty.” I roll my eyes at him as the car halt.

” You’re driving , I don’t know where your little cousin stays.” He got out and I did same.

We swap seats and I start driving. I drove to Aunt Elna’s apartment and rang the doorbell. It opens and it reveals little Miranda.

” Golden…” She squeal and fall on my shoulders. I carried her in as Jason followed behind scanning the apartment.

” Hi..” Aunt Elna said to Jason as he smiled.

” Wow.. I like your hair..” Miranda compliment Jason.

” Thank you , yours is better.” Jason says as she blushed.

” Come sit , you remind me of popular New York redhead God.” Miranda says gripping on to Jason and she pulled him to the couch.

I exchange glances with Aunt Elna as she shrug sitting down too.

” I’m Elna by the way.”

” I’m Jason..”

” Yeah , Gold talked about you. You care for anything ?” Aunt Elna ask.

” Na , I’m fine. Thanks.” Jason replies and turn to look at Miranda.

They both talked like she knew Jason for years. Elna signalled me and I get up following her to the kitchen.

” He’s cute..” She says filling her glass with water.

I sigh and look at Miranda , arm wrestling with Jason.

” What’s up with the tattoos ?”

” Just his arm , lower arm actually.” I sigh and look over at Elna who gulp her glass of water.

” Miranda likes him.”

” You don’t ?”

” I didn’t say that. He’s kinda nice and normal too.” Aunt Elna gigles and smiles at me.

” You told your mom about him ?”

” No , I’m not yet ready.”

” Because he’s redhead ? Or because he’s a white kid and basically my black sister don’t want a white husband for her daughter. She gon freak out and go like this ‘ I sent you to New York to go to college and come back to marry a black kid , you achieved a white kid with red hair and worst still, inked skin.’ seriously…” Aunt says and we laugh.

” I’ll explain to her. I’m in love with him.”

” Yeah I know. He’s in love with you too. His eyes explain everything.”

” Yeah..” I sigh and she hug me.

” Let’s join them.” She says and pull me to the living room.

Jason was narrating something to her and she was damn curious and excited. I talked with Aunt and finally join Jason’s conversation.

” I really wish you were Mitchel’s brother.” Miranda says as aunt glare at her.

” I thought I told you no more Mitchel in here.”

” Sorry ma.”

Jason stare at me and I shrug.

” Can I get a tattoo when I grow up ?” She ask Jason as Jason shake his sideways.

” There are better things to get rather than tattoos.” He says.

” Yeah right..” Miranda scoffs and cross her arm.

There’s silence in the living room as we exchange glances. I laugh and stand up to get water.


” I like her..” Jason says on our way home.

” Thank you. I really wanted to talk about your father.”

” He’s dead.” He says without sparing me a look.

” You just made that up right ?” He Chuckles and smiles at me.

” You always think I’m lying , why ?” I sigh and bite my thumb.

” Do you even trust me ?” He ask.

” Jason I trust you okay. You shouldn’t fathom about that.” He sighs and look at me.

” Thanks..” he says and I nod.

” Why does your aunt scold Miranda for bringing Mitchel’s issues ?”

” She thinks Miranda is too little to have a crush on Mitchel.” He Chuckles and smiles.

” Everyone likes him and it’s so terrible.” He spits.

” True , I don’t find him pleasing.”

” Really ?”

” Yeah. Who the f**k is he ? Weird guys don’t attract me.” I snap.

” Okay.. it’s nice my girlfriend is not a Mitchel’s fan.” He says and I huff.


It’s Saturday and Jason is out. I write the few things I could get on the net about Mitchel and write them on my laptop.

I made breakfast and decide to clean the house. I get rid of the dirty sheets and place them on the washer.

I walk outside and saw Jason arguing with Tobie Cooper. They stop as they felt my presence. Jason turn to look at me and over to Tobie who scoff silently.

Why do I have to date a weird guy ? Tobie entered his car and drove out. Jason take a deep breath and stuck his hands in his pockets.

He turn to look at me and smile halfway.

” Hey..” he says walking to where I’m standing.

I scoff and walk out on him. He walks in and shut the door making his way to where I’m sitting.

” What were talking with tobie ?” I ask.

” It’s really not cool if you keep on questioning my conversations.” I bulge my eyes and bat my lashes.

” Are you sh*tting me ? I thought we’re dating. Jason what are you not telling me ?” I yell.

” I’m not hiding anything.”

” Look at your eyes , guilt. Why can’t you just be bold and say it to my face that your last name isn’t styles but Cooper.” He scoff at my statement and glared at me.

” Are you related to the Cooper’s ?” I ask.

” No..”

” Jason , if you don’t tell me what I wanna hear , we’re breaking up now..”

” Alright , fine . Look I’m tired of our quarrels. I’ve always tried to be a good boyfriend but it seems you always take it for granted. You keep on doubting everything I tell you and it’s annoying. If you don’t trust me what’s the essence of this. Can’t I be friends with the Cooper’s anymore ? First it’s Jake’s friends , now Tobie. ”

” Really ? So I should keep quiet and watch you act weird every single day. If you won’t tell me what I need to know , I’m gonna walk out of that door and won’t return.”

” Fine , leave…” He says without sparing me a look.

How could he say i should leave ?

I turn back at him and climb upstairs. He didn’t stop me or call my name.

Where did I go wrong ?

To be continued


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